45 DIY Headboard Ideas and Tutorials for Wood, Upholstered and Unique Plans

45 DIY headboard ideas

Here you’ll find only true DIY headboard tutorials, with step by step building instructions in each and every one of them. We were very selective and only included sources that provide complete guidance and not just inspirational pictures. Some headboards are more modern and some are more traditional but there is one DIY design for everyone. If you love building from wood then you’ll find many great inexpensive, easy to make ideas. If you like sewing then one of the many upholstered and tufted designs could be just for you. And if you’re the creative type and would love to build a headboard on a very small budget then you’ll find some unique tutorials that could save you tons of money. Make one today and beautify your bedroom by tomorrow!

Farmhouse Style Ideas

1. DIY Farmhouse Headboard

DIY farmhouse style headboard plan created by Kara Layne

Looking to add a rustic touch to your bedroom? Look no further! This DIY headboard designed by Kara Layne and her husband, follows a simple plan that can be adjusted to fit any size bed. The supplies come in under $75 and take less than 6 hours to assemble, plus the design plan is completely free! Consider this affordable project if you enjoy the look of traditional farmhouse style. Free plan is also included.

2. DIY Headboard Made with Faux Shiplap

Home Depot DIY headboard plan

The next creative headboard we chose to feature is this simplistic, faux shiplap project inspired by Elisha Albretson of PneumaticAddict. Using wood panels on plywood, this clever idea is a detailed tutorial, complete with step by step instructions and a list of supplies/tools. We like this DIY idea because the arch can be adjusted to whatever shape you prefer, meaning you can get creative with cathedral, horseshoe or rounded arches as long as the ends are parallel. Source.

3. Easy DIY Planked Wood Headboard by Anna White

DIY planked wood headboard idea

The headboard shown here was made using reclaimed wood. It includes a free plan and detailed diagrams for every step. Available in all standard bed sizes, this easy to build plan simply requires a saw, hammer and nails. Only taking a few hours to assemble, and around $50 in supplies, this planked wood design is affordable and quick! Though basic in nature, this is a timeless look that suits any decor. Ana White.

4. White Farmhouse Planked Idea

DIY tutorial for a white planked headboard

This gorgeous white planked wood headboard was designed by Josh and Amanda Marie of SincerelyMarieDesigns as part of their master bedroom makeover. In the step by step tutorial, you will learn how they built it by fastening parts directly to the wall. Great for first-time builders, this classic farmhouse style design is easy to assemble and is a dynamic addition to any bedroom decor.

5. Rustic Curved Wood King Headboard

Curved shape headboard idea

You can thank PrettyHandyGirl for this gorgeous DIY design. This is a rustic wood king-size plan but the size can be adjusted by measuring your bed to determine the width. Complete with a list of materials, detailed images, step-by-step instructions and painting directions, this creative idea comes in under $100.

Simply, open up and flatten a cardboard box to create your template, customize the curves and get started. This unique headboard acts as an accent piece and can add a pop of personality to an otherwise ordinary room.

6. DIY Curvy Wood Plank Headboard

Curvy wood headboard plan and tutorial

The curved headboard in the bedroom

This dramatic DIY headboard comes to you from LovelyEtc blog and is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine features. The tutorial boasts plenty of pictures for guidance and includes a list of materials and basic tools needed. The instructions are for a queen size bed but can easily be customized to suit any size. In this version, the creator suggests using wrapping paper to draw and adjust the pattern before drawing directly on the lumber. If you’re looking for a unique focal point that adds both a modern and rustic feel to your room, this design is perfect for you!

Inexpensive Wood Plans

7. Inexpensive Rustic Wood Plan

Cheap wood headboard idea for rustic bedroom

From the amazing collection of creations at PrimitiveStarQuiltShop this DIY headboard tutorial is perfect for beginners and those on a budget. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and even include a tip on how to complete the project without owning a saw! The dark stained wood adds another dimension to this classic design, making it a stand out piece you can be proud to say you created.

8. Making an Inexpensive Wooden Headboard for $60

Inexpensive Wooden Headboard idea for $60

This charming wood headboard is brought to you by Hayes Everyday. It was designed for a king size bed and the tutorial includes tons of pictures as well as step-by-step instructions. To avoid hanging a heavy piece on the wall, the creators used braces along the back for added support. You will love the simplicity of this design and its easy to follow instructions.

9. Reclaimed Wood Plan

Low cost DIY idea for a reclaimed wood headboard

This stunning DIY piece is made of reclaimed wood by the folks at Fresh Crush. The artistic design makes a dazzling focal point that works well in many types of decor. The tutorial is an incredibly well-written piece on building an inexpensive headboard and there is even an installation movie!  The use of reclaimed wood means your DIY project will have a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

Herringbone Pattern Headboards

10. DIY Pallet Wood Herringbone Headboard

herringbone headboard plan and tutorial

Six Clever Sisters blog is responsible for providing this brilliant pallet wood headboard. Using old cedar from a dismantled church fence, this unique plan comes with a step-by-step building guide that includes images for each step. It is a quick project that doesn’t take long to assemble. The herringbone pattern adds a decorative flair that is suitable for all tastes.

Those darker square spots you see on wood are where the fence planks were nailed to the posts, so they have weathered differently. This naturally occurred coloration is exactly what makes this design so unique and attractive.

11. Chevron Reclaimed Wood Bed and Headboard

Chevron Headboard Idea from Reclaimed Wood

Chevron pattern really stands out!

When Jen Woodhouse saw the inspiration for this project at West Elm, she loved the look but she didn’t love the price. So she came up with a comprehensive building plan to design the entire bed, not just the headboard.

Jen, a self-taught carpenter and DIY enthusiast, assembled this project for less than $200 (compare to West Elm’s $1700 price tag here).  This specific version was created for her 4- year old daughter but this sophisticated design is perfect for any age. Jen’s plan is available for a small fee here.

12. Herringbone Plan

DIY herringbone headboard tutorial

Herringbone headboard looks really great!

This herringbone pattern headboard was designed and created by Abby and Joel of Sew Much Ado. The well explained guide includes pictures and a detailed plan, outlining measurements for placing the herringbone pattern correctly for a king sized bed. This is a great DIY project that can be completed quickly by two people.

The herringbone pattern is attached to a plywood backing where the legs are fastened. Then they used a dark walnut stain so the darkness would show through after it was distressed. In this version, six coats of paint were used but you could stop before then to suit your style preferences.

Slatted Designs

13. $70 DIY Slatted Headboard

$70 DIY Slatted Headboard Idea

View in a Bedroom

This is not your mother’s headboard! This Maple wood plan, created by Vintage Revivals is a chic, modern piece that is eye-catching and functional. This clever design was created to allow light to enter the room in between the slats and is still strong enough to be leaned against and won’t come off the wall. The complete DIY tutorial features many beautiful images and clear instructions on creating the slatted pattern. Give this creative project a try if you’d like to add some dimension to your bedroom!

14. Wood Slat Plan

Wood Slatted Headboard Plan by The Merrythought

As with most of the headboards featured here, this is another addition that is more affordable to build than to buy. This dainty design, put together by Caitlin and Amanda of The Merrythought, adds a delicate touch to any bedroom decor. The inventive pair brought this idea to life by using furring strips and filmed a video with step-by-step directions for assembly. There is also a list of materials and tools needed to put it together, so grab your partner and a toolbox and get busy!

15. Geometric Wood Idea

DIY tutorial to make a headboard from casing molding

View of headboard in the bedroom

This tutorial from Jenni at ISpyDIY blog was made by using Door and Window Casing Molding from Home Depot (the white trim boards that you commonly see around your windows and doors). She used a miter saw to make the cuts and assembled the pieces easily from there. Her polished tutorial features beautiful, high-quality images and step-by-step instructions, as well as links to all material sources. This clever idea was designed for a king size bed and will certainly add a decorative punch to your bedroom space.

Headboards with Storage

16. Modern Headboard with Floating Storage Cubbies

Headboard with storage idea

This next DIY design serves as more than just an elegant headboard. With floating storage cubbies, it’s the perfect blend of form and function. The tutorial includes lists of tools and materials needed, step-by-step images, an assembly diagram, a cutting list and a video documenting the entire project. The thorough directions mean you can have this beauty completed in less than a day and with only one sheet of plywood! Source.

Tufted Headboards

17. Velvet King Size Tufted Headboard

DIY Velvet Tufted Headboard

This gorgeous blue velvet headboard comes from PlaceOfMyTaste and features step-by-step instructions and details pictures of every step. You will need a partner for this DIY project as a second pair of hands is required for many of the steps. This tufted plan costs around $230 to build and the tutorial includes a list of all materials, supplies and dimensions for a king size bed,  so you can easily recreate it for your bedroom.

18. Diamond Tufted Design

Diamond Tufted Headboard by HomeMadeByCarmona

Finished design

This magnificent diamond tufted design only cost $44 to build! The tutorial from HomeMadeByCarmona is one of the most comprehensive guides you can find for making a tufted headboard and even includes links to order supplies online.

This exquisite idea is perfect for anyone who’s been dreaming of a tufted headboard but has been held back by costs.

19. Easy DIY Channel Tufted Design

Easy DIY Channel Tufted Headboard design


Stylist, author and television host Emily Henderson assembled this vintage-inspired channel-tufted headboard. Her well documented tutorial includes images for each step and links to all the supplies purchased. Though it may look like a lot of work, the project is only a few steps and is quite easy to complete. If you’re looking to add a retro feeling to your bedroom space, consider this quirky idea for your home.

Below is an alternate version, inspired by Emily’s original design, from the soon going defunct designsponge.com blog. This version’s step-by-step guide features just enough description to easily follow it to completion with some twists on the original ideas.

Channel tufted headboard tutorial

20. Wood with Upholstery Headboard

Wood with Upholstery Headboard DIY

Build this glamorous wood headboard with a velvet tufted upholstered center using the amazing tutorial from TheCraftPatchBlog. The complete DIY guide includes a list of materials, tools, cuts and even includes a video tutorial. The detailed photos make it easy to cut, assemble, stain and upholster this headboard so you can easily recreate it at home. This classic style is a timeless addition, suitable for most design tastes.

21. Upholstered Headboard with Tufting

DIY Upholstered Headboard with Tufting

This smart idea for a DIY project, uses pegboard to make the spacing of tufted buttons super easy and it doesn’t require any sewing! From the genius minds behind HeyThereHome this fabric tufted headboard looks high end but is perfect for the builder on a budget. The post includes a supply list and step-by-step instructions for assembly so you can easily make your own polished version.

22. White Tufted Headboard

DIY White Tufted Headboard

Pink bedroom with white headboard

This luxurious looking headboard can be found at TheSorryGirls and includes a quick guide for your own project. To make tufting simple, they used extra long screws with washers on the end to prevent the foam from pushing up past the top of the screw. The tutorial is basic and easy to follow, containing just enough direction for replication.

Upholstered Headboards

23. Wall Hung Upholstered Idea

Wall Hung Upholstered Headboard

This hotel inspired DIY idea is beautiful and can be easily assembled in an afternoon. The detailed step-by-step tutorial from OneKingsLane features incredible pictures for each step. The upholstered piece is a classic design that is perfect for any bedroom and can be adjusted to fit all bed sizes. This is a perfect project for beginners due to its simplistic nature and easy to follow directions.

24. Wall Hung Pillows Headboard

Wall Hung Pillows Headboard

This cozy headboard idea comes from Sarah Sherman Samuel and was designed for a small space in her cottage. The step-by-step picture guide includes detailed descriptions for each stage and you can read the comments on the source page for even further details on some steps. The instructions also include a list of all materials so you can easily get started on your version. This project features denim floor cushions for a laid-back feel, but you could substitute them with lace or velvet pillows to a more sophisticated or retro look.

25. Fabric Headboard with Nailhead Trim

Tutorial for making a DIY fabric headboard with nailhead trim

This affordable and easy to make fabric headboard is a creative take on a classic design. The DIY tutorial includes step-by-step pictorial instructions and a full list of materials and tools for a queen size bed. Thankfully, Cuckoo4Design even included a link to the brass upholstery nails because we didn’t even know they exist! We love the idea of using brass upholstery nails for finishing as opposed to a nailhead trim kit, it makes for a truly one of a kind piece.

26. The Monogram Idea

Making monogram on headboard guide

Talk about personalized decor, thanks to alittlecraftinyourday.com you can monogram more than just your towels. This decorative monogrammed headboard is completely customizable and surprisingly simple to create. The step-by-step guide can be found on the above website and on YouTube and includes instructions for both the board and the monogram, how fun!

27. Ace Hotel Inspired Plan

Hotel Inspired Headboard

This pillowy design was inspired by the Ace Hotel chain and built by TheFreshExchange using army canvas. Made for a queen size bed, the soft DIY headboard is an inviting touch to your guest bedroom. The tutorial is wonderfully illustrated and easy to follow making it a relatively simple addition to any bedroom space.

Barn Door Headboards

28. Shanty2Chic Barn Door Headboard

DIY Barn Door Headboard from Shanty2Chic

This tutorial also includes making the entire bed

Here’s another simple to make plan, this time from Shanty-2-Chic. The lumber for this project comes in around $60, making it not only quick to build for beginners but also super affordable for those on a budget.  The comprehensive picture tutorial comes with great descriptions for each step and is designed for a full size bed. We love how chic this barn door looks in a neutral bedroom.

29. Turn An Old Door Into A Headboard

An Old Door DIY Headboard

The white farmhouse style headboard looks great on wallpaper wall

This is eye-catching design was made by transforming a solid wood door into a wall-hung headboard. In this case, Interior Frugalista used a five-panel door she founded while thrift shopping with a friend but you can choose whatever suits your preferences. The DIY tutorial is well documented with the most challenging part being attaching the door to the wall.

30. Front Door Headboard

Front Door Headboard DIY

This playful headboard idea comes from MySocaldLife and was made using a front door they found at their apartment. The tutorial provides a complete overview of how they cleaned, sanded, sawed and built the legs for this funky design. We especially love that they played up the door’s features by keeping the knob exposed.

31. An Easy Barn Door Headboard DIY for $50

Easy Barn Door Headboard Plan for $50

These stunning barn doors were created with love by LittleYellowWheelBarrow as part of a complete bedroom makeover. The total cost for this project was around $50 and can be built over the course of a weekend without any electrical tools. The incredibly detailed tutorial for a queen size bed includes instructions on how to make your own barn doors and then how to assemble them into a headboard and comes with drawings, cut-to sizes, images and more.

Unique Creative DIY Headboards

32. Transforming Doormats Into Headboard

Doormats sample

DIY headboard made from doormats

This inventive design goes to show what can be created with a little work and ingenuity! From wisediy.com the quick and easy guide teaches you how to transform two doormats into a creative headboard. That’s right, with a couple of doormats from Target and a little plywood, you too, can create your own magnificent headboard that rivals anything West Elm has for sale!

33. Wool Yarn Woven DIY Plan

Wool Yarn Headboard

This bold statement piece is shockingly easy to create and only takes about 2 hours to put together. In this headboard replace a loom for a strategically cut length of the latch-hook canvas. The detailed instructions and pictures for every step make it easy to recreate a similar design of your own. Opt for extra-bulky yarn or airy wool roving for a fast and forgivable freeform design. We love the coziness this adds to a bedroom and you can customize it to any palette for a fun pop of color! Source.

34. Leather Woven Headboard for $80

DIY Leather Woven Headboard made for $80

Up close detail

This unique leather woven headboard is durable and inexpensive to create. The tutorial from Handmade Haven comes complete with detailed images for each step and a list of tools and materials, as well as a dimensional drawing that can be adjusted to fit any bed size (the one featured here is a queen). For only $80 this inexpensive project is a brilliant idea for the nimble-fingered weaver.

35. Faux Leather Idea

DIY Faux Leather Headboard

Another cool tutorial from TheSorryGirls – a faux leather woven headboard. This is a very easy guide to follow and a DIY project to complete. All you need is some pine planks, faux leather fabric, wood glue and a stapler. This is something you can complete in one day and enjoy your new fantastic bed that evening. Comes with awesome pictures for every step.

36. Upcycle Vertical Blinds into a Headboard with Reading Lamps

A DIY headboard made from blinds - complete tutorial

Reading lamp detail

Have those old, ugly vertical blinds laying around? According to Jessica at madincrafts.com, they are the perfect material to make an oversized woven headboard for your bedroom. Similar woven items can cost over $700, but follow Jessica’s tutorial and it’ll cost you less than 1/10th of that. Basic steps include screwing together a wood frame, staple vertical blinds to it and hang it on the wall. Thanks to Jessica’s documenting every step of the way, you’ll be able to build it with ease, following her very detailed instructions.

37. Stenciled Headboard DIY

Stenciled Headboard DIY looks amazing

At first glance, this headboard looks like it features an ornate design but upon looking closer it is actually a whimsical ocean theme with dolphins, mermaids and seahorses! The awesome guide for creating this ethereal design is complete with tips, ideas and all the steps needed to make one of your own. If you’re looking for inspiration for an ocean or beach-themed room, megacrafty.com also shared some photos of several color combinations she tried before settling on this palette.

38. $20 Moroccan Style Idea

$20 Moroccan Style Headboard

This headboard looks much more expensive than it costs to make

This is not a DIY tutorial per se, but rather an innovative idea that ShiningOnDesign shared about how she created this beautiful look. Spoiler alert: it’s not a headboard! It’s actually a piece from a Crate and Barrel summer display that they sold to her for $20! It’s another great focal point that adds some dimension to the walls and brings some personality to the room. We are in love with this pattern and how easily it can fit into any decor.

39. Privacy Screen to Headboard – Anthropologie Inspired

Privacy Screen to Headboard DIY

The privacy screen itself

Here is yet another ingenious idea for creating a unique headboard, from the TeaRoseHome blog. This time, the creators were inspired by the Meet Lombok Bed from Anthropologie, but a little less inspired by the $3000 price tag. So one fateful day, while shopping at Tuesday Morning, the sight of a privacy screen caught their attention and an idea was hatched!

The tutorial for this project clearly outlines how they assembled this headboard and includes images and detailed instructions on how to make your own for around $160.

40. Mid-century Modern Headboard

Mid-century Modern DIY Headboard - a complete tutorial

This modern idea requires a little more skill than some of the other projects featured on our list, but the result is a high quality, affordable option that can be customized to suit your personal tastes. The step-by-step tutorial is an incredibly detailed guide to making this uniquely designed wooden headboard and contains loads of images as well as a complete list of materials and tools.

We love that DIYCandy also included an easy to follow instructions for building the bed, for the intermediate DIY’ers out there. Another great feature about this amazing project is that the cost can be reduced from $200 by using a less expensive wood.  They really did think of everything!

41. Vintage Sheet Headboard

DIY Vintage Sheet Headboard

Headboard close-up view

Vintage Sheets sample

Here we have a handy guide from Happiness Is Homemade on how to build a wall-hung headboard using wall art pieces. This fresh take on a traditional design uses vintage sheets and 14″ square wall art pieces. The guide has great photos and detailed instructions on how to recreate your own fanciful idea.

42. Easy Plan for Under $50

Easy DIY Headboard for Under $50

This wildly creative headboard design from Orison Orchards was made by using styrofoam ceiling tiles! The finished product costs less than $50 for materials and can be put together in a day.  The tutorial explains how to tailor your design decisions to your specific project and includes drawings, photos and measurements for a king size bed.

43. Headboard from Decorative Wall Panels

Headboard made from Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative Wall Panels sample

This affordable design is simple and sophisticated and can be installed in less than an hour. The detailed tutorial includes steps on creating a king size headboard with decorative wall panels from Target and includes a chart of standard bed dimensions to help with measurements. This creative and simple idea can transform a barren wall with minimal effort. From Scratch and Stitch.

44. Boho Style Headboard Made from Bamboo

DIY Headboard Made from Bamboo - The Sorry Girls video tutorial

This bohemian style headboard is made entirely of bamboo fence pieces from the dollar store. The super cool DIY video explains how to build it from start to finish; meaning you can easily replicate this idea in your home for a bohemian addition to any bedroom.

Our Favorite Designs

45. A Light Up Headboard

A Light Up Headboard DIY

The headboard looks cool at night

You don’t have to be a tenured carpenter to recreate this playful, light-up headboard. By keeping the design simple, you too, can incorporate a marquee sign into your bedroom’s decor by using Christmas lights! The tutorial for this project includes high-quality, step-by-step images and detailed directions from Elise and Emma of A Beautiful Mess.

46. Paper Flower Garland headboard – Anthropologie inspired DIY

Paper Flower Garland headboard

This DIY project is especially easy once you learn how Amanda of Amanda Puleo blog brought it to life! Inspired by a piece she saw at Anthropologie, she sought out to make paper flowers before realizing how long it would take. Luckily, she came across KHallbergDesign on Etsy and was able to put together a simple tutorial based on her experience. This esoteric headboard only takes a few hours to assemble and uses simple tools from around the house.

45 diy headboards

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