80 Raised Garden Bed Ideas for DIY Projects

We’ve put together a list of the absolutely best raised garden bed ideas. If you’re planning to try growing plants in raised beds, we suggest you start with a DIY bed. Building one is pretty simple, straightforward, and cheap.

Pick the DIY project that seems the most doable to you and set out on a journey to explore new gardening opportunities!

If you’re an avid gardener but haven’t tried the raised garden beds yet, let us tell you – you’re missing out on a major opportunity to have a thriving garden! Plants grow better in tall containers for a number of reasons. From a reduced risk of weed invasion to better water retention to warmer soil for longer, they do offer a plethora of benefits.

Let us start with the most comfortable designs that are suitable for all ages but especially for older people, people with back or knee problems, or people in wheelchairs. We are talking about the waist high designs.

Waist High Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Wheelchair access gardening ideas

Whoever came up with the idea shown above is a genius. A wheelchair access garden bed is a dream come true for many older people who still want to enjoy gardening and the outdoors.

Gardening doesn’t have to be tiring and exhausting. You can make it every bit fun with this DIY garden bed idea. Resembling a table, you can pull your chair by it and spend hours tending to your beloved plants. With enough leg space underneath, it offers everyone a thoroughly comfortable gardening experience! Build one for your grandparents.

Waist high raised garden bed designs

A man watering his raised bed garden in comfort

With this idea (see two images above), you can attempt to grow a variety of plants at the same time. Unlike the usual gardens where the soil type is the same all over, you can build smaller wooden raised garden beds, adjust the soil type to suit a different plant variety in each, and grow healthy plant varieties all year long!

This is how a wooden raised garden bed looks inside

If you’re wondering how to make a wooden raised garden bed, you can sit back and relax. Just by looking at this plan shown above, you can very well understand how simple it is. At the minimum, all you need is wooden planks, nails, and a hammer. Nail the wooden planks together and you’re done. There are only a few technicalities involved – make sure your construction is strong enough to hold the soil placed inside. Fill the wooden garden with soil and start planting your favorite plant varieties.

Building a DIY raised bed with a nail gun

If you own a nail gun then building a raised bed will be a piece of cake. Cut planks to size and nail them together.

Recently got your fence replaced and have spare wooden planks lying around? You can use your old fence to make a raised garden bed. The bed design that you see in the picture is waist high and deep enough, providing the roots enough room to grow and spread. For better support, add wide top boards around the perimeter so you can lean on them while working on the plants.

A nice raised garden bed plan build from pine planks using screws

The nice raised bed shown above was put together using screws. The wide boards attached at the top serve as a convenient surface to place your gardening tools or plant pots before you plant them in the bed. And you can do all of it standing, without having the be on your knees.

If you can’t decide which plant varieties to grow and which not to – because all the choices seem to be great – this raised wooden bed idea might be just what you need. It’s especially great for individuals who like to grow herbs at home. This design resembles an activity table. It’s waist-high with sections for different plants. This plan is ideal for you if you’ve got limited space but wish to grow all your favorite plants. This DIY bed was built using recycled wood.

A plastic net protects a raised garden bed from Cabbage White Butterflies

A waist tall raised bed is covered with a plastic net to protect leafy vegetables from Cabbage White Butterflies and small animals.

Small raised garden bed placed on tall legs

If you like spending time on your patio, you can make these small raised wooden garden beds to up the game of your patio. Place them in the corners or line your patio entirely with them. Include flowering plant varieties and enjoy your evening tea while taking in the beauty of nature.

Shallow garden bed designs on tall legs

You can use these small beds to line your driveway, walkway, staircase, or even your terrace. Small in size and easy to maintain, they will look absolutely gorgeous!

Garden beds let you raise plants in the finest soil

So what if the land is barren or unfit for gardening? You can make these raised garden beds across the yard, fill them up with the finest soil mixture and enjoy gardening in its truest essence.


Teach the Kids Enjoy Gardening

Mother and her child are gardening together

Gardening with kids can be really fun and you can make it all more fun for your child with raised garden beds. How? Well, making your child in charge of one bed will make them responsible for looking after the plants in it. It’ll instill a sense of responsibility and ownership in your child and your child will come to love the idea of gardening! If you want to take the experience a level up, build a raised garden bed with them!


Raised Garden Bed with Trellis Ideas

You can also include a trellis in your bed design to provide support for climbing plant varieties. A bed with trellis looks gorgeous when full.

Bamboo sticks make up the trellis

One idea is to use bamboo sticks. You can either use standalone sticks or build a supportive frame across the bed (see photo above) – whatever you like best.

Metal trellis added to wooden raised beds

If you want to make your garden bed with trellis look more sophisticated and presentable, you can include metal trellis. It looks better and is also more durable.

Arched metal trellis installed over the raised bed

You can make trellis using metal or plastic pipes. The arched design will provide support for climbing veggies and also for a bed cover.

Wooden trellis wall

Adding a wooden trellis wall is an excellent way of making your outdoor space look gorgeous and welcoming. Attach it to the wall just by your raised garden bed. As the climbing plants grow, spread the stems across the trellis wall and see your outdoor space transform!

Wooden sticks and some rope replace the trellis

Tomatoes and cucumbers are raised in the same bed with the support of tall wooden sticks connected with a rope.

When you grow climbing plant varieties in raised garden beds, they often spread aggressively. To make sure they’re contained and look neat, tie strings around the trellis to guide where vines spread but within a boundary.


Garden Bed Cover and Greenhouse Top Ideas

Raised garden bed with a greenhouse top ideas

If you are required to retain more heat to grow your plants then a raised garden bed with a greenhouse top is the perfect solution! Let us showcase different ways of creating a greenhouse over a bed. Roll up clear plastic sides is one popular solution – see the image above.

Garden bed covered with old glass windows for a greenhouse like effect

When you just planted your seeds, you can create a greenhouse effect by covering your raised be with old glass windows. As the plants grow bigger, raise the windows higher.

A permanent wood frame over a raised bed idea

Or build a permanent triangular wood frame over the bed. This frame can serve two purposes. One is to install greenhouse plastic over it when plants need more heat to grow. Another is to cover the bed with a protective net to prevent birds and animals from snapping berries during the picking season.

A greenhouse raised bed with folding enclosures.

Here is a more sophisticated idea for a greenhouse top. It’s composed of folding windows that can be opened or closed depending on the season or the amount of sunlight the plants need. This design also allows for letting the fresh air in while still retaining more heat inside the bed. And the windows can be made from clear acrylic – it doesn’t have to be glass.

Heres’s a classic bed cover design made up of a few arched plastic pipes and plastic roll-ups. When it gets too hot, roll one side up to let the hot air out. Notice how the pipes are attached from the outside using common galvanized pipe straps.

Small raised bed on wheels

Here’s one creative idea. A portable raised bed on wheels and with a greenhouse top that can be opened and closed. You can drag it near the sun or away from direct sunlight any time you like and cover it up when you feel your plants need shelter.


Raised Garden Bed Fence Ideas

Fence idea around the raised beds

If you’ve got pets at home and you fear that they’ll ruin your plants, you can build a fence around your beds. When setting up the fence posts don’t forget to create a small opening for a gate.

Tall fence protects garden from deer and other animals

If you live in an area where the chances of wild animals coming and feeding on your plants are high, a raised garden bed with a fence seems like the most practical option. You can cordon off the area with tall fences and ensure that your garden is well protected.


What Can You Build a Raised Garden Bed From

Wood is not the only material you can build a raised bed from. During my research, I’ve found bed plans built from old window frames, logs, gabions, concrete, bricks, galvanized steel, plastic kits, cedarwood, and wicker. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting designs.

To build it on a budget, using recycled wood is a great choice, especially for DIY raised beds.

You can reuse old window frames to make a cover. They’ll keep your plants shielded from harsh weather conditions and create a greenhouse effect inside.

Galvanized steel is an interesting choice of material. It has to be ribbed to be sturdy. It will last a very long time and hardly gets any rust. There are kits you can buy online, specifically for growing plants.

More neatly built metal raised beds. These could very well serve as decorative accents.

To build a very cheap but still functional garden bed, you can use old logs. The look is very rustic and you will need to cover gaps with some sheets to keep the soil from pouring through.

The above is a more sophisticated terraced garden, also built using logs.

This image shows a bed made from what looks like recycled railroad ties.

Wow! Someone put some good effort into building this concrete raised garden bed. Doesn’t it look like the letter ‘h’?

Here we have multiple beds assembled from ready-to-use plastic kits (see image above and below). Notice how they are set up over a black tarp, to prevent weeds growth. But they seem too shallow for such a setup. Unless the idea is to grow some vegies with a shallow root system. Kits could be the easiest and the quickest way to start your veggie garden.

Another interesting raised garden bed idea is to create a gabion using metal wire.

A Cedar garden bed is also a good idea if aesthetics are of major concern for you. Cedar looks attractive and is highly durable outdoors.

Here’s a bed built from white bricks. But you could build one from Cinder Blocks or other concrete blocks as well, and even cheaper. The thing with bricks is that they can be painted and decorated any way you like – talk about versatility!

If there’s an empty corner in your backyard that you think should be filled with something, why not build a raised brick garden bed and utilize the empty space in the best way possible?

This is a masonry raised bed made from red brick. And they even inserted some trellis for supporting growing tomatoes. It’s a permanent structure that is designed to work for a long time.

Here’s one of the most creative raised garden bed ideas – using wicker to create huge beds.


Decorative Raised Bed Ideas

If you’ve got a patio or pergola in your backyard, you could install several decorative garden beds to create a cozy outdoor space. Made from pine and stained, above is a corner plan that could be perfect for a roof terrace.

If you wish to add color to your outdoor space, try painting your raised garden beds in different eye-catching colors! It’s an absolutely great idea to add life to your outdoor space.

Your designs don’t have to be plain and boring. You can add tiers to your garden, with each tier displaying a different plant variety! A tiered garden will surely look like a sight!

Do you have a herb garden at your property? Well, transfer your herb garden to raised beds and grow all the herbs you like in one place.


Terraced Garden Ideas

It’ll look all more attractive if you arrange your raised beds in a terraced manner.

Terraced beds installed in the sloping garden.

Two tiers wood raised bed idea.


Raised Beds with Seating / Bench

Raised garden beds with seating? Well, that sounds pretty cool. You add benches to make the perfect spot for evening tea. If you love spending time with your plants, close to nature, this bench idea seems like the perfect DIY idea.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate seating in your designs. You can now tend to your plants seated comfortably or enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a feeling of being close to nature.

If you want to make things easier for yourself, try installing an automatic water dripping system in your garden. A wooden bed would be easy to attach it to.


Raised Bed Garden Layout Ideas

It’s not difficult to come up with the best layout idea. It could be as simple as the one you see in the picture or as complicated as a tiered layout.

With so many ideas for your DIY projects, we’re pretty sure you’ll be revamping your garden area pretty soon!


Raised Bed Corner Design Ideas

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