10 DIY Garden Hose Holder Plans

Tangled garden hoses are an eyesore and a major annoyance! This year, end the madness and build a DIY garden hose holder that will stylishly organize your yard. Use these 10 free plans to do it!

Free DIY Garden Hose Holder Plans

To help inspire you, we’ve collected 10 of the best garden hose storage plans we could find. Each of them is affordable and easy to assemble and can be personalized to suit your tastes. Never waste your time or energy fussing with feet of tangled up hoses again! The sturdy hangers we have featured will keep your hoses orderly and prevent against premature wear and tear.

There is something for every style and preference, which means whether your hose hanger will be stored in the backyard or front, you can incorporate it into your overall decor. If you’re storing a particularly long hose (over 150 feet) you can even adjust the height of your hanger  to accommodate the extra length.  We love the creativity these DIY’ers used in each of the tutorials and we know that you will appreciate the detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.

There’s no time like the present to get started on your summer chores! So, get some momentum by tackling an easy project like a garden hose holder, you’ll feel great about checking something off of your list and every time you need to use your hose, you’ll be grateful that you did.


Building a hose holder maybe one of those greatest DIY projects that are easy, inexpensive, fun and immediately effective.

1. The Basic 4×4 Plan

The Basic 4x4 Plan for a Garden Hose Holder

The first garden hose holder on our list is a basic design that is an inexpensive way to store your hose. This type of DIY project is perfect for beginners because it requires minimal tools and is very easy to follow. Within a few hours, you’ll have easy-to-use hose storage that looks great in the front or backyard!


2. A Hose Holder Plan for Under $15

Build a Hose Holder Plan for Under $15

Here is another great example of how basic design can really go a long way in your decor. This garden hose holder from Shanty 2 Chic, can be quickly assembled for under $15! If you’ve already got some spare wood pieces hanging around the house, it could be even cheaper.

We love this design because it can comfortably store large or small garden hoses. The post was spray painted black, but you could use white or a brighter color to make your holder stand out and add some more life to your backyard.


3. The Hose Holder that Doubles as Decor

What a beautiful idea to paint your hose holder red!

The bright red color of this hose holder reminds us of a fire hydrant, which makes it perfect for storing your hose! You may not be putting out any fires with your house, but you can still be the hero of the household by creating a useful piece of storage that doubles as decor!

To save time during assembly, you can use a pre-carved post like the geniuses at DukesandDuchesses.com featured in their tutorial. A pre-carved post works well if you don’t want to attach finials or if you don’t have a saw to add your own decorative top.

Simply paint, attach a wrought iron holder and you’re ready to go!


4. The Cute DIY Plan

This cute DIY plan for a Hose Holder is all about details

This adorable DIY hose hanger is another easy project that isn’t much work, but makes a huge impact in your yard.  Yes, visually it is cute and quaint, making it perfect for cottage spaces or rustic yards, but this design is also extremely secure and functional.

Post hole diggers were used to create a 24″ hole (but you can use a regular shovel) then the whole was filled with quikrete for extra sturdiness. Once dried, simply paint your post, add any finials and the hose hanger and you’ll be ready for the summer season!


5. The 2×4 and a Utility Hook Plan

Use a 2x4 and a utility hook to build a simple hose holder

Sometimes hanging the hose after a long day of gardening can feel like its own chore. If you have a habit of leaving it in the grass to “dry” for days, consider a project like this one from DwellingInHappiness.com to keep your yard organized!

This straightforward design uses a 2 x 4 cut in half and utility hooks! Place it in a convenient location and you’ll never be tempted to leave the hose hanging out in your yard again!


6. The Hose and The Lantern Holder in One

This plan is designed to hold both a hose and a lantern

This artful design is perfect for homeowners who prefer some form with their function. This hose hanger doubles as a lantern holder and the tutorial from Pinspired To DIY is incredibly thorough and includes detailed instructions as well as helpful photos.

You will love the organization and touch of beauty that this elegant DIY holder brings to your front or backyard.


7. The Solar Light Hose Holder

Install a solar light on top of the post to make your diy design even more useful and beautiful

When it comes to designing your yard, it is always a great idea to include pieces that serve multiple functions. This garden hose holder from KippiaThome.com is the perfect example of a practical storage unit that is multipurpose.

If your yard is longing for additional lighting, a hose hanger with a solar light could be the solution. Though it may add a few extra dollars to your project, the assembly time is still very short.

A great idea for the minimalist DIY’er!


8. Build 4 Hose Holders for under $100

With the plan you can build 4 Hose Holders for under $100

Samantha at simplyorganized.me had a great plan and it was kind of spontaneous. One day she was reading other DIY blogs and spotted a garden hose holder idea that she thought would be perfect for her own yard. Immediately she drove to Home Depot and got supplies for 4 identical holders. She needed to replace her current storage fixtures at 4 different locations around the house.

Indeed, why not to do all of them if already doing one. She got the most bulky lumber (4 x 4’s) cut right in the store and came back with ready to build pieces. The rest you can read on her great blog. It’s all detailed for you right there, even including all of the expenses.


9. The Rustic Style Hose Stand

The Rustic Style Hose Stand Plan

We adore the look of this rustic style hose stand! The contrast of the white post against the black cap is a chic, but subtle addition to your yard decor. By making the post a little taller, it can support the length of a longer hose which is great if you only have one outdoor faucet.


10. Make Two Hose Holder for Under $30

Use this free plan to make 2 Hose Holder for under $30

This is another affordable idea that will work well in just about any space. The creators of Love Grows Wild were actually able to make TWO hose hangers out of the materials they purchased (which totaled under $30).

A project like this is great for families who’d like to store a hose in both the backyard and front/side of the house. Garden hoses are not only a nightmare to untangle when you need them, but are also unsightly to look at, so why not inspire your neighbors with an easy project that will serve its purpose for years to come?


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