Top 40 DIY Fire Pit Ideas – Stacked, Inground and Above Ground Designs

Top 40 DIY Fire Pit Ideas and Designs

Starry winter nights and an outdoor fire pit is a match made in heaven. It’s a luxury anyone can afford as there are many designs you can build yourself. Simple above ground fire pits can be made by stacking bricks, flagstones or pavers. (See many images below to get an idea.) In-ground or underground fire pits are a bit more challenging as you need to dig a hole or sink the pit into your patio. We’ve hand-picked these top 40 DIY ideas for every taste and style so you should be able to find one to incorporate into your backyard.

In-ground fire pits are a visual delight. They bury the pit underground so that the flames appear to rise from the ground itself. They are also much less dangerous than above ground fire pits, as these are usually quite a safe distance away from overhanging branches and trees.

Underground fire pits are subtle by nature. These aren’t meant to be the center of attention but serve as the perfect gathering spot for bonfire night. If you have a grassy backyard, these are simpler to create, and all it really takes is a hole in the ground and some lining materials.

You can create a wonderful patio sunken fire pit using flagstones. Keep your DIY design simple by lining it with retaining wall blocks or bricks. Complete the area with a designated flagstone patio or cover it with gravel or soil. Add some chairs around the pit, and you have a perfectly cozy yet earthy seating area for your yard.

Top 40 DIY Fire Pit Ideas

If all of this seems too plain for your taste, then let your creativity glow. You can add a metal bowl in the pit to add visual appeal to your idea. Place lava rocks over your pit base and fill it up to the surface or fill it up with sand. Over time, the sand combined with ashes creates an aesthetically pleasing design.

If you still aren’t satisfied, you can instead create a stacked fire pit. Stacked pits are layered above the ground and do create attractive centerpieces that can be incorporated in any patio setting.

You can use natural rocks to create a stack above ground to define the pit area. They give an earthy appearance that makes the pit look like it’s a part of the surroundings and is meant to blend with nature.

You can use flagstones to create bolder pieces. Fill them up with twigs or place a metal bowl as a firepit. Stacked firepits offer a lot more design variety. Create a single retaining wall meant to act as protection against the wind or create a full structure intended to serve as the base for the fire pit.

You can even use DIY kits and concrete blocks to create beautiful sunken or stacked fire pits. In fact, you can combine the two and build a windbreaker wall on one side of your in-ground fire pit. Whether you want to create a stacked brick clad fire pit or use flagstone instead, the result will be exciting nonetheless.

There’s an option for everyone. Even if you’re on a very small budget and are looking for cheap ideas, you can build a fully functional fire pit using leftover construction material. Here are 40 pictures to help you choose from the many DIY ideas and designs.

DIY fire pit ideas

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