40 Best Sunken Patio Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard

40 Best sunken patio fire pit ideas

There are many elements to designing that can give life to a seemingly bland space. Similarly, including dips and textures in your patio can create a visually appealing space that you’ll never want to leave. Here are some sunken patio fire pit ideas that can help you create eye-catching features in your yard.

There’s nothing more comforting than wrapping your hands around a warm cup of cocoa while sitting by the fire outdoors. By incorporating a sunken fire pit with wall seating, you can turn your backyard into a magical retreat. Throw some cushions on top to make the place more comfortable.

Flagstone patios and fire pits are ideal for those looking to create a traditional look. The material adds texture that can be effortlessly complemented by basic patio chairs. With flags, you can create campfire vibes, simple and elegant looks that are more in line with conventional designs.

Modern patios are where special care is given to each design element. Here you will notice wooden decks lead out to sunken gravel-covered fire pits with artfully decorated benches on the side. The fireplace can be rectangular, circular, or even round-edged squares.

You can create a rectangular deck leading out to a sunken fire pit area with benches along the edges. Place a round artistic fireplace in the middle, and you have created a space that represents the true essence of modern architecture.

If you want to add a little bit of extra to your outdoor space, why not add a seating area in the middle of the pool. Section off a space within the pool and add some benches beside your poolside fireplace. You will have a relaxing space that you can enjoy even in the middle of summers.

While fireplaces in the center of a seating area create a cozy atmosphere, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your aesthetic. You could be looking for something edgier, both shape and design-wise. Maybe add a little staircase to add definition to space.

Opt for a wall-mounted fireplace and turn that into a feature wall. It will add depth and character to your otherwise clean space. Line the sunken patio with comfortable benches, place a coffee table in the middle, and you have an outdoor dining area. Bing out a projector and you can turn it into a cozy open-air cinema.

If rectangular doesn’t cut it for you, then you can opt for circular fire pits instead. With wall seating, they turn into the perfect addition for getting late-night s’mores. To add a bit of design element, you can create a wire cage and fill it up with stone or logs, top it off with wooden planks and you have decorative benches.

Add fairy lights and colorful cushions to add warmth and a pop of color. You can opt for a stone-clad fireplace or a metal one. You can even get one custom designed as a centerpiece for your yard. Add sand, gravel, or a water feature to the pit, and combined with the fireplace, it will look incredible.

Here are a few pictures to help you filter through the various sunken fire pit ideas.

Sunken patio fire pit built from pavers
Image and Design by Belgard

Flagstone sunken fire pit patio ideas

Modern patio with sunken seating area and biofuel fireplace

Waterfront patio seating area with sunken fireplace

Sunken fire pit patio ideas

Sunken fire pit in pool idea

Modern sunken patio with built in fire place

Round concrete sunken fire pit area ideas

Sunken firepit patio with under bench firewood storage

Small square sunken patio with metal fire pit

Circular sunken fire pit patio seating idea

Rustic circular sunken firepit area design

Amazing sunken fire pit setting with round design

wooden sunken fire pit design idea

Large wood sunken patio with fire pit idea

Cozy patio with sunken stone fire pit and concrete seating

Square design for sunken firepit seating area

Classic sunken fire pit design by the pool

Sunken backyard patio with fireplace and cool furniture

Modern wooden patio with sunken fire pit area

Full circle fire pit seating made with pavers

Beautiful sunken fire pit built into rock formation

Sunken firepit with built in wood benches

Sunken fire pit patio idea on a budget with gravel floor

Fully sunken concrete patio with firepit and built in seating

Concrete square patio with firepit sunken into wood deck

Stunning concrete sunken fire pit seating with circular design

Built in wooden sunken fire pit seating

Small sunken patio with metal fire pit and wood seating

Small sunken patio with sand floor and square firepit

Tiny sunken patio fireplace area

Cool concrete sunken seating with attached firepit

Beautiful landscape feature with small sunken patio and firepit

Sunken outdoor fireplace setting with flagstone patio

Wooden steps leading down to sunken firepit seating

Sunken brick patio with round fire pit and wood seating idea

Partially sunken patio with firepit and cozy seating

Beautiful sunken patio with fire pit made with oversized landscaping stones

Simple sunken patio fire pit seating area made with wood beams

Wood deck with small sunken fire pit setting on gravel floor

Improvised sunken fire pit area built entirely from wood

Using natural slope landscape to create sunken firepit patio

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