40 Simple Fire Pit Setting Ideas on a Budget for DIY Designs

Whether you want to cozy up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa or you want to feast on toasted marshmallows, an outdoor fire pit is a perfect solution for all your plans. However, not everybody is willing to or able to dish out thousands of dollars for such a fire pit. The best part is you don’t have to, at least, not when you can opt for these simple fire pit setting ideas that are magical yet inexpensive.

Nothing warms you up like a good wood fire. Who knew incorporating a camp-like feel in your backyard could be so easy? All it takes is a little patch of gravel with a circular ring of stones in the middle. Place some DIY half log benches around the setting and some wood in the middle. Light up the fire and enjoy a perfectly magical night around the fire pit.

You can get as creative as you like or as your budget allows. You can fashion beautiful wooden benches, or you can instead opt for wood chairs. Add more definition to the space by lining the pebble-strewn area with cement blocks or red bricks. They not only add dimension but color as well, besides keeping the decorative stones within the designated area.

To give a little more polished look to the yard, you can replace the gravel with flagstones. Add a metal fire pit to the center and patio chairs around it for an equally comfortable space.

Circular metal fire pits, surrounded by gravel and park benches, also make an appealing addition to the yard. Decorate the seats with colorful cushions to complement the earthy tones of the gravel and add an extra comfort feature to your setting.

If you really don’t have any budget to spare, but still want that fire pit setting, then you could build a very simple one yourself. Take any cement blocks or bricks you find lying around and arrange them in a circular setting to form a ring. Cover the bed of the pit with gravel that you may have leftover from the construction work, and you have a functional fire pit.

Finding comfortable seating on a budget may be a problem, which is why we bring you DIY options. Take two tree trunk bases and place them side by side a few feet apart. Place a sturdy wooden plank on top and nail it securely.

You can also use an old barrel that you have lying around. Cut it in half and place a cushion on top of each half to create two stools to sit around the fire.

To give an artsy look to the space, you can use welded wire cages filled with rocks. Place wooden planks on top, and you can use those as seating for your outdoor excursions. To make them more comfortable, add throw blankets and cushions over the seats to soften up the hard surface a bit.

There isn’t a cap on how creative you can get with your DIY fire pit designs. With these simple fire pit setting ideas, you can now create your dream outdoor space even when you’re on a budget.

Simple but stunning half-log fire pit seating idea

Rustic sunken fire pit surrounded by diy artistic wooden benches

Simplistic fire pit setting idea for a backyard

Simple DIY wooden pallets seating around fire pit

What an unusual fire pit setting idea - using welded wire cages filled with stone as seating

A very simple backyard fire pit idea with wooden chairs

Inexpensive brick and gravel fire pit setting

Brick and gravel fire pit with simple wooden patio furniture

See complete DIY tutorial for the above setting.

The simplest idea for a fire pit setting - circular gravel patio and a few outdoor chairs

Circular benches with colorful cushions around a fire place

Simple gravel fire pit setting with steel chairs

Simple cement block and gravel fire pit setting with white chairs

On a budget fire pit setting idea - old logs and loose stones picked around the backyard

Lay some landscaping stones right on sand to build a simple fire pit seating

Rustic flagstone patio with fire pit and DIY wooden benches

Scandinavian style stone and gravel fireplace with wooden benches

Cute and simple concrete ring fire pit surrounded by gravel with chairs

Adirondack chairs fire pit setting idea

Easy to build backyard fire pit designs

Simple stone fire pit with barrel stools seating

River rock patio with rustic fire pit design

Crushed stone patio with circular concrete fire pit

Simple cheap fire pit setting idea with black pebbles and basic brick pit design

Simple stone patio with a sunken flagstone fire pit

Circular pebble patio with benches and a metal fire pit idea

Round flagstone fire pit patio with circular wood seating

Simple flagstone patio design with fire pit and wooden chairs

River rock patio is the least expensive idea for a fire pit setting

The cheapest idea - a gravel patio with boulders as seating around a fire pit

A very inexpensive fire pit setting design for a sloped backyard

Simple fire pit setup made with a few stones

Simply place half log benches on a grass around a fire pit

Flagstone patio with an artistic firepit design

The simplest way to make a fire pit patio - place flagstones in a pattern so that they form a hole in the ground

Stylish wooden chairs around a simple sunken fire pit

Rectangular fire pit in a circular gravel patio

Small concrete patio with fire pit and a semi circular wooden bench

A very simple idea - pour gravel inside a rectangular wooden frame and add tree stump seating

A budget backyard idea - log benches around a small patio with a fire pit

Patio design idea with circular fire pit

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