Arbor Gate Ideas for Garden or Front Entrance (35 Designs)

If building an arbor gate is already on your home improvement project list, we know what you’re here for – creative arbor gate ideas. Did we guess it right?

Well, you’ve landed yourself at the right place. We’ve put together a list of arbor gate designs that’ll give you a good dose of inspiration for your next home improvement project. Of the 35 ideas we’ve collected, each is better than the previous.

Arbor gate ideas for garden or front entry

Not yet convinced if you really need one? There are numerous reasons why you should most definitely invest in building an arbor gate for your property.

  • An arbor provides shade and shelter, privacy, and decoration – all in one go!
  • An arbor gate makes your property look aesthetically appealing, and therefore it gives your property’s value a significant boost.
  • It can also be used to provide support to climbing plant varieties, vegetables, and fruits.
  • And it can give your visitors the best first impression.
  • You can pick an easy design to DIY it and add more street appeal on a cheap.


Arched Arbor with Gate Ideas

Classic arched arbor gate ideas

This first garden idea is the most classic design. The arbor is arched up, the gate is arched down, creating a circle. A square lattice is added on both sides. Beautiful climbing vines dotted with white flowers cover the entire structure. With a gate like the one in the picture, you can make your visitors feel as if they’re entering heaven – beautiful and blissful!

Garden arbor without a gate ideas

You may choose to build just an arbor or an arbor with a gate – it’ll look beautiful either way. A garden arbor with gate is a perfect addition to your backyard that you’ve put your heart and soul into designing. It looks enchanting and makes your outdoor space look all more welcoming.

You can also choose to replace a gate with a bench, to create a shaded place to relax. And you can make it no less enchanting. If you prefer to go this route then take a look at our garden arbor bench ideas.

Arched house entry arbor with gate and matching white deck railing

If you’re looking for a way to make the entrance of your house look stunning, an arbor with a gate is what you should consider getting. An arbor itself is a stunning addition to any outdoor space, and if it’s paired with a cozy and welcoming gate and fence like in the image above, it’s sure to leave an impact that you desire.

Front entry vinyl arbor gate ideas

Are you looking for front entry ideas? The wood or vinyl arbor with gate is sure to swipe you off your feet. It’s simple, sophisticated, and extremely beautiful – all that you would want your house to look like!

Arbor gate with lattice design

Arbor gate with lattice is another super creative idea. You can build it on the entrance of your house and use the latticed design to hang colorful pots or other pieces of decoration to make the welcome all more warm and pleasant for your visitors.

Arbor over gate ideas

You don’t necessarily have to build an arbor and entrance gate together. You can build an enchanted garden arbor over the existing gate and increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. Nobody can deny the fact that arbors with lush green plants and colorful flowers have a charm of their own, and when that charm welcomes people into your property, you can brace yourself for a truly cheerful mood and aura of any gathering.

Front entry arbor with gate topped with colorful flowers, and a white picket fence

An entry arbor with gate topped with colorful flowers makes your house look extremely warm, welcoming and gives off happy vibes. The design idea that you see in the picture above perfectly depicts what we’re trying to explain.

White vinyl arbor gate covered with greenery

If you want any place to look warm and welcoming, add fresh plants to it. And that’s exactly what a white vinyl arbor gate can do for you – make your property look every bit warm, homey, and welcoming while framing the greenery. Not to mention the boost in the aesthetic appeal that’ll have people wondering if the exterior of your property is so pretty, what’ll interior have in store for them.

Wooden arbor with trellis and fence ideas

Another great idea includes a trellis. A wooden arbor with a trellis on its sides serves 2 purposes at a time; adds to the aesthetic appeal of your property and provides support to climbing plant varieties. Once the trellis is fully covered with lush green plantation and a dash of color from flowers, your yard entrance would look like a vision to behold!

Arbor with gate and matching fence designs

You’ll come across plenty of front entrance arbor designs, but not all of them will make your heart skip a beat. If you want your design to leave the biggest impact on the aesthetics of your property, build a fence the same color and of the same material as the arbor gate so that both look coordinated. And looking at coordinated house designs is such a treat to the eyes!


Oversized wood arbor gate design

To leave everyone stunned by the looks of the entrance to your garden, add an arbor gate like the one you see in the photo above. The main highlight of this idea is that the trellises, the gate, and the fence have matching designs.

Simple small wooden arbor with gate

Shown in the picture above, is a simple but beautiful idea for a wooden arbor gate with lattice.  It will make an ideal entryway to your farmhouse or a property that’s far away in the countryside. It has old-school vibes and a rustic feel to it that matches the typical farmhouse vibe! This design could be an easy DIY project, so build it.

Enchanted garden entry ideas

If you still haven’t found a gate idea that clicks, we’re pretty sure this one would. This amazing design looks every bit rustic and welcoming, with glass panes fitted onto a wooden frame. It looks like an entryway to an enchanted world.

Simple arbor gates

The possibilities with arbor gates are endless. They aren’t limited to gardens or property entrances. You can build an arbor gate anywhere you think you need to attract visitors or make your property look welcoming for whatsoever reason. One such simplistic design is the one in this photo – simple, straightforward, functional, and attractive!


Pergola Arbor With Gate Ideas

Arbor Gate with Wings from

For some out-of-the-box ideas, we turned to The design shown above is called Arbor Gate with Wings. It’s made from Red Cedar and is available in 4 different sizes. This could be your classic home or garden entrance or simply a privacy wall to separate you from the neighbors.

With a wide lattice on both the wings and pergola, your vines will climb up easily to create a beautiful enclosure.

If it’s less stressful for you to buy than to build it from scratch then here’s one good choice.

Pergola roof arbor with gate and matching white fence

If there’s a pergola in your yard that you wish to revamp, build a pergola arbor with gate. A pergola itself is an excellent way to utilize an outdoor space, and with such addition, you can achieve the next level of visual appeal and positive vibes.

Simple pergola arbor with lattice sides

White vinyl outdoor fixtures look sophisticated and classy and if it’s a pergola arbor made out of white vinyl, trust us when we say – it’ll look gorgeous. The lush green of plants against the white lattice will present an unmatched appeal, just like you see in the picture above.

Beautiful entrance arbor at a commercial property

If you’ve got a commercial garden that you’ve put in a lot of time, effort, and money, and you want people to come and see, you need to make your garden look appealing from the outside. And the best way to do that is to build an arbor gate and cover it with a beautiful variety of flowering plants. Nobody would know from the outside how beautiful your garden is. If you want to attract people, you got to make the entrance inviting!

Cedar wood arbor with gate and pergola roof

Cedarwood has its own appeal and charm that you can’t overlook. Building a cedar arbor with a gate is a great way to make your property stand out.

Amazing ideas of a pergola arbor over white gate covered with flowers

Some of the arbor over gate ideas are simply beautiful but this one is smashing! Red and pink flowers over a white pergola is an eye-candy design. The more vibrant the flowers are, the more attractive the entrance looks. Add a rustic flagstone pathway, and it’s a landscape idea to dream about. The pink and red bougainvillea vines climb the trellises to the pergola, making their way to the best sunlight. And I would not be surprised if the two columns also serve as planters. This front entry idea looks like it has come straight out of a fairytale.

Entry gate and fence with tiny lattice

An entry gate and fence with lattice also look quite appealing, especially if covered with vibrant greenery.

Incredible front entrance idea

Another design to die for! The perfect entrance to your lush garden would be a white arbor gate covered with splendid flowers in full bloom. What makes it even more amazing is a matching white fence. This installation has many interesting ideas to copy. But one is a fact – you can never go wrong with colorful flowers over a white!

Another fact that needs to be pointed out here is that the arched design will never serve as good support for climbing vines as a straight pergola will.

Pergola style wooden arbor with creative roof design

Pergola-style wooden arbor is yet another creative idea that you can implement in your garden. It looks welcoming and warm, and the best part is, you can enjoy a relaxing evening under it. Notice the latticework on the sides.

Iconic design idea

Here’s one of the most unique ideas! Having an upside-down half-circle element on the gate. And it fits right in under a straight horizontal pergola. This is an iconic design.

Easy to DIY arbor gate ideas

A pergola style gate arbor is an excellent option to provide support to climbing vines and use it to make the entrance of your home look beautiful. This design would be easy to DIY on a budget.

Rustic idea

If you want to preserve the natural feel of your backyard, you can use this idea. Build an arbor using unfinished wood logs. Then add … wait for it … wait for it … a bright red metal gate. It’ll look exceptionally good at a summer house or a rustic rural cabin.

Wood arbor design with large gates

A beautiful home deserves a beautiful entrance, just like what you see in the picture above. A wood arbor with gate and fence makes just the right entryway to your property that you’ve put so much love into designing.

Cute garden design in blue

Look at this blue thing! Isn’t it the cutest little arbor? You can build it as a purely decorative element. A garden feature in a bold color will make an eye-catching statement. Your backyard will look full of life.

Cool DIY idea for a fence with arbor gate entrance

A pergola arbor with gate and a matching fence looks nice. It makes your property look a lot more welcoming and cozy. The picture above is a true depiction of what we’re suggesting to you. This could be a great DIY idea.

Old rustic fence with an arbor

This old patined fence didn’t lose its rustic beauty thanks to a cozy arbor gate covered with vines.

Creative entrance design with pergola roof and a flower pots shelf

And just another cool design to DIY. You can build this from treated pine or cedar and then stain it.

The Red gate!

The above setup looks like the pergola roof was added after, and it looks like DIY work. But overall, it’s an exciting design. The grey, blue and red are perfectly together here. The gate itself is one unique design. Doesn’t it raise your curiosity about what’s behind it?

Triangular pergola roof over an entry gate

A pergola-style arbor gate sure looks beautiful. There’s no denial here. If you want to make your property look prettier but are short on a budget, consider using this idea. It’s cheap and can upgrade your property almost instantly!


Stone Arbor Gates

Stone arbor

If you want a more longer-lasting and low-maintenance property upgrade, consider building a stone arbor. It makes your place look a lot more intense and attractive.

Front entrance stone arbor with wood gate

Stone arbors with gates offer a greater level of safety and security to your property which is why many homeowners choose to go with stone. They have the old-world charm associated with them. They make you think of a castle from a fairytale or about some old towns in Europe.

An entrance into enchanted world

If the architecture of your house is more traditional and old-school than modern, a stone arbor with gate like the one in the picture above will look absolutely great.

Isn’t this the enchanted gate in some neverland you’ve been looking for? No, this is an entrance to a private property somewhere in California or Mexico.

Old world stone fence with an arbor

The stone arbor that you see on the image above gives typical old-world vibes. If you want to make your property look warm, attractive, and a tad bit mysterious, you should definitely consider this gate idea. Install trellis along the fence, plant climbing vines and you’ve created a dreamy world of your own.

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