70 Ornamental Wrought Iron Gate Designs and Ideas for Fence and Driveway

If you’re looking for ornamental wrought iron gate designs and ideas for fences and driveways that you can take inspiration from for your property or home entrance, you’ve come to the right place. This selection highlights some of the most creative, unique, and unusual gate designs that you’re going to love! We collected them from around the world and you’ll see different gate styles and some quite amazing ornamental artworks that only wrought iron can deliver.

As far as the design goes, you can make a gate with wood slats or vinyl privacy screen or you can paint it with different colors for a more decorative appeal. As for the installation type, it can be manufactured rolling (sliding) or hinged. And if you don’t want your dog to run away you can add a decorative iron mesh on the bottom or you can simply make it solid metal.

Wrought Iron Gate Designs

You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to gate and fence materials, including wood, aluminum, vinyl, etc., but wrought iron tops them all and does so for all the right reasons. Wrought iron gates offer homeowners a plethora of benefits that they won’t get with other materials. The gate of your property shouldn’t just be a plain, solid gate, but it should have an element of aesthetic appeal as well. After all, the gate is what any visitors will see first when they visit you.

Wrought iron gates benefits:

  1. highly durable
  2. long-lasting
  3. offer a high level of security
  4. easy to install
  5. don’t require extensive maintenance
  6. look elegant
  7. add to your property’s value

The best thing about wrought iron gates is that they’re available in a huge variety of designs. As you will see, there is no limit to creativity. Ornamental gates are popular and, as we said earlier, are rightly so!


Ornamental wrought iron gates

The ornate entrance gate of the Chirk Castle in Wales, UK, offers some serious ornamental gate inspiration. The intricate detailing is sure to leave any visitor astounded by the beauty and elegance. The elaborate ironwork is surely something created by great artisans.

Luxury entrance wrought iron gate idea

Talk about simplicity and elegance in one place. This luxury entrance gate of a vineyard near St. Emilion, France, is wrought iron and absolutely gorgeous. It’s plain, simple, yet beautiful. If you want the entrance gate to your property to be attractive and eye-catching, it doesn’t have to be too decorative. Simplistic and minimal designs can look amazing.

Luxury ornamental iron gate design for driveway

You don’t have to be royalty to have a royal looking gate. This ornamental iron gate design might just be what you’re looking for. A black gate with details in gold looks every bit regal, making it the perfect ornamental gate idea for a luxury property.

A gate with ironwork and privacy screen

If you desire more privacy, this unusual decorative design might just be the right option for you. A quite simple but elegant ironwork has a blurred plastic screen attached. The outsiders won’t be able to look inside your property. And the light solid background makes the black wrought iron pattern stand out.

Wrought iron gate with arch ideas

If you want the fancy landscape of your property to be visible from the outside, you should opt for a wrought iron gate with minimal artwork that won’t obstruct the view. This gate with arch (see image above) design seems like the perfect idea for you.

Driveway entrance wrought iron gate styles

Here’s a very interesting design – see the image above. It looks pretty enclosed for privacy but yet displays a very cool pattern. Such a cool look is achieved by using tiny cell metal mesh as a background for ironwork. This idea for a driveway entrance may just be what you need. It’s stylish and solid, making sure your property is safe while maintaining the aesthetics.

Iron gate design ideas

There are numerous ideas when it comes to wrought iron gate designs. One of the top-trending ideas is the gate that you see in the picture above. It’s a solid steel gate with a wrought ornament on it. It looks attractive to look at and offers the highest level of security.

Wrought iron gate with privacy screen design

Another wrought iron gate idea (shown above) where the combination of ironwork and a privacy screen makes an intriguing ornamental design.

Decorative wrought iron driveway gates

This wrought-iron Texas gate is one of the finest ornamental driveway gates that’ll give the visitor a great first impression. This type of gate is especially good for recreational properties like farmhouses and vacation cabins. If you’re a deer hunter or an avid outdoorsman replace the cow design with a deer or a fish.

Ornamental wrought iron fence gate design with privacy screen

Shown above is another beautiful fence gate design with a privacy screen. This fun and funky ornamental pattern in wrought iron is a great idea for anyone who takes their privacy and security seriously but is also keen on decorative design.

Ornamental gate design with a clock

Your entrance gate can tell a lot about you and your house. And you can most definitely achieve a great first impression with this wrought iron gate style that also features a clock at the top. Now, that’s what you call truly ornamental!

Rolling entrance gates

Many homeowners prefer to install rolling gates instead of regular entrance gates. They’re a lot easier to open and shut close. But you’re somewhat limited in terms of design. It has to be wide and uniform. The gate that you see in the picture above is an absolutely great idea in every sense; it’s simple yet elegant thanks to extensive wrought iron decoration. It’s painted in blue and gold which makes it look quite festive.

Wrought iron fence gate ideas

Someone realized that painting all iron details in the same color would make the design look too busy and frankly boring. So they came up with this idea – paint them partially only, thus giving this gate a very unusual appearance. It looks like it’s installed in some fantasy land. Would fit right in in the Harry Potter movies. It looks so adorable in contrast with the driveway that is due for replacement. The matching small fence entry gate is so cute as well.

Simple wrought iron gate design for entrance

This wrought-iron gate is another design idea that you can opt for. Simple, strong, and stylish – everything that you may want in your entrance gate.

Unique wrought iron gate with wood slats

Wood is a powerful and impactful material. Wrought iron gate with wood looks a class apart, and that’s exactly why you should consider getting one for your home. The one pictured above looks like it came straight from the Medieval era. Attaching wood slats at the angle adds even more uniqueness to the unusual appeal.

Sliding wrought iron gates for fences and driveways

If you’re confused between getting an ornamental gate and a security gate, you might want to get something like the gate in the picture. It’s solid and safe and features intricate and attractive decorative elements, offering a perfect balance between security and aesthetics. This is a great example of a sliding type installation.

Automatic sliding wrought iron gate idea

If you’re high on technology and have incorporated all the latest gadgets in your house, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t opt for an automatic gate. An automatic wrought iron gate is a great option if you want comfort and style together. And this hinged gate provides both.

Automatic sliding iron gates

Automatic sliding gates are another great option for people who prefer to automate as many tasks as they possibly can. But it doesn’t have to be plain iron. You can opt for a modern contemporary design such as this ornamental iron gate (see image above) that can open and close at the click of a button.

Iron swing gate design

Who said swing gates have to be dull and boring? They can be stylish and attractive, just like the gate you see in this image.

Wrought iron gate with wood

A wrought iron gate with wood slats is a great choice for driveways. It looks attractive and also bars outsiders from intruding into your privacy by peeking through the gate. Give it an arched profile to add elegance.

Iron security gate idea

Simple yet stylish, the iron gate in the picture serves two purposes in one go; add a decorative element to your entrance gate and provide you the much-needed security and privacy.

Secure tall gate ideas for homes

If you’re looking for secure gate ideas for your remote property, you would want it to be every bit strong and durable, and that’s exactly what a gate like the one you see in the picture offers. A large and tall gate with a wrought iron design built into a stone fence is just what your property needs to keep the security intact.

Minimalist wrought iron gate design

When we say beauty lies in simplicity, we absolutely mean it. This wrought-iron gate for driveway entrance with minimal design looks absolutely gorgeous – just the impression you want to give your visitors.

Wrought iron gate with an arch idea

This magnificent entrance gate with arch looks regal and classy. If you want to see it for yourself, look at the picture of the gate to Chapultepec Castle, and you’ll know why. Doesn’t the main gate tell a lot about what is behind it?

Ornamental wrought iron gate and fence covered in vines

Plants can really change the way your entrance and your fence look. If you trim your plants regularly and ensure that they’re looking the best, there’s not even an ounce of doubt in the fact that they’ll add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. Building on the impact of plants on aesthetics, we suggest you get something like this for your house. It’s a wrought iron gate and fence that is covered with trimmed and well-maintained vines of Parthenocissus. But the gate design is charming on its own, no questions.

Driveway gate with a privacy screen idea

Shown on the image above is a decorative wrought iron gate with privacy screen. The screen is hardly noticeable, and the gate is so good-looking. It limits the visibility into the property for any passerby, thereby ensuring privacy and security. And at the same time, it’s a great display of art.

Beautiful wrought iron gate ideas for fence entrance

Iron gates are available in a huge variety of designs. No matter what your preferences are, you’re sure to find ideas to suit your taste in this collection. If you want your entrance gate to look absolutely beautiful, consider getting something like the design you see in this picture (above).

Decorative wrought iron driveway gates

Decorative wrought iron driveway gates can really change the aesthetics of your property. Designs with intricate detailing can make your property look a lot more attractive. Are these some mystical birds?

Ornamental wrought iron and copper entrance gate idea

The above ornamental design uses a combination of wrought iron and copper to create a powerful statement right at the entrance. This unusual gate is a truly distinguished artwork and can be a great decorative element for your home.

Wrought iron gate with privacy screen

A forged wrought iron gate like the one you see in the picture is a great choice, not because it’s pretty to look at, but because it provides a high degree of security by obstructing the view through the gate. Do you recognize the butterfly silhouette?

Ornamental wrought iron gate designs

If you’ve invested a great deal of money and time in getting your landscape designed, you certainly would want to show it off. And what’s a better ornamental gate design than this one? It’s simplistic and every bit beautiful, yet it’s very secure. One of my favorite ideas.

Ornamental gate design ideas

If you want a statement with your main gate, go bold with it. Opt for a bold color like red or copper and let it make a mark. The owners of this home went even further – they made everything color-matching.

Wrought iron gate styles

If you’ve got brick pillars and fences, a solid wrought iron gate with decorative elements will look great. Just make sure the color of the gate goes well with the color of the pillars and fence so that everything falls in the right place together.

ornamental wrought iron driveway gates

If an ornamental driveway gate is all you want, a simplistic and minimalist wrought iron design would do the job pretty well!

decorative wrough iron entrance gate idea

If you want to go bold with your entrance gate, an idea shown above, with colored decorative elements, might be the best option for you.

Solid secure wrought iron gate ideas

The right impression here is oh, wow! There is something magnificent about the design above. Forged wrought iron double gates are quite common but this one looks like an entrance to a fortress. No wonder they say “my home is my fortress”. The design is solid, durable, highly secure, and of course, good to look at!

Wrought iron gates with wood designs

Wooden gates look great but aren’t as durable as iron. Iron gates are durable but not as good-looking as wooden gates. However, wrought iron gates with wood are the perfect combination that’ll go a long way!

Unusual driveway wrought iron gate

Quite an unusual color for a driveway gate but it’s matching the color of the fence perfectly. And the contrasting evergreens planted along the fence bring even more beauty to the whole design. You got to give it to the designers – they made a unique violet color look totally in place, where many would have chosen an ordinary black or grey.

Wooden gate with wrought iron elements design idea

Here’s another creative idea for a wooden gate with wrought iron elements, for the entrance. But in this case, the wood slats are installed horizontally which cheapens the design a bit. Still, privacy is taken care of.

Rolling gate with privacy screen design

A private driveway leads to this beautiful rolling gate, with an inconspicuous privacy screen installed behind the ironwork. Did you even notice it?

Hinged driveway gate idea

A nice and solid hinged driveway gate design in a grey color scheme.

Cool modern iron gate design

Here’s one of the coolest entrance gate designs we’ve seen – see image above. It would work great for modern or mid-century modern style homes. And not without cute little details – notice those tiny coiled springs attached everywhere.

Decorative wrought iron gate ideas

Shown above are luxurious metal forged gates and a brick fence in a private house. Matching decorative caps are installed on top of the fence posts.

Luxury sliding car entry gate ideas

Here’s a luxury sliding iron gate for car entry into a driveway, with a privacy screen attached.

Beautiful forged iron gates

These beautiful metal gates with forged elements protect a private house without sacrificing the design (see image above).

Iron gate with metal mesh idea

Here’s an idea of how a metal mesh can be incorporated into an iron gate design.

Modern sliding iron gate ideas

The entrance to this house is guarded by a modern sliding iron gate with unique design elements.

Wrought iron rolling gate idea

Another creative idea for wood and wrought iron combination design. This is a long rolling gate.

Modern privacy iron gate

Privacy, protection, and design are the three words describing this unique modern gate. It almost looks like it was printed, it is so perfectly made.

Unusual driveway gate and fence gate ideas

Wow. This is a cool and unusual design for a small fence gate and a driveway gate, installed next to each other, in complete synchrony.

Ornate wrought iron gate ideas

These are ornate wrought-iron gates to the Tsarskoye Selo palace in the city of Pushkin near St. Petersburg, Russia. What’s with the gold and blue again?

Burgundy color iron home entrance gate

An iron burgundy fence with a forged gilded pattern is located at the front entrance of the luxury house.

A brown wrought iron gate with golden details

Here’s a simple but cute design – a brown iron gate with a wrought golden pattern and a decorative arch above it.

Shown on the image above is a gate with an elaborate wrought-iron pattern of many monograms.

Creative iron gate design

This creative metal gate design needs to be paired up with a similarly creative driveway.

Elegant driveway gate and a fence wicket

What an elegant driveway gate and a fence wicket of a similar design! You don’t need intricate elaborate details to make one look gorgeous.

Unusual color wrought iron gate

Here are the color and the design you don’t see every day.

Black iron gate with wood slats

Check out this unique idea – a black iron gate and an iron fence clad with brown wood slats to create privacy and harmony in the design.

Transparent metal forged entrance gate

Shown on the image above is a transparent metal forged gate at the home entrance, hinged on two uniquely designed columns. The gate’s design repeats the pattern of the fence.

Victorian style iron gate

Wow. Just wow. A Victorian-style iron artwork is permanently displayed on this house gate. I bet that the circular centerpiece at the top is attached to one half only. When the gates open, they are not going to look symmetrical. How else can you break the two halves apart?

Interesting luxury gate design

Another interesting luxury design framed by beige columns.

Driveway iron double gates

Forged metal double gates for driveway entry.

Wrought Iron Gate Designs and Ideas for Fences and Driveways

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