12 Gabion Fence Ideas

Gabion Fence Ideas

I’ve collected several cool gabion fence ideas, as I was always interested in building a gabion fence for my own backyard. To me, this rock and steel construction looks very sturdy and modern, and I suspect it’s not that difficult to DIY. In some of the ideas, the fences consist of only two components – rocks and steel wire cages. In other ideas, you’ll see fences that use steel posts in addition to just cages. Finally, there are designs that showcase how you can get totally creative by using different rocks, various cage shapes and widths, or by incorporating fencing panels made from wood, metal, or plastic.

Gabion fencing should last a very long time, as not much can go wrong with wire cages filled with rocks. Especially, if the cages are made from galvanized steel – they won’t even rust as much.

Also, think of what kind of gabion fence architecture you can create simply by using rocks of different sizes, shapes, and colors. I’ve even seen designs that use upcycled glass or wood as a fill material rather than plain stones. In many of the photos below, you’ll find some practical and interesting ideas to try to DIY. Let’s dive in.




1. Simple Gabion Rock Fence

As you can see in the image above, this straightforward fence architecture consists of taller gabion cage posts and shorter gabion panels filled with rocks. The rocks are all from the same pile which makes this design pretty uniform. Also, notice that the posts are wider than the panels. I guess, this makes the fence more sturdy. The designer has also included a complementing curb edging with smaller pebbles to neaten up the edges of the fence and hide any unsightly wire foundations. This fence is beautifully modern and tidy, and the inclusion of foliage hedging offers privacy and texture to the landscape. Best of all, it requires little to no maintenance.


2. Narrow Design

If you don’t have a ton of space to work with, this narrow gabion fence should appeal to you. An alternative to traditional gabion cages is a gorgeous, sleek, minimalist design like this narrow gabion paneling. Combined with alternating galvanized steel mesh panels and resting on top of a concrete garden bed, this design offers a contemporary aesthetic while remaining versatile enough to fit any smaller space. And if you ever get bored, consider changing up or manicuring your plants or adding other decorative elements like lighting. Also, notice the solid steel posts on both sides of the panels. I bet that these posts are cemented in the ground.


3. Gabion and Wire Only Combination

The modern gabion fence shown above doesn’t have any visible posts. So I am really curious how is it installed. This design doesn’t add as much privacy as the previous one, but that can easily be changed with more vegetation or vines. In my opinion, what really sets it apart is how the narrow gabion panels add modern visual appeal while remaining seamlessly integrated into the home’s existing architecture. The pale stones feel airy and not at all heavy or monotonous and complement the gentle grey of the paving. And while this fence looks somewhat delicate, the added weight of the gabion panels ensures it won’t be moving or warping anytime soon.


4. Gabion Pillar Fence

You can incorporate gabion pillars only when building a fence while utilizing corrugated metal panels for the sections in between, similar to how it’s shown in the image above. Gabion pillars are cheaper than those made from concrete. The only question is how you attach metal panels to the pillars. This design may require a professional installer. Another interesting idea showcased in this image is the gabion foundation for the fence. This can save you the headache (and cost) of digging trenches to secure your installation. They even hung an entrance gate into the yard on those gabion posts.


5. Metal Mesh Inserts

I honestly love this idea – using perforated metal sheets in between gabion fence panels. Stones and metal is a cool modern combination. These gabion cages are filled with rich, rusty umber stones. I feel like this design is really gorgeous and unique, primarily due to the varying textures and heights on display. It’s solid without being overbearing.


6. Metal Pickets Idea

For a truly modern take on the traditional “picket fence,” consider combining metal picket panels with slim, adjoining gabion walls. If privacy is your main goal, you can’t go wrong with a design like this, which is tall without being heavy. The modern metal slats are both durable and pleasing to look at, adding color and shape for visual interest. Indeed, the fact that both the gabion panels and the metal pickets are galvanized ensures a long lifespan with hardly any maintenance required.


7. Gabion Corners

You may be wondering how the corners are done in this gabion fence design. I believe the entire corner is created as one gabion cage. They used galvanized steel angles for corner studs. This can be a custom-made 90-degree angle cage or a 90-degree triangular-shaped cage.

Another interesting idea presented in this image is how they used this modern material – polycarbonate plastic – alongside gabion baskets. As a landscaping idea, this is a great way to claim privacy without blocking out sun and light. Frosted polycarbonate is affordable but can be structurally tricky, which is why the sturdy alternative gabion panels make a great complementary material.

When building a DIY gabion fence, don’t forget to ensure the stability of your fence corners. They need to be correctly reinforced through bracing, which not only keeps them structurally strong but also neat. In the image above, two rectangular gabion cages are firmly connected at a 90-degree angle to make up a corner.


8. Gabion Wire Fence

The design of this gabion with fence on top features short gabion cages with a metal wire mesh installed above them. Notice that the black metal posts are partially embedded within the gabion. This creates a very sturdy fence. This type of design is light and versatile but retains the texture of gabion baskets and, more importantly, structural durability. You may also be surprised to learn that this is quite an affordable way of including gabions in your landscape, particularly if you opt for cost-effective materials and a simple border made from paving stones.


9. Gabion Fence with Wood

Stone and wood are both organic materials, which already makes them desirable for modern architecture enthusiasts. Combining these two is a winning plan. To my mind, nothing compares to the contrast of cool stone with warm wood, whether you choose to add wooden panels as an accent or as a fundamental part of your fence design. I just love how this gabion foundation and its pillars gently complement the natural beauty of the wooden slats, balancing the harmony of nature.

In this design, a gabion and wood fence rests on top of a retaining wall, adding privacy and enhancing the home’s aesthetic by blending textures. The gorgeous flower beds complete the look, transforming what might have been an otherwise stoic gabion-only fence into a warm and welcoming space.


10. Decorative Gabion Fence

This short decorative gabion fence is created with custom-made cages that include curvy tops. This adds character and gives you room to play with your design. I love how the alternating wooden slats in this setup feel like a playful take on the traditional picket fence yet somehow also lend a modern touch to the conventional style. You can add a variety of textures by building a concrete (and pebble) foundation on top of cement pavement. This idea also helps to emphasize the greenery in your garden.

Do you want a unique take on fence decoration? Why not use gabion panels as aesthetic touches in their own right? Simple panels are light, interesting, and great for airflow. They also work great for growing living walls or creeping vines or, alternatively, for mounting other elements like lighting or a water feature.


11. Privacy Wall

For privacy with flair, consider a gabion retaining wall for your patio. In this design, we can see first-hand how well it complements the slate stone and pebble floors. It’s nice to look at and is super low-maintenance. Personally, I feel that gabions make for great garden centerpieces without being distracting.


12. Gabion Fences with Living Walls

I love the idea of blending modern architecture with nature, and this is the perfect example of how to combine a gabion fence with a gorgeous living wall. While gabions play a significant role in maintaining the structure of this fence, they also provide the foundation for eye-catching landscaping with common junipers.

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