9 Inexpensive DIY Headboard Ideas

We have collected a ton of inexpensive DIY headboard ideas for you to choose from for a simple bedroom makeover. Whether you want to try your hand at amateur carpentry or decide to weave together a rainbow of yarn, the effect on your bedroom decor is sure to be dramatic. The various DIY tutorials we discovered will show you easy ways to make an affordable headboard. Thanks to these excellent guides and tips, you’ll be able to use your savings to splurge elsewhere if you feel like it!

9 Inexpensive DIY Headboard Ideas

Read on for our nine favorite ideas to learn how to make a headboard that is both easy and cheap.

1. Farmstyle Ideas

Inexpensive DIY Farmhouse Headboard Ideas

This tall headboard is definitely the focal point of the wall. We love that it reaches higher up than many headboards, making it look like a piece of art itself. Check out Fresh Crush for step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to complete this project. A YouTube video is also included to make each step extra easy to follow, and there is a list of supplies to recreate it yourself. The wooden planks used for the headboard are reclaimed Redwood and Red Cedar from Stikwood. Each plank is unique and has different colors and textures which make the headboard one of a kind. This one is also finished with a stain but you can adapt it to your preference. The final effect is modern with a rustic touch, and will definitely be a long-lasting piece.

If you’re inspired by farmhouse decor, check out our top 10 DIY Farmhouse Headboard Ideas for a fun project to put a new spin on your bedroom.

2. Unique Ideas

Cheap DIY bamboo headboard

This is such a fun idea for a simple but splashy look that is a twist on the usual. If you want a quirky design instead of a standard headboard, then this is the project for you. This DIY video shows exactly how to make a bohemian style headboard from items found at the dollar store. Bamboo fence pieces are tied together with twine and hot glue. You can even get creative and veer off from the original design now that you know how to put everything together. It’s also super easy to display, just hang it on a couple of nails. Since it is so light it won’t require much reinforcement which makes it a great option for dorms or rentals.

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3. Upholstered Ideas

Affordable DIY upholstered headboard

This upholstered headboard by Lovely Etc is a great low-cost option that can be entirely personalized. This one has a verse from the Bible but you can make it your own or stick to a solid color or design. The guide gives measurements for a queen or king-sized bed, explaining from start to finish how to make your own version. Using pegboard or plywood, fabric,  a mattress topper, batting, some paint pens and staples, you too can build your ideal headboard. There are even some great ideas for cheap fabric options to make this personalized headboard the perfect thrifty addition to your bedroom. Sweet dreams!

If you’re looking for more cushiony ideas for a personalized headboard project, see our favorite DIY Upholstered Headboard Ideas.

4. Tufted Ideas

Inexpensive DIY tufted headboard ideas

This magnificent diamond-tufted design only cost $44 to build! What a relief because purchasing a tufted headboard can often put a big dent in your budget. Thankfully you can get the glam look for less by following the tutorial by Home Made By Carmona. It is an extremely comprehensive guide for making a tufted headboard and even includes links to order supplies online. Fabric, button cover kits and a mattress cover were purchased, and others were salvaged such as the headboard frame, boards and buttons. Add some twine and glue and you are set to make your own version. A solid color is nice because the diamond design pops out, but a simple pattern could also add a nice effect.

If you’re looking for more inspiration to glam up your bedroom, see our DIY Tufted Headboard Ideas for some great options.

5. Herringbone Ideas

Cheap DIY Herringbone Headboard Plan

This elegant and impressive headboard was made as part of a master bedroom renovation on The Weekender Makeover Series in partnership with Lowe’s Home Improvement. The video shows the process they went through to design and build a bed that has a powerful effect on a large room. Too much space might not always be a problem but if you want an inexpensive idea to make your large bedroom cozier with a central point, look no further! The dark wood contrasts nicely with the forest green walls for a woodsy vibe. Find the pictures and video at East Coast Creative.

If you’re ready to add some geometric details to your bedroom, check out our DIY Herringbone Headboard Plans.

6. Wood Slats Headboard Ideas

DIY inexpensive slatted wood headboard

Basic tools and simple supplies came together in this easy and cheap headboard idea by Campbell House. The minimalist design is the perfect project to tackle over the weekend. This one uses pine boards for the slatted look and incorporates floating nightstands to make it extra functional. The light color and gaps in the headboard keep the overall style soft and airy. If your decor is a bit darker, feel free to choose darker wood or stain what you have for a better match. Follow the simple steps, pictures and videos to make your own in no time.

If you’re ready to make your own version, see our top choices for Slatted Headboard DIY Ideas and Plans.

7. Storage Ideas

Affordable DIY shelf headboard

This basic but effective design by Build Something is a great option for hassle-free storage. Either repurpose an old bookshelf or check out the step-by-step guide that includes lists of materials, tools, parts to cut, and drawings of the plan. This model can be adapted for a totally different look depending on the wood and finish you choose. If you have a neutral tone room you can paint the shelves in a bright color for contrast. If there is already a lot going on with the rest of your decor, keep it simple with natural wood. We love how accessories are displayed on the shelves above to add some style to a simple storage unit.

Choose from our favorite DIY Headboards with Storage Plans to make a functional and attractive headboard in no time.

8. Woven Ideas

Inexpensive woven rope headboard

Better Homes and Gardens has an awesome plan for making this creative headboard using rope and pipes! The woven rope design adds a nice country feel to the bedroom. It is a fun DIY project for anyone looking for an original addition to their bedroom. The natural rope tone pairs well with other colors which makes it a classic and neutral choice for a headboard. A list of materials and step-by-step instructions with photos make this affordable headboard a great idea for anyone looking for a new design for their bedroom.

If you’re ready to get weaving, see our complete list of Woven Headboard DIY ideas to give your bedroom a simple makeover.

9. Barn Door Ideas

On a budget DIY barn door headboard ideas

These stunning barn doors were created with love by Little Yellow Wheel Barrow as part of a complete bedroom makeover. The total cost for this project was around $50 and the frame can be built over the course of a weekend without any electrical tools. The incredibly detailed tutorial for a queen-size bed includes instructions on how to first make your own barn doors using boards and some screws. Choose the finish you prefer, whether you stain it dark, sand it for a rustic look or paint it. Once your doors are ready, follow the guide to assemble them into a headboard. To make it even simpler, the tutorial comes with drawings, cut-to sizes, images and more.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to try our hands at a Barn Door Headboards DIY project from our list of favorites.

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