10 Best DIY Tufted Headboard Ideas

If you’re looking to up the glam factor in your bedroom without breaking the bank, then look no further than a tufted headboard DIY project. While tufted styles are often expensive to purchase, they can be made at home without the need of an expert. Even better, they can be completely personalized so you have the headboard of your dreams.

We have collected our ten favorite DIY tufted headboard ideas to give you some inspiration for your own project. Whether you want something classic, elegant, luxurious or totally quirky, we have an idea for you. Most of the tutorials are incredibly comprehensive and walk you through each step. All of the projects can be modified depending on the size of your bed, just make sure to measure well!

10 DIY Ideas

DIY Tufted Headboard Ideas

Did you know that tufted upholstery can be created using several techniques? Diamond, Biscuit, Blind and Channel are some of the most common. The process of tufting comes from the Victorian era when it was used to symbolize wealth. Ever since it has evolved into a versatile and practical technique for creating long-lasting upholstered furniture.

1. Velvet King Size

velvet tufted diy headboard
This gorgeous blue velvet headboard comes from Place Of My Taste and features step-by-step instructions with detailed pictures the whole way through. You will need a partner for this DIY project as a second pair of hands is required for many of the steps. Especially if you have to carry it if you happen to assemble it on a different floor of the house as this couple did!

This tufted plan costs around $230 to build and the tutorial includes a list of all materials, supplies and dimensions for a king-size bed,  so you can easily recreate it for your bedroom. This headboard was attached to the wall but depending on the design of your bed you might want to attach it directly to the bed. A rainbow of color options is available to you but we think this royal blue definitely adds a touch of glamour!

2. Diamond Design

diamond tufted diy headboard
This magnificent diamond-tufted design only cost $44 to build! The tutorial from Home Made By Carmona is one of the most comprehensive guides you can find for making a headboard and even includes links to order supplies online. There are also tips to upcycle any extra material you might have lying around.

This exquisite idea is perfect for anyone who’s been dreaming of a tufted headboard but has been held back by costs. The fabric-covered buttons add an elegant touch and the color is classic. The neutral gray tone complements brighter cushions and makes the perfect base, but feel free to explore because there is a rainbow of possibilities!

3. Channel Design

channel tufted diy headboard

Stylist, author and television host Emily Henderson assembled this vintage-inspired channel-tufted headboard. Her well-documented tutorial includes images for each stage and links to all the supplies required. Though it may look like a lot of work, the project is only a few steps and is quite easy to complete. If you’re looking to add a retro feeling to your bedroom space, consider this quirky idea for your home. We love that this headboard is full-size and takes over the wall, what a cool look!

Below is an alternate version, inspired by Emily’s original design, from the soon going defunct designsponge.com blog. This version’s step-by-step guide features just enough description to easily follow it to completion with some twists on the original ideas. We can’t decide if we prefer a solid color or a patterned design, what do you think?

tufted channel headboard diy

4. Pool Noodles

diy tufted arch headboard

Margaret Wright shares an awesome tutorial on Domino to make your own channel design tufted arch headboard with a secret material you might not have used in some time… pool noodles! Yes, this sleek retro piece is made using a pool accessory, a totally quirky twist we love. Once it’s covered in velvet you wouldn’t know and it surely makes a cushiony surface for your DIY headboard.

The guide is well detailed and includes a list of supplies, tools and pictures to help you recreate the look. We like this oversized tufted headboard but you can make it smaller if you want a subtler look. The whole design costs around $300 and it is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind!

5. Easy Step-by-Step

tall tufted headboard diy

This smart idea for a DIY project uses pegboard to make the spacing of tufted buttons super easy. Even better, it doesn’t require any sewing! From the genius minds behind Hey There Home, this fabric design looks high-end but is perfect for anyone on a budget. It’s a quick project that can be completed in an afternoon so get started now and you’ll have a fresh headboard by bedtime.

The post includes a supply list and step-by-step instructions for assembly so you can easily make your own polished version. It’s easy to hang using mirror hangers so you don’t have to use extra tools. You can adapt the size if you prefer a shorter or taller headboard but we think the full size pictured above looks great. Count us in for this simple and stylish DIY idea!

6. Fancy Design

fancy tufted headboard diy

white diy tufted headboard for a pink bedroom
This luxurious-looking headboard can be found at The Sorry Girls and includes a picture guide to inspire your own project. To make tufting simple, they used extra long screws with washers on the end to prevent the foam from pushing up past the top of the screw. The tutorial is basic and easy to follow, containing just enough direction for replication. We love the glamorous look that the tall curved design adds to the room’s decor. The full-size headboard could work well on both a queen and a king bed. It’s certainly fitting for royalty!

7. Wingback Design

wingback tufted diy headboard

Dorsey Designs guides you through this unique winged headboard idea. It might not be the ideal project for a complete DIY beginner but the results are definitely stunning. We love the cozy feel of the curved edges and the soft pastel color is a perfect match. The tutorial is really well explained so if you’re up for the challenge, every step is described. Dozens of pictures, diagrams, and a materials and tools list help make this project feasible. So pick a color for the fabric, gather your supplies and get started on this showstopper idea!

8. Vertical

vertical tufted diy headboard

This glamorous headboard is part of a master bedroom makeover by Jeweled Interiors. The project is well cataloged with pictures and instructions at each step. The velvet fabric adds the perfect luxurious touch but you can get creative with the material or pattern that suits your desire! We love the curved winged side detail but it would also look great flat against the wall. The vertical design is a fun twist and adds a geometrical element to the decor. This velvet tufted DIY headboard is the perfect balance of cozy and chic and we can’t wait to try it out!

9. Easy Tutorial

easy diy tufted headboard

The Thrifty Decor Chick shares a great plan to make your very own tufted headboard. Our favorite part is the big selection of ideas she provides for the design and shape of the headboard. We like the curved detail on the one pictured above but check out the blog for plenty of inspiration!

This is an easy DIY project with a ton of guidance for you to recreate at home. Supplies and tools are listed along with links to order everything at your convenience. This light gray is a nice neutral tone in this bedroom decor but we can imagine it looking really nice in a variety of colors or patterns. On the blog, you can even see the nailhead trimming on the side which adds a cool effect. The whole project came out to less than $100 which is quite impressive when you look at the final effect!

10. Oversized

oversized diy tufted headboard

Jennifer from Chic Misfits was eager to build a grand headboard for her bedroom and she definitely succeeded with this oversized beauty! We love the large style, though it might not work in crowded spaces. If you can fit it in, it will immediately become an eye-catching focal point in your room.

Jennifer provides a detailed list of supplies and tools required as well as a list of prices so you can have an idea of your budget. Measurements are made for a queen-size bed but you can adapt it for a king-size if needed. Everything from preparing and assembling the piece, tufting, and making sure the large object is safely secured are all detailed. So get inspired and go shopping for materials to complete your own DIY tufted headboard!


11. Tufted Wall Panel Headboard

Tufted velvet headboard

What a gorgeous velvet tufted headboard, seen on Etsy! This headboard will fit right into your room, and it can be custom designed to accommodate the dimensions of the wall space behind your bed. It’s a simple option to create a completely new look in your bedroom without the hassle of renovations. The installation is super straightforward and you can choose personalized fabrics and colors to make the design your very own. The materials are easy to clean so upkeep won’t require much effort. What color will you pick for your updated bedroom decor?

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