10 Best DIY Herringbone Headboard Plans

A herringbone pattern headboard is an ultimate way to give your room a makeover without having to redecorate. The geometric diagonal design adds an element of depth and pattern to any bedroom interior. Combine that with different types and tones of wood and the options are endless.

We’ve chosen a number of DIY herringbone headboard plans and tutorials to inspire you to get started with your very own. From stained wood, to distressed or painted, there are plenty of styles for every taste. No matter what you choose, these herringbone headboard ideas will give your room a new look. So read on to get started with your next DIY project!

10 Beautiful Herringbone Headboard Patterns and Plans

Herringbone headboard plans and ideas

Herringbone is a really lovely pattern, and we’ll be making one ourselves. My favorite design is the one shown below. It would be a perfect choice for a farmhouse style home decor. The entire color palette in this bedroom is awesome. I never thought greyish blue with light brown can look so fresh.

1. Multi-tone Wood Plan

multitone wood herringbone headboard diy plan
I Spy DIY was inspired to make this gorgeous headboard after seeing a similar multi-tone design on a wall in NYC. It only took five hours plus some time for the glue to dry for her to cut, stain, glue, and frame the entire headboard. Even better, the supplies added up to $150 which is far less than you’d pay for this gorgeous design in a store.

A list of materials, tools, measurements for a queen bed and plenty of photos make this plan totally doable. If you’re ready to make a herringbone headboard that will steal the spotlight and can be made in no time, then follow along!

2. Pallet Wood Design

pallet wood herringbone headboard plan
Six Clever Sisters blog is responsible for providing this brilliant pallet wood headboard idea. Using old cedar from a dismantled church fence, this unique plan comes with a step-by-step building guide that includes images for each stage. It is a quick project that doesn’t take much time to assemble. The herringbone pattern adds a decorative flair that is suitable for all tastes.

Those darker square spots you see on the wood are the locations where the fence planks were nailed to the posts, so they have weathered differently. This naturally occurring coloration is exactly what makes this design so unique and attractive.

3. Chevron Pattern Plan in Reclaimed Wood

Chevron pattern headboard diy plan

When Jen Woodhouse saw the inspiration for this project at West Elm, she loved the look but she didn’t love the price. So she came up with a comprehensive building plan to design the entire bed, not just the headboard. Thankfully she’s happy to share it!

Jen, a self-taught carpenter and DIY enthusiast, assembled this project for less than $200 (compare it to West Elm’s $1700 price tag here).  This specific version was created for her 4- year old daughter but this sophisticated design is perfect for any age. Jen’s plan is available for a small fee here.

4. Step-by-Step Plan

white wood herringbone headboard plan

white herringbone pattern headboard idea

This herringbone pattern headboard was designed and created by Abby and Joel of Sew Much Ado. The guide is well explained and includes pictures and a detailed plan, outlining measurements to correctly place the pattern for a king-sized bed.

The design is attached to a plywood backing where the legs are fastened. Then they used a dark walnut stain so the darkness would show through after it was distressed. In this version, six coats of paint were used but you can adapt to suit your style preferences. This is a great DIY project that can be quickly completed by two people.

5. Stained Idea

stained wood herringbone headboard idea

Eliesa from A Pinterest Addict made this cool herringbone headboard by staining regular pine boards. A full tutorial with a list of materials and tools needed is provided so that you can recreate your own look. Elisa says that the spacing of the colors was the hardest part because she wanted to avoid a rigid pattern and also didn’t want the same colors to touch. We think she did a great job and you can decide whether you want something more symmetrical or random when making your own version.

The edges were all sawed straight, a coat of polycrylic was used, and the headboard was sanded for a slightly distressed look. Some of these steps can be optional depending on the style you are going for. This look was made for her teenage son and we like the dark and handsome effect it gives the decor. What do you think?

6. Wood Shims Design

cheap herringbone headboard idea

This eclectic herringbone pattern headboard was made with super cheap wood shims. You can find a list of materials and tools required for your own DIY attempt on ehow. The plan is flexible with measurements so you can decide just how tall you want your headboard to be. We love the oversized look pictured above because it takes over the wall without overwhelming the space.

The shims were stained with a mixed palette of colors to add to the textured effect of the herringbone design. We love this look because it can fit in with a patterned bedspread or stand out against neutral tones. The versatile style is the perfect homemade idea for fresh new bedroom decor.

7. Elegant Idea

thick herringbone pattern headboard design

Too much space usually isn’t a problem but it became the source of inspiration for this stunning central piece headboard in the bedroom makeover detailed on the East Coast Creative Blog. The dark wood and thick herringbone pattern design are imposing but still elegant. A short video for Lowe’s The Weekender series explains how the idea came about and what was done to create it. While it might not be the ideal style for a tiny bedroom, it definitely fills up a large room with its striking style.

8. Headboard Plan with Lights

wood herringbone headboard plan with lights

This beautiful design is shared on the Joyfully Growing Blog. It’s actually more of an accent wall and the biggest surprise is that it belongs inside an RV! This is definitely a super original idea for a mobile home and we love it. Nothing makes the place feel cozier than a golden herringbone wood wall. Even more so, the vintage brass sconces add a cool contrast to the wood and make it extra functional. Materials, tools and instructions to recreate your own accent wall or oversized headboard are provided. We’d downsize to live in this RV!

9. Pine Wood Design

pine herringbone headboard plan

I Heart Organizing shares a step-by-step building guide to make your own wooden herringbone headboard. We love this design idea and it definitely looks like it will pass the test of time. The classy handcrafted design really stands out. The look against the dark wall is incredibly refined, all you need is a single bright cushion to bring the whole look together.

This DIY plan is a bit time-consuming due to the precise measurements and cuts, but the final result is worth the effort. Be careful, you might need to start making a headboard for everyone who sets their eyes on it!

10. Framed Design

framed herringbone diy headboard idea

This headboard initially had an upholstered leather center. The folks at Copper Dot Interiors decided to fill in the center with an attractive wooden herringbone design. The pieces of wood were accidentally different sizes but the mistake added some depth and turned out to be a plus. There were a few twists in the road to creating this DIY plan which is helpful to know so you see what works and what won’t. The final result is stunning and well worth the effort! We love the black frame against the light wood. It adds a streamlined look to the design without taking over.


11. Tribal Design

Tribal design herringbone headboard

What a hip tribal-inspired headboard design on Etsy! A handcrafted pattern is created in sturdy wood for a beautiful piece that will stand the test of time. The pattern is carefully designed, with each piece perfectly cut and sanded smooth. The final look is creative, artistic, and adds a striking effect to the bedroom design. With such an impressive headboard, the rest of the decoration can remain simple and neutral to really let it stand out. We love the unique characteristics of the knots in the wood, making each headboard special and original.

12. Natural Rustic Chevron Design

chevron design herringbone headboard

knotty wood herringbone headboard

This herringbone style headboard on Etsy is made with all-natural organic wood. The beautiful wood and the many unique knots highlight the beauty of nature, which is ever-present in the way this headboard is made. Not only are the materials sustainable and local, but each piece remains untreated to maintain the allure of the outdoors. The look is neutral yet it adds a ton of charm to the overall bedroom decor. With this headboard made from raw organic materials, you can enjoy nature every single night in the warmth of your own bed.

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