10 Best Slatted Headboard DIY Ideas and Plans

We’ve scoured the web to find the best slatted headboard ideas and plans to create your own DIY version! With building plans for different types of wood, sizing and spacing of slats, and the direction of your boards, you will have plenty of inspiration to get started on your own headboard. Most of these DIY designs keep costs low and are cheap to make with basic tools. You can choose a simple style and personalize it by staining the wood or keep things natural for a timeless look. A slatted headboard adds a unique twist to your decor without overpowering other elements. So read on to see our ten favorite ideas on how to make one!

10 Wooden Slat Headboard DIY Plans to Beautify Your Bedroom

Slatted headboard ideas and plans

Note: most of these plans and ideas are intended to be built on a budget so the materials used are often some scrap lumber. But nothing stops you from upgrading them to a higher-grade wood. Many of the designs here are so universal that they can be easily adjusted for any size bed and for any type of wood.

1. 70$ Maple Wood Plan

$70 DIY Slatted Headboard Idea

bedroom with wooden slat headboard design
This is not your mother’s headboard! This Maple wood plan created by Vintage Revivals is a chic and modern piece that is eye-catching and completely functional. This clever design was created to allow light to enter the room in between the slats so you can take advantage of the morning sun. It is still sturdy enough for you to lean against without having to worry about it coming off the wall. The complete DIY tutorial features many beautiful images and clear instructions to create the slatted pattern. Give this creative project a try if you’d like to add some dimension to your bedroom!

2. DIY Wood Plan

easy diy wooden slat headboard plan
As with most of the headboards featured here, this is another addition that is more affordable to build than to buy. This dainty design, put together by Caitlin and Amanda of The Merry Thought adds a delicate touch to any bedroom decor. The inventive pair brought this idea to life by using furring strips and filmed a video with step-by-step directions for assembly. There is also a list of materials and tools needed to put it together, so grab your partner and a toolbox and get busy! We love the addition of plants to bring some color to this neutral-toned room.

3. Geometric Design

slatted wood headboard plan

unusual slat layout

This tutorial by Jenni from the I Spy DIY blog was made using Door and Window Casing Molding from Home Depot (the white trim boards that you commonly see around your windows and doors). She used a miter saw to make the cuts and assembled the pieces easily from there. Her polished tutorial features beautiful, high-quality images and step-by-step instructions, as well as links to all material sources. This clever idea was designed for a king-size bed and will certainly add a decorative punch to your bedroom space.

4. Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian wooden slat headboard idea

Scandinavian decor is known for its simple minimalist and functional style. It sounds perfect if you ask us! Sarah from My Scandinavian Home put together a creative hack using two wooden IKEA Mandal Headboards to make this oversize version. Sarah found hers on Craigslist but you can get crafty and repurpose old headboards or purchase some used or new ones to make your own. We love how the slats are lined up closely to make a pinstriped look. The vertical slats holding it all together add a cool geometric effect to the style. Not to mention the slats are probably great to use as simple makeshift hooks for light items such as a necklace!

5. Plan With Floating Shelves

diy slatted headboard with shelves

With a material list of five items and four tools, you too can create your own version of this classy and practical design. Through step-by-step instructions and photos that make it extra easy to follow, the folks at Campbell House sure know how to motivate you to get started on your own DIY slatted headboard. We love the useful detail of the added nightstands, and the floating effect not only looks cool but keeps the floor clear. The open slats complement the airy decor of the room, making it feel light with nothing weighing it down.

6. Ceiling Design

slatted wooden headboard and ceiling

What a cool idea by Reside Design! Why stop at a bed when you can create a slatted look up to your ceiling? We love how the slats are layered behind a simple white headboard to create a dimensional effect that pops. The integrated lamps make the slatted wall not only aesthetically pleasing but also super practical! Stick with the theme by decorating with a striped bedspread and blanket. This shows a single bed but we can only imagine how stunning the effect would be with a king-sized bed!

7. Canopy Idea

canopy bed diy slatted headboard

Crafted by the Hunts walks you through seven easy steps to recreate this gorgeous DIY idea. To add even more of a show-stopping effect to the bedroom, this headboard is integrated into a canopy bed! There are detailed instructions on how to attach it to both a canopy and a regular bed. If you have a standard bed frame, no worries because this diagonal design will surely add some oomph to your room! The tutorial includes plenty of photos, tips, and a free woodworking plan to make this DIY project easy to repeat. Whether you choose to stain your wood or keep it natural, the final result will be worth the work!

8. Easy Design

easy diy wooden slat headboard design

Kellie from K.B. Design decided to refresh and redecorate her master bedroom in one week with a total budget of $300! This stylish wooden slat headboard was part of the whole budget and took her just a moment to complete. She used basic boards from Home Depot and got to work sanding and staining them. The uneven look adds a cool element of texture and depth but you can also stick to a solid stain if you prefer. She finished it up by nailing the slats directly into the wall to make the headboard a solid fixture. We love that she chose to place them vertically. With the shelf overhead and the pendant lights, the overall look makes us want to rush to Home Depot and get started with our own DIY project!

9. Wide Slats

wide diy slatted headboard

Crafty Lumberjacks went with a DIY slatted headboard design but used wider boards to create a unique look. We love the style of the pinewood boards from Home Depot, and a subtle stain really makes them pop. The whole project is detailed through a short video for HGTV Handmade. The measurements for the cuts are made for a queen-sized bed but can be easily modified depending on your bed. This design is a cool cross between a solid wood style and thinner slats and we love it!

10. Simple Minimalist

simple slatted headboard diy plan

This Minimal House shares a super easy guide on how to make a slatted headboard over the weekend. All you need is plywood and some basic tools to complete this DIY design for your bedroom. The final look is sleek and modern, but the natural wood keeps it from feeling stark. Feel free to get creative and paint your wood if you prefer a colorful addition to your room. A king-sized bed frame is used in the plan but it details any necessary modifications for other bed sizes and gives you plenty of options to adapt this idea to your liking.


11. Natural Solid Wood

solid wood slatted headboard

We love this slatted natural headboard on Etsy, handmade from premium solid wood. The quality is visibly high, and the look is sophisticated yet fun. The finishes are customizable and all materials are sustainable and sourced locally. This headboard is truly a piece crafted with care and precision that will be a timeless addition to enhance your bedroom.

solid wood slatted bedframe and headboard

If you can’t get enough of the style and are looking for a true showpiece, the entire bed frame can also be found on Etsy. With such quality materials including aged cedar planks, it’s really just a matter of getting rid of your old frame and setting this one up. For a slatted look that incorporates a touch of rustic charm with modern clean lines, the search stops here.

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