11 Best DIY Upholstered Headboard Ideas

We’ve collected our top ten favorite upholstered headboard ideas for a DIY project you can do at home. An upholstered headboard adds a cozy feel to any bedroom while being incredibly stylish and versatile. Though they are often expensive to purchase, they can easily be made on a budget at home.

11 Ideas and Plans

DIY upholstered headboard ideas

Many of the designs we share can be made within a few hours so you can get started today to give your room a total makeover! With the help of plans, step-by-step photos and instructions, materials and tool lists, and plenty of inspiration, you can try your hand at one of these easy headboards for new bedroom decor in no time!

1. Upholstered Headboard with Wood Frame

DIY upholstered headboard idea with wood frame

Build this glamorous wood headboard with velvet tufted upholstered center using the amazing tutorial from The Craft Patch Blog. The complete DIY guide includes a list of materials, tools, cuts, and even a video tutorial to see everything step-by-step. The detailed photos show how to cut, assemble, stain and upholster this headboard so you can easily recreate it at home. This classic style is a timeless addition to a bedroom and is suitable for most design tastes. We love how the upholstered velvet headboard adds a luxurious quality to the decor and matches the wood frame for a soft and cozy look.

2. Hanging Wall Cushions

Easy upholstered headboard idea with hanging cushions

This hotel-inspired DIY idea is beautiful and can be easily assembled in an afternoon. The detailed step-by-step tutorial from One Kings Lane features incredible pictures for the entire project. This upholstered piece is a classic design that is perfect for any bedroom and can be adjusted to fit all bed sizes. This is a perfect project for beginners due to its simplistic nature and easy to follow directions. Choose neutral-colored cushions for a subtle touch, or pick a stylish pattern for a vibrant addition. You could even choose three smaller pillows for a variation on the look!

3. Wall Hanging Pillow Headboard

Easy DIY upholstered headboard ideas with hanging pillows

This cozy headboard idea comes from Sarah Sherman Samuel and was designed for a small space in her cottage. The step-by-step picture guide includes detailed descriptions for each stage and you can read the comments on the source page for extra details about some of the steps. The instructions also include a list of all the materials required so you can easily get started on your own version. This project features denim floor cushions for a laid-back feel, but you could substitute them with lace or velvet pillows for a more sophisticated or retro look. We love how the wooden bar at the top adds a streamlined look to the cushiony headboard.

4. Brass Nailhead Trim Idea

Nailhead trim upholstered headboard idea

This affordable and easy idea for a DIY upholstered headboard is a creative take on a classic design. The DIY tutorial includes step-by-step pictorial instructions and a full list of materials and tools for a queen-size bed. So be sure to use different measurements if you have a king-size bed. We’re thankful that Cuckoo 4 Design even included a link to the brass upholstery nails because we didn’t even know they existed! We love the idea of using brass upholstery nails for the finish as opposed to a nailhead trim kit, it makes for a truly one-of-a-kind piece. The pastel fabric used in this design is perfect for a softer look but choose what you like best, the options for fabric are endless.

5. Simple Monogram Design

DIY monogram headboard idea

Talk about the personalized decor! Thanks to A Little Craft in Your Day you can monogram more than just your towels. This decorative monogrammed headboard is completely customizable and surprisingly simple to create. The step-by-step guide can be found on the website above, as well as in video format on YouTube. You will find the instructions for both the board and the monogram, how fun! Get creative with colors and fonts to make the monogram especially eye-catching. Choose a patterned fabric for your DIY headboard or go for a solid color and let your monogrammed letters be the focal point.

6. Ace Hotel Inspired Idea

Queen-size bed easy DIY upholstered headboard plan

This pillowy design was inspired by the Ace Hotel chain and built by The Fresh Exchange using army canvas. The soft DIY headboard is an inviting touch for your guest bedroom, or for your own room once you see the final effect! The tutorial is wonderful, nicely illustrated, and easy to follow making it a relatively simple addition to any bedroom space. The plan is made for a queen-size bed but just modify the measurements according to the size of your bed. Using a simple fabric for the headboard lets you unleash your creativity with fun pillows and accessories!

7. Curved Upholstered Headboard Plan

Curved upholstered headboard DIY plan

Lovely Etc walks you through a step-by-step plan to make your own curved headboard with basic materials. This inexpensive and totally personalized design is perfect to add your own flair to your bedroom. Using plywood, a mattress topper, some batting, fabric, staples and most importantly fabric markers, you can get started on this easy DIY project now. The measurements are provided for a queen and king-sized bed and photos at each step make it really easy to follow. This headboard displays a verse from the Bible but you can choose whatever inspires you to get a good night of sleep!

8. DIY Faux Leather Upholstered Headboard

DIY faux leather upholstered headboard plan

HGTV walks you through a super easy faux leather upholstered headboard idea that will add an edgy touch to your bedroom decor. Using simple tools and materials, you can finish this DIY project in less than a day! Faux leather keeps costs low and leaves you with plenty of options of colors and textures. We love this dark tan look for a timeless classic style that brings the whole room together. Black would look great in a darker room, or cream could work really well if you want something subtle to complement vibrant textiles. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to look cool.

9. Statement Design

Large upholstered DIY headboard design

What about adding some wow factor with this oversized patterned upholstered headboard idea by HGTV? This splashy look makes your bed the focal point of the room and eliminates the need to hang art on the wall! We love this stylish pattern but can also imagine it looking stunning with a solid color against a brightly painted wall. This is an adaptable look that can be subtle or the center of attention depending on the fabric you choose. Not to mention this will definitely be very comfortable for those moments when you are propped up in bed with a book and some tea. The detailed tutorial is explained well and includes plenty of pictures to make it easy to recreate the look at home.

10. Wingback Style Headboard Plan

Wingback upholstered headboard idea

Wow! We love the regal feel of this gorgeous upholstered wingback style headboard. The coral color totally pops and makes a great base for patterned accessories. Dorsey Designs walks you through the DIY project with carefully drawn plans for a queen-sized frame, though you can modify it if you have a different-sized bed. There are pictures for every step and a list of all the materials and tools used so you can complete this look at home. This is a great idea if you want to add a whole new element of style to your bedroom without having to change all the furniture.


11. Leather Upholstered

DIY leather upholstered headboard idea


A leather headboard is such a glam look yet it has a natural feel to it that fits in well with all sorts of decors. Clean lines and distinct seams add a classic touch, while brass accents add an edgy vibe to the style. Choose an oversized model for an extra wow factor. The look can also be subdued, such as the one below which fits into the neutral decor seamlessly.

With such a statement piece, the rest of the look can be low-key without requiring plenty of accessorizing.  If you’re going for a natural tan leather look, complete your bedroom design with creamy colors and soft earthy accents. While you’re at it, bring nature inside with a large plant to complete this timeless decor.

Leather upholstered headboard from Etsy


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