10 Best Woven Headboard DIY Ideas

We present our ten favorite ideas on how to make a DIY woven headboard. Whether you want something soft and wooly or edgy and rigid, there is a design outlined for you. Woven headboards might be a longer project if you choose to make your own macrame pattern. However, there are plenty of options that are quick and easy so that you can create your own unique design, even within minutes! So read on to choose the idea for your bedroom makeover.

10 Woven Headboards to Make on a Budget

Woven Headboard DIY Ideas

Talented people often come up with some ideas that you could never think about until you actually see them. This is the case with the woven pieces. During our research, we’ve learned that you can make a woven headboard from the following materials.

  1. Yarn
  2. Leather
  3. Blinds
  4. Wood
  5. Macrame
  6. Rope
  7. Hemp

Pretty much anything that you can weave can be made into a headboard. How creative is that! Let’s get to building one.

1. Yarn Headboard Idea

woven yarn headboard

This bold statement piece is shockingly easy to create and only takes about 2 hours to put together. To make this headboard, replace a loom with a strategically cut length of a latch-hook canvas. The detailed instructions on the Etsy Blog include pictures for every step, making it easy to recreate a similar design of your own. Opt for extra-bulky yarn or airy wool roving for a fast and forgivable freeform design. We love the coziness this adds to a bedroom and you can customize it to any palette for a fun pop of color!

2. Woven Leather Headboard DIY

woven leather DIY headboard

This unique leather woven headboard is durable and inexpensive to create. The tutorial from Handmade Haven comes complete with detailed images for each step and a list of tools and materials. Also very useful is a dimensional drawing that can be adjusted to fit any bed size (the one featured here is a queen). For only $80 this inexpensive project is a brilliant idea for the nimble-fingered weaver. The leather adds an edge to the bedroom decor while leaving place for plenty of patterns on the carpet and cushions.

3. Faux Leather

woven faux leather headboard

Another cool tutorial from The Sorry Girls – a faux leather woven headboard. This is perfect if you can’t fit leather into your budget, or if you want an option that is animal-free. This is a very easy guide to follow and a great DIY project to complete. All you need are some pine planks, faux leather fabric, wood glue and a stapler. This is something you can finish in one day so that you can enjoy your new fantastic bed on the same evening. Choose a bright color for contrast or stick to neutrals for a subtler look. We love that the guide comes with awesome pictures for every step.

4. Idea with Lamps and Upcycled Vertical Blinds

large checkered DIY headboard with built in lamps

Do you have any old, ugly vertical blinds lying around? According to Jessica at Mad in Crafts, they are the perfect material to make an oversized woven headboard for your bedroom. Similar woven items can cost over $700, but follow Jessica’s tutorial and it’ll cost you less than 1/10th of that. Basic steps include screwing together a wooden frame and stapling vertical blinds to it, before finally hanging it on the wall. Thanks to Jessica documenting every step of the way with detailed instructions, you’ll be able to follow and build it with ease. Add lamps to your extra-large headboard for a functional and standout look.

5. Woven Wood Headboard DIY

DIY woven wood headboard

It might look like expert handiwork but this elegant wooden design by Bob Vila can be made in a weekend. Once you build the frame, weave the pine boards between the gaps to mimic the interlaced design. Have fun choosing a color to stain your wood so that it matches your bedroom perfectly. You can also choose to vary the spacing between the wood for a different effect. We love how splashes of color from the bright wall behind pop out through the gaps.

5. Table Mats

DIY woven mats headboard

This is such a stunning design by Sarah Sherman Samuel. Instead of spending her crafting time weaving, she chose to make a headboard out of placemats. She used two rugs that ran the length of the bed head and completed them with three placemats on either side. A few tiny nails and some hammering and within five minutes you too can make this gorgeous woven headboard.

The effect feels like we are in a villa in Mexico but there are endless options to create your own paradise and unique style. Sarah used this idea for an impromptu guest room and noted she might alternate between using the placemats at the dinner table when necessary. Talk about multipurpose!

6. Macrame Idea

DIY macrame headboard

Find the instructional guide and video tutorial on Etsy to make your own macrame headboard. With the help of a pattern for a fee, you can learn how to weave the macrame itself. If you feel like being a little less crafty, buy a macrame hanging and repurpose it into a headboard. The wooden fixture holding the macrame adds a natural touch to your headboard. With such a beautiful woven headboard, you won’t need much else to complete the decor.

7. Wood Idea

Woven wood schim headboard DIY

Better Homes and Gardens has a step-by-step guide to show you how to make a woven headboard out of wood shims. This one is designed for a queen-size bed but you can modify it depending on the size of your bed. With a few basic tools and supplies (all of them listed in the plan), you can make your own version over the weekend. A video and photos help make each stage clear and easy to understand. Keep the wood in its natural tone or stain it for a different effect. Everyone will be asking you how they can make their own matching headboard!

8. DIY Woven Rope Headboard

DIY woven rope headboard

Better Homes and Gardens leads you through the process of making your own headboard out of rope and piping. With a few tools and simple materials, you can create your own DIY rope headboard in no time. We love the country look and natural tones of the rope. It’s the perfect backdrop for vibrant cushions, or keep the decor soft and subtle with neutral shades. Unlike a wooden headboard, you won’t have to worry about accidentally knocking your head!

9. Hemp Rug Idea

Woven hemp rug headboard

This DIY idea by House and Home is a great idea for a headboard that is immediately the center of attention. You can’t look away from this giant woven hemp rug. Hemp adds an earthy vibe that pairs nicely with the metallic detailing in this decor but pick your favorite material to fully personalize the look. We love the circular shape contrasted with the lines of the bed, but you can choose any rug that inspires you. Once you’ve found a rug, adjust it to your preferred positioning, nail it to the wall and let it be the star.

10. Graphic Design

DIY woven checkered headboard

House and Home shares a super simple plan to make a stylish graphic headboard with basic materials. Using cotton tape, some framing and hardware to hang it, your headboard will be ready in a jiffy. The instructions use measurements for a queen-sized bed so be sure to adjust the numbers if yours is a different size. This example uses a light pale color for a classic and timeless look. However, we can imagine a funky pattern with vibrant colors also looking good in the right context! What will you choose?

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