10 Best DIY Headboard with Storage Plans

We love functional ideas that double as a bedroom makeover, and a DIY headboard with storage is definitely at the top of our list. We have gathered our ten favorite storage plans and ideas.

10 Headboard Plans with Storage to Better Organize Your Bedroom

DIY Headboard with Storage Plans

Headboards that include storage are super useful to keep the items you need at easy access. Whether you choose a discreet and simple design or go for a plan that takes over the entire wall, there is an option for you. Besides building something that will give your bedroom a fresh look, you will also end up organizing the clutter along the way. Now that’s what we call a two-in-one deal! So get reading and pick which DIY tutorial you’ll follow.

1. Floating Storage Cubbies

Floating storage diy headboard

If you have one sheet of plywood and a few hours, Family Handyman has the perfect DIY plan for you. In a short ten steps and less than $100, you can build your own version of these floating storage cubbies too. The design is really great because it saves a lot of space on the floor yet you still have plenty of room to keep your nightly reading and accessories.

The maple wood used in this example looks great but it could also be stained or painted if you wanted to match it to the existing decor. The measurements for this design are provided but if you plan accordingly, you can also adapt the sizing. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be pleased to complete this two-in-one DIY headboard with a storage plan.

2. Clever and Discreet

Discreet headboard storage plan diy

Home DIT walks you through a few basic steps to complete this discreet headboard with storage quickly and easily. All you need are a few pieces of material and a bit of spare time to make your own DIY version. This is a great idea for smaller rooms because you can fit all of the essentials into the storage shelves without wasting precious floor or wall space. We love how everything remains tucked behind the headboard yet is super easy to access. If you choose to use this plan and forego night tables, you could use a clip-on lamp to have everything you need available within reach.

3. Bookshelves

Headboard with shelf storage idea
What a fantastic headboard DIY with a full storage plan on HGTV! This is definitely a lasting piece that is both incredibly useful and aesthetically pleasing. We love the many cubbies of storage available and the surfaces on both sides that double as night tables. The guided tutorial is extensive and walks you through all the materials and tools required. Once you have all the items lined up, a long list of cuts is provided to make it straightforward for you to recreate this DIY idea.

This is a good idea for large and small bedrooms. If you don’t have much space, this headboard can work as your bookshelf and you could even extend it higher to add more storage room. We could picture this looking really great in a large room if it was extended on either side too! We like how the interior of the cubbies is a different color than the borders. What colors will you choose?

4. Cabinets

Cabinet storage headboard diy plan

This idea by Family Handyman might not the part of the actual headboard but it is certainly the focal point. Installing cabinets immediately above a simple headboard makes it look like one large piece of furniture that is connected. Different types of wood and finishes can be used to make it one-of-a-kind. Various guidelines for installing cabinets are provided to ensure you complete this DIY project accident free! This is a great storage plan to keep bed linen or nightwear organized. The open shelf is the perfect spot to place quick access items or to add a bit of decoration to personalize your space.

5. Open Shelves

Open shelves diy headboard
Find the plan for this cool open concept headboard idea at Sports Mom Survival Guide. She shares some good tips about where to get good value supplies. We love the industrial style of this wood and metal shelving unit. The metal rods are actually plumbing pipes! Only one layer of staining was used on the wood but you can play around to match your bedroom decor. This particular unit was only attached at the top but depending on the wear it will get it could be a good idea to fix it to the ground as well. Using it to display trinkets and to store useful items makes it fun and multipurpose. This vintage sports theme is creative and perfect for a sports mom’s family but choose whatever style inspires you!

6. Upcycled Crates

Upcycled storage headboard plan
DIY Network guides you through ten steps to make this headboard with storage plan. By upcycling some basic thrift store finds, you too can create this gorgeous piece of furniture. It’s the perfect project for an intermediate skill level, inexpensive, and can be finished in about four hours! What more could you ask for? Not only does the DIY design look fantastic but it can actually store many items. The top shelf is the perfect spot to display a piece of art and the lamps on either side really make it the center of focus. We love the way the headboard also doubles as a cozy nook for you and your pillows.

7. Wooden Crates

Easy storage plan headboard

This wooden crate headboard is a super simple idea you can find on the Family Handyman blog. It requires almost no work once you get your hands on some crates. Then, a piece of plywood fixed across the width connects the stacks. Ideally, you should bolt it to a metal frame in order to ensure it is steady and supported. This is a great idea if you live somewhere where you can’t attach things to a wall. Be sure to add a few extra cushions for comfort. The design pictured above is kept very simple but you can get creative with staining and paint to make your own look. Garlands add a fun decorative flair and aren’t a permanent fixture.

8. Customizable Storage Shelf

DIY headboard with shelves

Follow the nine steps outlined by Build Something to recreate this simple and super adaptable storage plan headboard. This DIY project only requires seven parts and a few basic supplies. We love that it’s an easy option that won’t break the bank. Personalize the design by choosing different wood or painting it to fit with your decor. This simple but effective idea is a great option for displaying accessories or for storing all of your nighttime necessities. If you’re looking for something larger, you can modify the design to include an extra shelf.

9. Drawers

DIY bed with under-bed storage plan

While not exactly a headboard with storage, this king size bed boasts a footboard with drawers. We love the variation on the other designs we’ve shared. It’s a convenient way to integrate storage into your overall bed plan. Build Something even guides you through a tutorial to build the entire king size bed. An extensive list of materials, tools and instructions to complete this bed are provided. To make it easy to follow, photographs of each stage are included. Since the bed is made to be built in four parts, you can adapt the plan if you want to integrate it into a preexisting frame. This is definitely a show-stopper DIY project we’d love to try!

10. Cubes

Wooden cubbies storage idea

While there’s no tutorial for this headboard storage plan idea, the picture is pretty self-explanatory. Find uniform cube containers (or build them using the guide by Man Made DIY). Decide how many cubes you will need depending on the amount of space you have and the design you want to layout. This cute pyramid style is a fun look and leaves you with plenty of room for storage. You can keep the wood natural or stained, or paint it to match your bedroom decor. Whatever you choose it’s sure to look great and come in super handy!


11. Solid Wood Bed Plan with Floating Nightstands

A wooden bed with headboard and storage

The above is not just a headboard but a complete platform bed frame plan. Found on Etsy, this solid wood bed has built-in floating nightstands for a stylish and incredibly practical design. The simplicity of the structure makes the entire bed frame quick and efficient to take apart and put back together. Talk about flexibility! The bed can be customized so you can decide whether you prefer a lighter or darker headboard. We love this neutral style because it is bright yet subtle and will match just about any bedspread. You could even take it one step further and paint the wood in your favorite color.

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