21 Unique DIY Headboard Ideas


The great thing about getting crafty is you can make a unique DIY headboard that rivals anything you’ll buy in a store and is completely based on your creative ideas. To get yourself inspired, take a look at these 21 unusual designs that others come up with.

21 Unique Ideas

Unique DIY headboards

You can build a unique wooden headboard from scratch or you can repurpose an old fireplace mantel. You can re-use some of the items in your household or you can find some great pieces on a flea market. By changing a basic element like a headboard, you can redecorate your bedroom without too much effort.

1. Modern Cable Railing

unique cable railing headboard

If you’re looking for a cool variation on a standard headboard, then look no further! Pneumatic Addict has got you covered with this creative modern cable railing design. The page includes a detailed tutorial with photos, lists of materials, tools and cuts, as well as a 20-minute video to make this DIY headboard and the whole bed too! This might not be a project for a beginner but if you are motivated and have some time and tools, the instructions are incredibly comprehensive.

2. Vintage Wicker

creative vintage headboard

creative headboard idea
Vintage Revivals loves taking something old and making it completely new and we’re on board! This gorgeous wicker headboard was a serendipitous thrift store find, but if you keep an eye out you should be able to come across one too. Whether you use this for a twin bed like in the first picture or for a king-sized bed using two twin bed headboards, you can make it work if you’re up for a little DIY project. Thankfully the bulk of the headboard is already made and you can focus on sprucing it up. We love how the larger headboard pops with the color blocking effect.

4. Fireplace Mantle

unique diy headboard idea

Once again Mandi from Vintage Revivals makes magic with an antique store find. This beautiful fireplace mantle was a special piece so it had to be the focal point of the room. For starters, Mandi explains that when incorporating antique painted furniture, it’s essential to sand/paint/seal it because there’s a big possibility that one of the many layers of paint contains lead. A thin piece of plywood was used as a backboard to fill in the fireplace gap. We love the arrows drawn on with a sharpie and can also imagine a dozen other designs that could be incorporated. By painting the back wall green, this unique headboard really pops.

5. Dowel Design

wooden diy headboard
The Merry Thought walks you through the materials, tools and steps to make this simple yet stylish headboard in your bedroom. We love this unique wooden headboard design because it is different but still a classic look that will always look great. The DIY tutorial is really well explained, with extensive detail for each step. The measurements are given for a queen bed but are easily modifiable. The wood is stained so you can find the perfect color to match the rest of your room. Even better, if you’re looking for a simple wooden bed frame there’s a guide for that too!

6. Transforming a Doormat

unusual doormat headboard
unique diy headboard idea
This inventive design goes to show what can be created with a little work and ingenuity! The quick and easy guide from Wise DIY teaches you how to transform two doormats into a creative headboard. That’s right, with a couple of doormats from Target and a little plywood, you too, can create your own magnificent headboard that rivals anything West Elm has for sale! We love this original way of repurposing materials from one part of the house to another!

7. Stenciled Design

unique stenciled diy headboard

At first glance, this headboard looks like it features an ornate design, but upon closer look it is actually a whimsical ocean theme with dolphins, mermaids and seahorses! The awesome guide for creating this ethereal design is complete with tips, ideas and all the steps needed to make your own headboard. If you’re looking for inspiration for an ocean or beach-themed room, Mega Crafty also shares some photos of several color combinations she tried before settling on this palette.

8. Moroccan Style

unique headboard idea
This is not a DIY tutorial per se, but rather an innovative idea that Shining On Design shared about how she created this beautiful look. Spoiler alert: it’s not a headboard! It’s actually a piece from a Crate and Barrel summer display that they sold to her for $20! It’s another great focal point that adds some dimension to the walls and brings extra personality to the room. We are in love with this pattern and the ease with which it fits into any decor. With such a unique headboard, you can keep your cushions and bedspread simple, or go for the full effect and choose a pattern!

9. Repurposed Privacy Screen Inspired by Anthropologie

unusual headboard idea

Here is yet another ingenious idea for creating a unique headboard, from the Tea Rose Home blog. This time, the creators were inspired by the Meet Lombok Bed from Anthropologie, but a little less inspired by the $3000 price tag. So one fateful day, while shopping at Tuesday Morning, the sight of a privacy screen caught their attention and an idea was hatched!

The tutorial for this project clearly outlines how to assemble this headboard and includes images and detailed instructions on how to make your own for around $160. Sign us up for this charming headboard!

10. Vintage Sheet

unique diy vintage headboard
Here we have a handy guide from Happiness Is Homemade on how to build a wall-hung headboard using wall art pieces. This fresh take on a traditional design uses vintage sheets and 14″ square wall art pieces. The guide has great photos and detailed instructions on how to recreate your own fanciful idea. There’s lots of space for your own creative touch since wall art pieces come in all sorts of designs as do sheets and fabric. Get searching for your perfect match!

11. Mid-century Modern

creative modern headboard idea

This modern idea requires a little more skill than some of the other projects featured on our list, but the result is a high-quality, affordable option that can be customized to suit your personal taste. The step-by-step tutorial has an incredibly detailed guide to making this uniquely designed wooden headboard and contains loads of images as well as a complete list of materials and tools.

We love that DIY Candy also included easy-to-follow instructions for building the bed for the intermediate DIY’ers out there. Another great feature about this amazing project is that the cost can be reduced from $200 by using less expensive wood.¬† They really did think of everything!

12. Light Up

unique diy headboard with lights

You don’t have to be a tenured carpenter to recreate this playful, light-up headboard. By keeping the design simple, you too can incorporate a marquee sign into your bedroom’s decor by using Christmas lights! The tutorial for this project includes high-quality, step-by-step images and detailed directions from Elise and Emma of A Beautiful Mess. They even share some safety instructions from the local fire department to make sure this DIY project is accident-free. So what’s yours going to say? We’ll go for Sweet Dreams, please!

13. Paper Flower Garland Inspired by Anthropologie

creative headboard design

This DIY project is especially easy once you learn how Amanda of Amanda Puleo blog brought it to life! Inspired by a piece she saw at Anthropologie, she sought to make paper flowers before realizing how long it would take. Luckily, she came across KHallbergDesign on Etsy and was able to put together a simple tutorial based on her experience. This esoteric headboard only takes a few hours to assemble and uses simple tools from around the house. We love the airy style and the way the wooden bar fits in so naturally.

14. Room Divider

unique headboard made from a room divider

Pretty Handy Girl came across a free room divider and turned it into this gorgeous headboard that is undoubtedly the focal point of the room. The divider was painted and sanded to give it a much-needed freshening up and to add a lightly distressed look. A header and sideboards were also built on to make the divider more complete but it’s totally optional and depends on how much of a DIY project you want to get involved with! The tutorial is really well explained and there are plenty of pictures to keep you on the right track. So start looking through the free Craigslist ads and see what you come across!

15. Decorative Wall Panels

unique decorative headboard idea
decorative wall panels

This affordable design by Scratch and Stitch is simple and sophisticated and can be installed in less than an hour. The detailed tutorial includes steps to create a king-size headboard with decorative wall panels from Target. To be completely thorough, it even includes a chart of standard bed dimensions to help with measurements. This creative and simple idea can transform a barren wall with minimal effort. Get started on this unique DIY project that stands out.

16. Bohemian Bamboo Design

unique Bohemian style diy headboard

This bohemian style headboard is made entirely out of bamboo fence pieces from the dollar store. This super cool DIY video explains how to build it from start to finish; meaning you can easily replicate this idea in your home for a bohemian addition to any bedroom. Try your own go at this scalloped design or choose a different shape for your own unique style. This is a great option if you don’t want to hang anything heavy on your wall but you still want a large headboard. Who would have thought you could make such a creative headboard out of so little?


17. Lit From Below

headboard with lights idea
What a cool blend of modern and rustic in this reclaimed wood platform bed and headboard on Etsy. The wood adds a natural look to the design while the lights below give the bed a unique accent. Built-in nightstands and lights in the headboard complete this bed frame’s original look and add to the practicality. The headboard is also slanted on a diagonal to make it extra easy and comfortable to sit and read in bed all morning. What more do you need?

18. Wood Carved

unique carved wood headboard

Large wood-carved headboards are definitely worth the effort of carefully maneuvering them behind your bed. These teak wood models found on Etsy show just how elaborate wood carving can be. The design is a complete piece of art in itself, and displaying it behind your bed immediately brings all the attention to it. Floral mandala themes make these headboards extremely decorative and unique. Depending on the type of wood, the color tones might vary, and a whitewash can also be added to give a bohemian vibe to the design. Whatever you choose, there’s no doubt this piece will stand out.

unusual carved wood headboard ideas


19. Vintage Peacock

wicker peacock headboard

These two vintage designs on Etsy show just how detailed and ornate a headboard made of simple wicker can be. Wicker or bamboo wicker are both lightweight durable materials that can be intertwined into beautiful shapes. These peacock designs are incredibly unique and refined, we bet you can’t find others quite like them!

Sticking to neutral colors allows the elaborate design to really stand out and complement all sorts of interior decors. You might choose to continue with the bohemian vintage style and go for pastels and delicate accessories. Or you could use this peacock headboard as your focal point and go for a streamlined look with the rest of your furniture and bedding. Whatever you pick your bedroom will be truly one of a kind!

bamboo peacock headboard

20. Lattice

unique lattice headboard

This lattice headboard on Etsy is a beautiful and unique way to touch up your bedroom. The untreated pine wood keeps the look simple and classic, yet the patterned design adds plenty of charm. Inspired by Mediterranean elegance, this headboard brings the perfect amount of flair without overwhelming. The uniform pattern makes it easy to accessorize, for example using various hues of color for a layered look. If you’re looking for something that will subtly stand out, then look no further than a handcrafted lattice headboard.

21. Modern Copper

creative modern copper headboard design

Wow, talk about modern and sleek! This beautiful king-size copper and steel headboard on Etsy is a stunning and dramatic piece that will bring your entire bedroom decor to the next level. The headboard is handmade and treated to add a slightly distressed look which varies with each piece, giving it a ton of unique character. Copper floating shelf nightstands are built into the design making it practical and aesthetic. If you have this headboard above your bed, the rest of your decor will be effortless!

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