13 Best DIY Farmhouse Headboard Ideas

A farmhouse decor adds a cozy style to your home, so why not use it to inspire your headboard design? We have collected our favorite DIY farmhouse headboard ideas to inspire you to try your hand at a redecoration project. There are plans for different tastes, budgets and skill levels so you can choose the right one for you.

Farmhouse design is a timeless way to style your home for a chic and effortless look that doesn’t have to break the bank. A focus on wood and neutral colors makes these headboards easy to match with any decor. Read on to choose your next DIY home project!

13 Homemade Farmhouse Style Headboards for Every Bed Size

10 DIY Farmhouse Headboard ideas

Note: Should you decide to make your design from faux shiplap, here’s a good guide on how to make shiplap-like boards from plywood. Another idea is to build it from pallets. You can also reuse your old fence planks. Basically, to build a farmhouse style headboard all you need is wood, any kind of wood – recycled, distressed or rustic. And you can even paint each plank in a different color, for a more dramatic look.

1. Classic Wood Idea

farmhouse diy wood headboard idea
Looking to add a rustic touch to your bedroom? Look no further! This DIY headboard designed by Kara Layne and her husband follows a simple nine-step plan that can be adjusted to fit any size bed. We love the look of this stain but you can adapt it to match your bedroom decor.

The supplies come in under $75 and take less than 6 hours to assemble, which makes it the perfect weekend project. A free plan is also included so you don’t have to waste time guessing what to do next. Consider this affordable design if you enjoy the look of a traditional farmhouse style.

2. Faux Shiplap Headboard

diy farmhouse headboard plan

The next creative idea we chose to feature is this simplistic, faux shiplap project inspired by Elisha Albretson of Pneumatic Addict. Using wood panels on plywood, this clever plan is explained with a detailed tutorial on the Home Depot blog, complete with step-by-step instructions and a list of supplies and tools.

We like this DIY idea because the arch can be adjusted to whatever shape you prefer. Why not get creative with a cathedral, horseshoe or rounded arch? Just make sure to keep the ends parallel so that the headboard sits straight.

3. Free Reclaimed Planked Wood Plan

wooden farmhouse headboard diy

The headboard shown here was made by Ana White using reclaimed wood. It includes a free plan and detailed diagrams for every step. Available for all standard bed sizes, this plan is easy to build and simply requires a saw, hammer and nails. Only taking a few hours to assemble, and around $50 in supplies, this planked wood design is affordable and quick! What more could you ask for? Though basic in nature, this is a timeless look that suits any decor. Match it to a pastel floral bedspread for the ultimate farmhouse-style decor.

4. White Planked Wood – King Size Plan

white farmhouse headboard diy
This gorgeous white planked wood headboard was designed by Josh and Amanda Marie of Sincerely Marie Designs as part of their master bedroom makeover. The materials only cost $50 and the overall effect is dramatic and still classic enough to last the test of time.

In the step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how they built it by fastening the parts directly to the wall. The measurements provided are for a king-sized bed so adjust accordingly if yours is different. Great for first-time builders, this classic farmhouse style design is easy to assemble and is a dynamic addition to any bedroom decor.

5. Rustic Curved Wood Idea

diy wooden farmhouse style headboard

You can thank Pretty Handy Girl for this gorgeous DIY design. This is a rustic wood king-size plan but the size can be adjusted by measuring your bed to determine the appropriate width. Complete with a list of materials, detailed images, step-by-step instructions and painting directions, this creative idea comes in under $100.

Simply open up and flatten a cardboard box to create your template, customize the curves and get started. This unique headboard acts as an accent piece and can add a pop of personality to an otherwise ordinary room. We also love that the individual planks are stained differently which adds a nice spectrum of hues.

6. Curvy Wood Plank – Queen Size Plan

diy farmhouse style headboard queen size
This dramatic DIY headboard comes to you from the Lovely Etc blog and has the perfect balance of masculine and feminine features. The tutorial boasts plenty of pictures for guidance and includes a list of materials and basic tools needed. The instructions are for a queen size bed but can easily be customized to suit any size.

In this version, the creator suggests using wrapping paper to draw and adjust the pattern before drawing directly on the lumber. What a great tip to keep in mind! If you’re looking for a unique focal point that adds both a modern and rustic feel to your room, this design is perfect for you.

7. Cheap and Simple Idea with Salvaged Barnwood

cheap, simple farmhouse headboard diy

Design Sponge shares a headboard inspired by 508 Restoration & Design that is simple to recreate. The instructions are thoroughly detailed with additional photographs to assist you in your own DIY project. We love the clean lines of the oak wood panels and will definitely keep a lookout for the driftwood staining they used. The final look is rustic and charming and will fit in well in many decors, particularly farmhouse styles. The words written in chalk adds the perfect whimsical touch, what will yours say?

8. Dark and Classic on a Budget Plan

farmhouse headboard idea on a budget

From the amazing collection of creations at Primitive Star Quilt Shop this DIY headboard tutorial is perfect for beginners and those on a budget. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and even include a tip on how to complete the project without owning a saw (shop at your local Lowes or home improvement store and ask them to cut the wood)!

The plan is for a king-sized bed but measurements can be adapted depending on how much wood you want at the top and on the sides. The dark staining on the wood adds another dimension to this classic design, making it a lasting stand-out piece you can be proud to say you created. If you plan it well, your scrap wood will be just about enough to build a queen-sized headboard for the guest bedroom!

9. Step-by-Step Plan

farmhouse headboard diy plan for king size bed

This charming wood headboard is brought to you by Hayes Everyday. It was designed for a king size bed and the tutorial includes tons of pictures as well as step-by-step instructions. The lumber and extra materials came out to $60, what a great deal! To avoid hanging a heavy piece on the wall, the creators used braces along the back for added support. You will love the simplicity of this design and its instructions which are super easy to follow. For something so classic it sure adds a ton of style to the room.

10. Inexpensive Reclaimed Wood Idea – Oversized

oversized diy farmhouse style headboard

This stunning piece is made of reclaimed wood by the folks at Fresh Crush. The artistic design makes a dazzling focal point that works well in many types of decor. The tutorial is an incredibly well-written piece that walks you through building an inexpensive plan. To make it extra straightforward, there is even an installation movie! The use of reclaimed wood means your DIY project will have a unique, one-of-a-kind look. We love the narrow border that frames the headboard, giving it a defined look. If you have space, make your design oversized and tall like the one pictured above!


11. Beach Style Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood farmhouse beach style headboard

This beautiful headboard seen on Etsy is made from reclaimed wood with a customizable finish. Try a distressed weathered look or color washes for a soft calming touch to your bedroom. The wood can also be chosen from a variety including fir, pine, cedar, and elm. The headboard is easy to mount and can even be fixed to the base legs for more stability.

Each piece is unique and perfectly imperfect as they are made using recycled wood with handmade finishes. Tiny details like the cutout at the top center make this headboard charming and original. For a farmhouse style that evokes a breezy beach cottage feel, this is definitely a great headboard to include in your decor.

12. Patched Wood Pattern

farmhouse patched wood headboard

This headboard on Etsy doubles as a piece of art with its staggered patched wood pattern. Mismatched pieces of reclaimed wood are laid out side by side to create a unique look. Each piece of wood naturally varies in size, texture, and color for a true one-of-a-kind look.

The handmade headboard is customizable with different tones and sizes for your very own flair. A dimmable light bar at the top is useful, adding a cozy atmosphere to your room, and highlighting the masterpiece. Are you ready to show off this beautiful headboard?

13. Modern Industrial Design

Modern Industrial headboard idea

This minimalistic headboard found on Etsy adds plenty of style while keeping the decor natural. Recycled wood planks are finished with neutral colors for a textured look that adds to the rustic charm. Reclaimed wood is a seamless way to add some farmhouse style to your space without making too much effort. The subtle colors and material make it extra easy to fit into any interior, lending a cozy atmosphere to your room.

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