40 DIY Strawberry Planter Ideas for Container Planting

If you’re thinking about growing strawberries in containers then you’ll find this guide to DIY strawberry planter ideas as one of the most complete out there. Raising the fruit in planters of all types has become a popular trend and no wonder! Strawberry plants are some of the easiest to grow in pots, jars, boxes, tubes, fabric bags, even rain gutters, and any other planter shape you can think of. This plant is so versatile, you can plant it in a pile of hay and it’ll grow.

I grew up eating strawberries every day, and I still do. I used to raise them in flatbeds, directly in the ground. But today, growing berries in space-saving containers is very trendy, and there are hundreds of planter designs to choose from. The best part is that most can be made as easy DIY projects. You can grow strawberries in these types of containers:

  1. Vertical or Horizontal PVC Tubes
  2. Stack-a-pot planters
  3. Wooden Towers
  4. Strawberry Pyramid planters
  5. Tiered planters
  6. Strawberry Jars (terracotta or plastic)
  7. DIY Barrel planters
  8. Small flower pots
  9. Grow bags
  10. Hanging planters and baskets
  11. Rain gutters
  12. Fabric pockets
  13. Pallets
  14. Repurposed plastic containers
  15. Cinder blocks


A few things I learned about strawberries is that they don’t like too much water, they need lots of sunshine, and they don’t like to be crowded. They are perennials and produce most berries in the first 3 years, after which you need to plant them again. If you leave the roots wet for the cold winter they will freeze and die. So make sure your DIY planter has adequate drainage and is placed in the open.

Here’s a simple straightforward guide to growing strawberries.

40 Best Planter Ideas and DIY Designs

(categorized by container type)

What is the best planter for strawberries? In my opinion, there is no specific answer to this question. Any will work if done right.

DIY Strawberry Planter Ideas

If you are limited on space where you can raise strawberries, vertical and hanging planters would be a good idea for a space saver planting container. You can even keep them on the balcony. If you just want to enjoy a few delicious fruits occasionally or maybe simply want a decorative plant, then the everbearing strawberry varieties would be the perfect choice to plant in a terracotta jar, a pot, or another small container. If you plant them in the early spring, they will have berries up to 3 times that year. You may need to move your planter around to catch the most sunlight. Then, a fabric Grow Bag with handles could be your best choice for a planter. You can even build a strawberry wall using some unexpected containers such as shoe organizers. The choices are unlimited … and this is our attempt to systematize the DIY designs to help you choose your preferred type.

Vertical Strawberry Planters

At first, I was perplexed by vertical planters … but then I realized that such a design almost guarantees the best drainage. As water always finds its way to the bottom of the container, the plants will never get overwatered in a vertical planter. Let’s take a look at some of the best designs and DIY guides.

1. DIY Vertical Strawberry PVC Tube Planter

DIY Vertical Strawberry PVC Tube Planter

This is an awesome page with a detailed description by the Italian cooking show heroine Benedetta Rossi. She walks you through the exact steps to make this DIY vertical strawberry tube planter. As she points out, this is the perfect project for anyone with limited space, since these planters can be made and fit on a small porch or even on a window sill. Of course, even if you have more space you can add them wherever you please for a decorative and delicious touch.

Benedetta used some basic household materials and a drill to make these vertical strawberry planters. She recommends using a terracotta pot because the weight makes it a sturdier base for the strawberry plant. Next, you need 1 meter of PVC piping (make sure the diameter fits into your pot), some milling bits, sandpaper, strawberry seedlings, fresh soil, a pebble, and expanded clay.

Make marks on the piping at equal distance, aiming for about 15 in total – and drill holes for the plants, smoothing the edges with sandpaper. Place the pebble to cover the pot’s hole and add a layer of expanded clay at the bottom to help drainage. Stand the PVC piping in the center, mix your soil with more expanding clay and fill the pot.  When the pot is filled, start adding soil from the top of the piping tube. As you add soil, fill the drilled holes with the strawberry seedlings. Keep adding soil until you reach the top and top it off with a strawberry plant.

2. Strawberry PVC Tower Planters (4-in and 6-in in diameter)

Strawberry PVC Tower Planters

A vertical pipe tower like this one by Grateful Endeavors needs to be installed such that it doesn’t fall. You have two choices – either use a bucket or press it deeply straight into the soil.

Greenhouse garden strawberry planting ideas

Wow. You can even establish a small farm inside of a homemade greenhouse. These amazing planters, found on Etsy, can be used without soil by adding nutrients to the water and using net cups which you can order as well. Water retention is hugely improved with these designs and weeding becomes a breeze. Crouching down is kept at a minimum so your back will thank you!

3. Stack a Pot Planters or Stackable Planters

Stack a Pot Planter Idea

What a cool layout with 30 strawberry plants growing in a 5 Tier GreenStalk Vertical Stacking Planter! This complete guide by GreenStalk Garden makes it extra easy to plant all the strawberries you’ll want. As they point out, strawberries are often grown with plenty of pesticides and you’re not peeling them so it’s definitely worth it to plant your own.

There are a few essential tips for successful vertical plantings. Be sure to get the best soil you can because the strawberries will be sitting in it for a while. You can test the soil with a pH meter to make sure it is acidic which is the best environment for your strawberries.

Speak with your local gardening store for assistance concerning which type of strawberry plant to use. Some produce small harvests over a longer period whereas others produce one large harvest for a short period and then stop. Depending on the climate where you live one might be more suitable. Also, keep in mind that vertically planted strawberries won’t be protected by the ground and will get cooler so it’s best to choose a cold-tolerant variety. Strawberries love the direct sun so use that to help you choose where to place the planters.

Plant your strawberries in the springtime when sunny days are on the horizon. For this type of planter, it’s best not to start from seeds and to choose either bare roots or starter plants. Each pocket of the GreenStalk should be reserved for one plant to keep it strong and make sure it has maximum growing capacity.

As for caring for your plants, monitor them regularly because while strawberries don’t require too much water, periods of greater heat might necessitate more. Depending on how cold winters are in your region of the world, your GreenStalk planter might need to be moved to a garage or insulated with a frost net cover.

4. Self Watering Stacking Planter

Strawberry stacking planter ideas

This 3-tier stacked planter by Nancy Janes has a secret talent! It has a self-watering system that regulates water distribution to keep your plants healthy and hydrated. Instead of receiving a large amount of water at once, the water is supplied to the plants consistently, keeping the soil moist. You will have to occasionally fill the water reservoir but you won’t have to constantly check on the water supply.

These standing planters are perfect to show off flower displays or in this case, an awesome way to plant low-maintenance strawberries. Also, these vertical planters come with chains if you want to hang them for a unique look.

5. Stacking Planter Irrigating Idea

Stacking Planter Irrigating Idea

This image gives you an idea of how multiple stacking towers can be connected to a central water source. By running a pipe with irrigation holes across the top of the towers, they all have access to water without needing to add extra sources. This is a great idea if you’re building up your planters in a row and want to keep your crops well hydrated.

6. DIY Plastic Barrel Planter (Complete DIY guide)

DIY Plastic Barrel Planter Plan

This awesome blue plastic barrel strawberry planter is a DIY project you can make by repurposing a plastic keg. The crafters from Ma Passion du Verger have put together a detailed guide to make your own! There are plenty of pictures at each step and they have some great tips for making a successful vertical design from a drum.

Instead of cutting a hole through the drum, the crafters from Ma Passion du Verger share a nifty trick. They make evenly spaced slits with a grinder and apply heat with a heat gun to make the plastic around the slit malleable. Then, they insert a glass bottle (ideally sparkling wine for the wider width) into the slit and wait a few minutes for the slit to properly expand around the bottle.

The next steps involve drilling pieces of garden hose for irrigation, four holes at the bottom of the drum for drainage, and two at different heights along the sides to pass the hoses through. Some rocks and a woven cloth are placed at the bottom of the keg to facilitate drainage. The drum is filled with a layer of soil until the first hole and the hose is placed flat on top with one end poking through the hole on the side. Continue filling the barrel with soil until the next hole and repeat with the second hose. Then, fill the big blue plastic barrel to the top with soil.

Now you’re ready to place your strawberry plant starters in the holes. Each hole should be able to easily fit two plants, which will soon be growing strawberries! Make sure to connect the hoses to a water pipe for easy irrigation and you’re done! Ideally, the keg can be placed on wheels so you can move it freely to catch every last ray of sunshine.

This is an easy project that can bring in a huge harvest of strawberries (check out pictures from their past harvests in the guide). It also doesn’t require much in terms of materials and there are even lots of options such as the Container Exchanger to get used kegs at a great price.

7. DIY Plastic Bucket Tower Planter Idea (DIY guide)

DIY Plastic Bucket Tower Planter Idea

Don’t like the barrel idea? Then build your tower from plastic buckets. This excellent DIY guide walks you through how to make a successful strawberry planter. Some plastic nursery pots, a plastic water bottle, hole saw, drill, and something to puncture holes are needed, and of course some healthy soil!

Like most of the other examples, some holes need to be made on the sides to accommodate the soon-to-be-growing strawberry plants. This guide also shows you how to make a reservoir to place in the middle of your pots for slow and constant irrigation. They really thought of everything!

They filled the pots with soil and their strawberry seedlings and explained that they put some rocks at the top to avoid the soil from washing away (a problem the previous year). This guide is super helpful because there is a run-through of 5 helpful tips learned from past unsuccessful attempts. It always helps to learn from other people’s mistakes!

DIY Wooden Strawberry Tower Ideas

They look cool and fancy and are easy to put together … but in my opinion, realistically they are not a very practical solution. First of all, for the most part, strawberries produce berries only in the first 3 years … so in 3 years you’ll have to empty your wooden tower and replant it again, and doing it is not going to be a very easy task, especially if your tower is quite tall. It’s probably easier to throw it away and build a new one.

So my suggestion would be not to invest too much money into wood towers and build them from scrap wood, or even plywood. There is no need for it to last more than 3 years anyway.

Or if you believe you will be using it for many years to come, then my suggestion is to make one side open on hinges so it’ll be easy to replenish the dirt and replant later.

8. Vertical Strawberry Tower Made From Old Fence Boards

Strawberry tower made from recycled fence boards

Check out this unique vertical strawberry tower made from old fence boards. As mentioned, wood can be expensive and there’s no use in spending a lot on something that will be difficult to use long term. That’s why this suggestion made from repurposed materials featured on the One Hundred Dollars a Month blog is such a great idea.

The boards are drilled together and a piece of plywood is attached to the bottom to keep everything together. A drip line runs through the middle and is connected with a plastic PVC pipe that can be easily attached to a hose for built-in watering. 90 strawberry plants fit into this one, that’s quite a harvest!

9. Patio Wood Tower DIY Plan for Strawberries

Strawberry patio wood tower plan

If you want to skip the actual making of the wooden tower, go for this beautiful option by Grow Build Share on Etsy. Don’t worry, you’ll still be putting in the work to actually plant your strawberries and make sure they receive enough water and sunshine. Even better, you’ll be able to enjoy the results of the harvest!

10. DIY Strawberry Wooden Tower Planter

DIY wooden strawberry tower

This is a nice narrow wooden tower by Pass Along Plants. Holes are staggered along the sides to transplant wandering strawberry plants from the rest of the garden. The tower is pushed 1 foot into the ground for stability. There is also a small pipe with holes in the center of the tower for irrigation. The whole tower comes together in no time and the results will surely be fruitful!

More Wood DIY Ideas

Strawberry wood tower ideas

From left to right there are some various ideas to inspire you for your own wooden strawberry planter. Whether you use cedar planks like the tower on the left,  cedar fence boards like the one in the middle, or plywood and some recycled boards, you can use what you have to make an easy DIY vertical planter. So find some wood and get building!

Strawberry Pyramid Planter Ideas and Plans

11. Pyramid Planter Plan 3 ft x 4 ft (Downloadable)

Strawberry pyramid planter plan 3 ft x 4 ft

Wow! Not only is this idea very useful, but it is also incredibly aesthetic and will make a beautiful addition to your garden or porch. For a small fee, you can get a digital downloadable plan to build your own version. Complete with color pictures, diagrams, and clearly explained step-by-step instructions, your planter will be ready in no time.

Get creative with the wood you choose but it’s best to stick with pressure-treated lumber to avoid decay over time. Once you’ve proudly built your pyramid, fill it with soil and strawberry seedlings and hold tight for your harvest!

12. Small 5-Tier Pyramid Planter Plan (PDF Download)

Small pyramid planter plan

Here is another DIY project to try out! Find these Strawberry Pyramid Planter Plans on Etsy and get started on this quirky addition to your garden. You’ll have a statement piece and a 5-tier pyramid filled with growing plants to harvest. With just a few basic tools, materials, and time, you’ll have this design ready to start seeding with strawberries. It could also be placed on top of a flat square garden bed for a larger planting area. What a cool look!

13. 6 Foot Tall Strawberry Pyramid Planter Plan (Downloadable)

Tall strawberry pyramid planter plan

Talk about a striking way to display your plants! Find the plan for this 6-foot tall pyramid planter on Etsy to start growing your strawberries in style. When you purchase the plan you’ll receive a digital PDF or E-book version so you can build your own. Detailed instructions, pictures, and diagrams make it clear to recreate. You’ll be able to choose the type of wood and could even decide to paint it if you use the appropriate materials.

What are you waiting for? Whether you place it in your garden or on your deck, start by building your wooden pyramid with this useful plan, and you’ll be ready to seed it for a strawberry harvest!

14. Unique Container Pyramid Planter Idea

Unique strawberry container pyramid planter idea

Pyramids don’t have to be built only using wood, check out the one above. This different type of pyramid is designed to hold planter containers. These simple terra cotta pots look pretty awesome! You can also get creative and choose different sizes and colors for an eclectic pyramid planter.

Vertical Garden Wall Ideas

15. Make a Hanging Shoe Organizer GardenCheap strawberry planter ideas

What a unique way to repurpose a shoe organizer shared by B’s Greenhouses. There’s definitely no wasting materials here with this creative idea that takes advantage of pre-made pockets to grow individual plants vertically. Can you imagine how it must look with strawberries poking out of all the pockets?

It’s also a very efficient way to grow such a large number of plants! This is perfect for small spaces such as an enclosed porch, a city apartment, or it can also be hung along a fence or patio railing for a decorative and efficient design. Besides the masses of plants that you’ll be able to grow, it’ll cost you almost nothing to set this up.

Either these fabric pockets are porous enough to let the water out or each needs to have a hole made in it for proper drainage. Be careful not to overdo it when watering this type of planter since the fabric will get wet and heavier so you have to keep the weight difference in mind when securing it to the surface.

16. Modular Strawberry Wall Idea

Strawberry wall ideas

DIY strawberry vertical planting ideas

This is a simple and budget-friendly idea to maximize the plants you can vertically grow without taking up too much space. The layout can also be useful for creating a partition wall between separate sections of your garden.

Using wooden planks, some slats, and nails, you too can build this strawberry planter with this simple guide found on Instructables. In this example, the wood is covered in foil but you can choose the appearance you want your planters to have. You can lay irrigation pipes along the levels to keep your plants regularly hydrated or do it manually.

17. Plastic Container Organizer Wall Garden Idea

Plastic container organizer wall garden idea

This is definitely a funky design with an edge. Simple plastic containers are hung from a metal frame in a staggered manner, which gives the planters a geometric look. One thing that always needs to be considered when building a wall planter is that the water dripping down might create permanent marks on the wall. What may look great aesthetically on the picture may not look so nice in practice after water draining from the containers has stained the back wall. To counteract this, you should put some pebbles and a cloth at the bottom of the box to slow the drainage. Be sure not to overwater or water too frequently.

Grow Bags and Other Fabric Planters

18. Home Depot Strawberry Grow Bags

Home Depot strawberry Grow Bag idea

These are fantastic collapsible bags by Bloem found at Home Depot – they’re perfect for growing strawberries! Not only do they look super cute but they are extremely useful and well designed. First of all, the planter is BPA-free and is made using recycled materials such as plastic bottles. It’s a great choice for environmentally conscious people and the material also allows your plants to breathe. The bag itself is light and has handles to facilitate carrying, but keep in mind it will weigh a lot more once it’s filled with soil!

There are 8 individual pockets for plants and the whole bag can hold up to 38 quarts of potting soil. As well, there are mesh-covered holes at the bottom to ensure proper drainage which is key when growing strawberries. It is recommended to use ever-bearing strawberry varieties when planting in this type of container.

Once you’re ready to plant, add some potting mix to the bottom of the container up until the first pocket, where you will pop in a strawberry plant. Continue adding soil and plants at each pocket until the top of the container. Here, you can add more strawberry plants and top it off with a layer of compost for healthy soil. The container should be watered from the top and each pocket individually.

19. 65 Gallon Breathable Fabric Planting Container with Handles

Inexpensive strawberry planter ideas

Here’s another bag made of recycled materials where you can grow your next crop of strawberries. The Root Pouch has excellent breathability and drainage and promotes plant growth for maximum yields. The container has a capacity of 65 gallons, making it a great alternative to a raised garden bed. It’s budget-friendly, lightweight but sturdy, and you can move it around to increase the sun your plants receive. It’s also ideal if you are growing your garden in a temporary home, you can easily pack up your plants whenever you need. Also, once you’re done with it for the season, you can just wash it out and start again.

20. Fabric Bag Planter Wall Idea

Fabric Bag strawberry wall idea

What a fun idea! Use small grow bags to make a wall of plants in this easy make-shift vertical garden. Use ledges that already exist, or make a simple structure using wood and line up your plants. This is a fun way to fit lots of plants into a small space. Ideally, look for shelves that have gaps in the wood for easier water drainage.

Strawberry Jar Planter Ideas

If you hadn’t heard about it, a Strawberry Jar is actually very much like what it sounds – basically a recipient that holds strawberry plants. Generally made from pottery or some sort of stoneware (though plastic ones are increasingly common), the container is shaped a bit like a barrel or a vase. It’s a great idea for small spaces or to add a nice decoration to your garden or patio.

Where do the strawberries fit in you may ask? As you can see in the pictures below, there are a number of pocket-like inserts along the side of the jar. The top is open to make it easy to fill with soil and water, and you can certainly plant some strawberries at the top too. The bottom has a drainage hole so your strawberries have just the right amount of moisture.

21. Terracotta Jar Planters – Inspirational Images

Terracotta strawberry jar ideas

This is such an elegant terracotta design painted in a vibrant blue that contrasts with the red strawberries. This is a great option for a centerpiece on a patio or deck. As well, it would look beautiful by a door or together with other potted plants.

Elegant terracotta strawberry jar planter ideas

It also looks fantastic overflowing in the middle of the grass! Look at how abundantly strawberries can grow in this type of planter.

Planting straberries in terracotta jar

A few tips will help you grow the best harvest of strawberries. Here’s a good guide on how to plant a terracotta strawberry jar. As the page points out, you can use the different pockets to plant different varieties of strawberries that fruit at alternating times so you’ll always have fresh strawberries to eat!

To ensure proper drainage, be sure to use some rocks or gravel at the bottom of your jar. Next, you’ll put a layer of compost up to the height of the first gap on the side of the jar. Using starter plants, lay them on the compost and poke their foliage out of each hole. Once all the gaps at that height have a plant, add some more compost until the next set of pockets and repeat. Leave about an inch at the top for when you water, and add some plants on the top layer too. All done!

Strawberry jar ideas

Wow! This is definitely a striking piece of art and a classic style you won’t get tired of. It is the perfect jar to showcase your strawberries and will fit nicely anywhere. Imagine how nice it will look when it’s filled with strawberries!

Small terracotta strawberry jar ideas

What a cool and funky design! It almost looks like a cactus plant with foliage. This is a nice size to place as a centerpiece on a table or on a small balcony.

22. DIY guide on how to make an easy to water strawberry jar

Easy to water strawberry jar

Depending on where you place them, strawberry jar planters can be tricky to water. Only watering from the top misses some plants, and unless you’re careful, watering the pockets can cause a lot to end up on a balcony floor. To fix this issue, the folks at Rural Sprout designed a system to make a strawberry pot that’s extra easy to water.

You’ll just need some PVC pipe, a potting jar, soil, strawberry plants, and a marker. Using a drill, drill bit, and hand saw, your project is as good as done! Drill holes into the PVC pipe and place it vertically in the center of your jar. Ideally, with an extra set of hands, start filling the pot with potting soil while keeping the pipe centered. Make sure no soil goes into the pipe during the process or you’ll clog up your irrigation system! As you fill the jar with soil and reach each level of gaps, add your strawberry plants ensuring the foliage gets through the hole.

Now you can test out your jar using a narrow watering can or a hose. The water will leak out of all the holes in the pipe, consistently watering all of your plants. Water more frequently at the start to make sure the roots grow well and then continue at regular intervals to keep the soil and your strawberry plants hydrated.

Growing Strawberry in Pots Ideas

23. Climbing Strawberry Varieties Tower

Climbing strawberry tower idea

What a cute idea! This strawberry tree planter looks like a colorful Christmas tree decoration. This type of design is best for a climbing type of strawberries which just needs some support surfaces to attach to. You could use some bamboo sticks for a natural style or other supporting sticks you have lying around, inserted in the middle of the pot. As your plant grows longer runners, adjust the support sticks so the plant can keep growing upwards.

24. Purple Strawberry Planted in Pot Idea

Purple strawberry plant growing in pot

Imagine growing your delicious berries in pots, and purple berries at that! This is a cool variety that fruits purple, but the many seeds of other colors are available on Etsy. You can experiment with all types of strawberry varieties, planting a rainbow of colors together in a pot, or a different color in each. This is a beautiful and delicious idea!

25. Strawberry Plant Blooming in 3 Different Colors Planted in a Basket

Strawberry plant blooming in 3 different colors

Aside from different color strawberries, some varieties bloom with flowers in different colors! If you’re looking for some extra color amidst the green, find the seeds on Etsy and get busy planting. Not only will you have a nice full crop of strawberries, but you’ll also have flowers blooming a rainbow of colors for an extra aesthetic appeal. You had better not keep this planter hidden!

Horizontal Strawberry Planters

From my experience, strawberry roots go down for only about 3 inches so they are fine to plant in shallow containers. This makes it easy for people to grow them in PVC pipes and gutters. Horizontal planters are a great choice if you have a decent amount of ground space and want to keep your plants at the same level. To maximize your harvest, you could also try multiple horizontal strawberry planters stacked.

26. PVC Tubes / Pipes

Horizontal strawberry planter ideas

See how to build your own version of this strawberry planter made with Cinder blocks and PVC pipes at the Modest Dirt blog. Here you’ll find tips and measurements to get started with your own. This is a great design to minimize issues with slugs! First, draw out the holes where your plants will go, and cut them out using a drill.

For ease, the tubes are filled vertically, capping one end as you start to add the soil compost mixture until the first hole. Place your bare roots strawberry plant with the blooming part poking out and then repeat, adding soil and the plant until the whole tube is filled. Cap both ends, and make sure there are some holes for drainage. In this case, the tubes are supported in a cinder block but if you have another material that you can use in a similar fashion, feel free to give it a try!

27. Raising Strawberries in Rain Gutters

Rain gutters strawberry planter ideas

No need to toss out old gutters! Check out this original design, using gutters as strawberry planters. This is a great idea because it repurposes something that is often just tossed. If you don’t have any gutters of your own, ask local construction companies or scrap metal yards to find some second-hand.

Make sure to fix them properly to your wall, keeping in mind that they will be much heavier with soil! Some drainage holes are a good idea to make sure your strawberries don’t get waterlogged. You can keep the gutters plain or get creative painting them for extra decoration.

28. Build a Gutter Shaped Hanging Strawberry Planter (DIY guide)

Homemade hanging gutters strawberry planter

In this case, this design by Foxy Folksy was inspired by gutters but since she didn’t have any around, she chose to make something by hand using wood. Find all the details for this budget-friendly DIY project, including pictures and step-by-step instructions on her page so you can recreate your own.

Simple materials including wood, rope, and nails, and some basic tools are all you need to complete this idea. Using rope to make a hanging planter is a nice twist on an ordinary gutter, and the style fits in well with the wooden boards. She gives some advice on properly securing the rope to make sure it can support the weight of the planter and its contents (especially once the strawberries start growing!).

29. Growing Strawberries in Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles strawberry planter ideas

This is a fun horizontal DIY idea, once again repurposing old materials. Here, large plastic bottles are used as planters for individual strawberry plants. This is a pretty basic project, and very little equipment is required. A hole is cut in the bottles and rope is tied on either end to hang them wherever you please. These are great for small spaces, or you could place many along a wall or a fence for some extra decor. Simply fill them with soil from the center, add the seeds and wait for your crop!

Tiered Strawberry Planter Ideas

There are some great DIY projects to build some cool tiered strawberry planters, and some great ones to buy on the market as well. Here are some ideas and DIY plans to inspire you to add this design to your garden or porch depending on the size you choose.

30. Grow Tub Tiered Strawberry Planter

Grow Tub tiered strawberry planter idea

What a nice idea by Gurney’s, a three-tiered grow tub for your strawberry crops. This can be used pretty much anywhere and is made from a geotextile, keeping it lightweight. It is durable and was proven successful throughout winter. The tub holds quite a bit of soil and around 20-30 plants! You’ll definitely get a healthy strawberry harvest out of this grow tub.

31. Make a 3-Tier Planter with Dura Cotta Pots (DIY guide)

3-tier strawberry planter made with Dura Cotta pots

Find an easy project for a three-tiered planter by Ruggy DIY. Using some plastic Dura Cotta pots, plastic bottles, soil, and your plants, you can make this low-maintenance planter too. The one pictured above was slightly buried into the ground to appear lower to the ground but you can choose what you like.

The plastic bottles are used for the central part where you sit one pot on top of the other to avoid wasting soil. The rest of the volume is filled with soil to which you’ll add your strawberries.

32. DIY Tiered Cedar Strawberry Planter Plan (with Video)

DIY tiered cedar strawberry planter plan

Tiered strawberry planter ideas

This is an awesome Tiered Cedar Strawberry Planter plan, complete with a step-by-step building guide, video, plus all cut-to dimensions. This might not be the easiest project for a beginner, but it is definitely well explained and a challenge that is well worth it. The geometric design has a really cool aesthetic, and you can mix and match with different types of strawberries on each level for example. Not only can you find a detailed guide to build this yourself, but you’ll also find all of the lumber and supplies required to build this plan on the website.

33. Terraced Strawberry Garden Bed and Sprinkler System Kit

Terraced strawberry garden bed ideas

This Pyramidal Strawberry Bed & Sprinkler System Kit by Gurney’s is definitely a well-designed planter! It is made from aluminum bands that measure up to 6 feet across and can hold around 50 plants. As you can see in the picture above, there is a sprinkler at the top tier for easy watering. Additionally, you can add a support frame and netting to make your planter (and harvest!) birdproof. The circular design would be a perfect centerpiece to decorate your garden.

34. Susanna Strawberry 3-tier Wood Tower

Susanna strawberry 3-tier tower

This strawberry patch tower found on Wayfair is a simple piece with a modern design that fits in all sorts of spots. The tower measures 1 foot by 1 foot and can be stacked to make a vertical tower or you can also separate each individual piece for a horizontal design. Since it’s not too big, it can be easily moved around for an optimal location. As well, drainage holes are built-in for ideal strawberry growth. It is weather-resistant and made with cedar, making it a beautiful addition to your patio or garden.

More Tiered Ideas

Wooden tiered strawberry planter ideas

This is a very funky geometric design made from wood and various-sized tiers. Each level is lined with black tarp to avoid constantly having to weed. This style is especially cool because it is a mix of squares and diagonal lines which creates extra garden beds for growing a variety of plants.

Large wooden tiered strawberry planter

This tiered style is simpler than the previous but definitely successful at producing strawberries! One large wooden base and two decreasingly smaller ones make up this strawberry planter. This is a great inspiration for your own version which you could even try using a larger number of tiers if you have space. You could plant the same variety in each tier or try a mix to always have fresh strawberries on hand.

Cinder Block Strawberry Planter Ideas

35. Tiered Ideas

Cinder block tiered strawberry planter ideas

These are all very original ways to make a strawberry planter garden bed out of cinder blocks. Since the blocks already have a hole, it just needs to be filled with soil and planted with strawberries. This material can be pretty versatile and you can choose to make a tiered planter to maximize strawberry growth vertically. You could also keep it lower with two tiers so your kids can help out with the gardening!

The upper right pictures show other great ideas for using cinder blocks for your strawberry plants without the need for tiers. You could make a garden edge with cinder blocks and plant them with strawberries for a cool separation. As well, you can build a raised garden bed from cinder blocks and plant berries in them. With all of this inspiration, you’ll never look at a cinder block the same again!

36. How to Build a Strawberry Planter from Cinder Blocks – DIY guide

Cinder block strawberry planter building guide

Have a look at the Clear Water Cottage blog for extra inspiration and tips to build your own cinder block strawberry planter. This couple wanted to avoid the potentially toxic effects of using plastic as a home for their plants and went for cinder blocks instead. Keep in mind it’s not the lightest material so you may want to have a helper!

Various layouts are depicted on the blog so you can have a better idea of the final results. Depending on how many blocks you use and how you stack them, you may want to fill some of the bases with rocks to minimize how much soil falls out. There’s some helpful information regarding the best soil to use for the project so be sure to check out the blog for advice.

Pallet Strawberry Planter Ideas

37. Build Your Own DIY Pallet Box Planter (a step by step video tutorial)

Strawberry DIY pallet box planter

Here’s a very detailed video tutorial by Lovely Greens on how to build a planter box from a simple piece of material – a pallet. With a few hours and some basic tools, you can build your own version and start growing strawberries. This one is kept natural but you can play around with paint or stains for a different look.

An important tip when choosing a pallet is to pick something that has been heat-treated. She also gives great advice on how to tell which pallets have been sprayed with pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Also, since the pallet will be split into three parts, for simplicity she recommends choosing one with a number of slats that is a multiple of three.

Once the pallet is split in three and excess wood is removed as instructed, it’s time to create the box shape by placing the parts as directed. Thankfully she has step-by-step instructions on her page or you can follow along with the video for ease. Adding feet to the box is useful to set it up from the ground and avoid too much moisture on the bottom.

38. Red Pallet Planter Box on Rolling Legs Idea

Red strawberry pallet planter box on wheels idea

This is a fun twist on the previous idea by using wheels on the bottom of the pallet. From a page called Easy Pallet Ideas, you know this project won’t get too complicated! Short feet are also added to the bottom to facilitate the addition of the wheels. This is a great idea if you want to have the flexibility of moving your planter around freely, especially if you don’t have a consistent source of sun.

Hanging  Strawberry Planters

39. Hanging Basket Planting Idea

Hanging basket strawberry planting idea

This idea by Bakker is definitely super cute! The hanging planter makes it easy for strawberries to dangle freely and display their bright colors. This is a great option for patios, balconies, or in spaces where the ground is a bit too crowded! To maximize your strawberry harvest, at the end of the season plant your strawberries in the hanging basket and the runners into other baskets. You’ll have strawberries everywhere you look!

Repurposed Plastic Containers

40. Laundry Basket Planter (DIY guide and video)

Laundry basket planter idea for strawberries

Who says you need fancy gardening materials to make your own planter? This unique idea by Home and Gardening shows you how to make one out of a laundry basket! Complete with a DIY guide and a video, reproducing this fun design is a breeze! So before you throw out your old laundry basket, try repurposing it in your garden.

41. IKEA Hack – Turn a Grocery Bag Holder into a Strawberry Planter

IKEA hack for making a strawberry container

You might be familiar with this IKEA plastic bag holder. A simple design made for organizing your bags, and now, repurposed as a strawberry planter! Find a DIY video on Sow and Dipity for an easy and quick project to make your own.

The planter opens up flat, and since the holes are fairly large it is recommended to lay moss on the outer layer and top it with compost. Snap the whole thing shut and add your strawberry plants in each hole. The contraption already has a hanging mechanism, but you can stand it up or lean it against a wall if you prefer.

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