50 Best Painted Cat Rocks – Ideas and Images

Small hand-painted rocks can impart immense joy. They are not only adorable but are also an excellent way to spread happiness and positivity. Amid lockdown, we’ve seen many rock paintings circulate the internet, including hand painted cat rocks. It might very well be the best way to commemorate your love for cats. After all, creative expression is the best form of expression.

50 Best Painted Cat Rocks - Ideas and Images

Here we bring you 50 amazing cat rock painting images to gain inspiration from if you want to jump on the bandwagon and create adorable pieces of art.

Cat Silhouette

ideas for black cat rock painted silhouette

Even if you don’t have a single artistic bone in your body, you can still recreate this easy cat silhouette on a white background. All you need is a flat surface rock and black and shit acrylic paint to get started.

black cat rock painting ideas

When you feel confident enough, you can try to add a few details, such as the eyes and the whiskers in this image. You can also try to paint a cat in a different position.

sad cat painted rock idea

It’s a starry night, colorful flowers in a lush grass field and a tiny cat sitting alone staring at what could be the moon, a ball, or a spherical light. It could be whatever you want it to be because there is no one interpretation of art.

cat love silhouette rock painting

Your painting doesn’t have to be elaborate and detailed to be exquisite. Something as simple as this cat outline on a bright green background can be equally mesmerizing. The heart definitely adds a heartwarming touch to the rock painted cat.

cat silhouette painted on rock

In a classroom, there’s always that one student who does the bare minimum but gets excellent grades. Well, this cat painted rock idea is ideal for those students. We love the curves on this cat. They make it look like a ghost.

cat silhouettes painted on rock

If these cute colorful silhouettes don’t make your heart melt, we don’t know what will. There’s beauty in simplicity, and this is the perfect example to back up that saying.

cats on the moon painted rock

Here’s a cute little cat couple on a date on the crescent moon. What can possibly be more romantic than gazing out at the galaxy of stars?

cat tracks painted rock

It may be an elementary painting, but it is an accurate image of a cat’s favorite hobby. You can see the cat perched on the wall observing the scenario below, and we want to join in with some snacks. The paw prints add a nice touch.

black cats rock painted ideas

A cat stretching is a comical sight. If you’ve got an oddly shaped rock, you can put it to good use by turning it into a rock painted with cats. The pointy almond-shaped eyes add a unique touch as well.

ideas for cool cats painted rocks

These cats look like they both jumped out of a horror comic strip. One looks spooky while the other looks creeped out. We absolutely love their coiled-up tails that add a comical touch to the image.

robot cat painted rock

We know this painting doesn’t look realistic, but the expression is pretty accurate. It is comical yet wise, and that is what most cats look like when they aren’t sleeping or asking for cuddles.


cat and mouse rock painting ideas

Cats love to lounge about, so this is one very realistic image. We love how the writer has added depth to the image, and the little mouse trying to sneak past the sleeping cat adds a cute touch to the picture.

cat rock painting in hat

We love a cat with a hat. This one looks like it’s just about ready to go out in the snow and have a snow fight, and we want to accompany it.

cat rock painting in pocket

At some point, we’ve all wanted to carry our kitty in our pocket. This artist has visualized the image in our heads perfectly. From the kittens’ expressions to the folds of the jeans, we love all the little details in this painting.

cat rock painting laying dark brown

If you’ve ever played a game of hide and seek with your cat, you know this is what a cat face looks like when it’s been discovered but is still trying to pretend like it hasn’t.

cat rock painting old green

Here’s Mr. grumpy, who looks like he doesn’t want to be touched but secretly loves belly rubs. In this image, the artist has perfectly captured the expressions of a cat putting on airs.

cat rock painting sitting blue eyes

This cat is just begging for a bite of your food. It wants to eat what you are eating, and it’s really hard to deny one that looks like this cutie pie does.

cat rock painting standing brown

A little kitty that has its eyes set on a moving object it wants to pounce upon looks exactly as this one does. The innocent yet playful expressions have our hearts and make us want to go ‘aww.’

white kitty painted on rock

This little baby is about to settle down for a nap. The adorably peaceful expressions make us want to cuddle with the cat.


blue cats painted on rock

Here are some pictures of square-faced, squint-eyed cats with never-ending necks. They are bound to make your snort a little because they are quite comical looking.

cats chore painted rock

This extensive cat family has a cat in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. This is probably the cutest family portrait we have ever seen.

cat smile rock painting

That’s one creepily funny cat. It looks like a kid who’s just got caught with their hand in a cookie jar and hopes to get away with the mischief by acting cute.

cats under moon painted rock

We love how this rock cat painting is very basic but very detailed. Each of these four cats has a unique personality evident via their expressions. Starting from the left, there’s the mischievous one, the wise one, the curious one, and standing on the far right is the caretaker of the group.

color cats painting on rock

A cat on top of a cat on top of a cat! It’s a pile of cats, and we love it.

funny cat rock painting

Here’s a black cat that looks different but has a heart of gold. Its features may not be traditional, but the face has ‘I love you’ written all over it.

happy cats easy rock painting

The rock reads ‘5 happy cats’, and the cats look content too. We love their pointy ears and expressions that are simple yet detailed.

sleeping cat painted rock

This image sums up every cat’s dream. All they want is to be taken care of and pampered. Add a few mice to chase, and you have the happiest cat on earth. This cat is enjoying a nice breakfast in bed and is clearly very content.

we love you cats rock painted

Black Cat

These black cat images are a mood! They are intense! They are detailed! They beautifully capture the majestic aura of a black cat! They make for the perfect gift for someone who has one.

black cat painted on black rock

rock painting with black cat

Cat Love

Japanese cat painted rock ideas

cat and dog painted on rock

cats painted rocks

cat meow painted rocks
cat in love rock painting

rock painting white with blue kitties

cats painting with red hearts

cats friendship rock painting ideas
cats in love painted rock ideas

Cat Face

cute cats rock painting

simple cat rock painting ideas

At Night

cat at night rock painting

cat country painted rock

cats moon painted rock

night kitty rock painting

simple rock painted cats

Sleeping Cat

cat sleeping on chair rock painting

Easy And Simple

black cat painted rock

cats painted on pebbles

cats art with painted rocks

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