55 Best Owl Painted Rocks – Ideas and Images

Owl Painted Rocks

Owls are mysterious creatures. In many cultures, they symbolize wisdom and intuitive knowledge. Taking inspiration from this symbolism, many artists project their creative visualizations on owl painted rocks. It’s not unusual to see owls painted on rocks in glasses or with a book.

If you are looking for a sweet gift for a high school or college graduate, an owl painted rock is ideal. Want unusual home decor ideas? Painted owls will look great on your interior wall and in your garden.

If you’d like to paint one, take a look at these cutest images. They sure will help you find your own inspiration.

We’ve collected some of the best rock paintings, ranging from easy to elaborate, from silhouettes to detailed visualizations, from simple images to real-life like art. DIY beginners and DIY pros will find this collection useful and entertaining.

55 Best Images

Majestic owl hand painted on river rock

We bought this owl painted river rock art. The quality of work is amazing. We love it!

Charming snowy owl rock painting - a great gift for women or home decor

That’s the look a child has when asking permission for a sleepover at their friend’s house. The posture, the eyes, and the details added to the fur make it an incredibly adorable and realistic looking rock painting.

Owl rock painting framed duo

Set atop a branch, the two abstract owls in the frame seem to be having a moment. If owls in love had a face, this would be it. The soft and heartwarming expressions of the owls can make anyone fall in love with these framed cute oil painted rocks.

Snowy owl rock paintings with yellow eyes

The owl on the left looks like the ideal child, the one on the right looks like the trouble maker thanks to the slightly skewed eyebrows, and frankly, it’s the mischievous ones who become the life of the party. Add them to your study table as a reminder to let loose your crazy once in a while.

Brown owl painted rock - a great Valentine gift, with a sparkly love heart

This brown owl painted rock in a pom pom hat is a must gift for Valentine!

Rock painting of owl with book

This is the owl that became the symbol of the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. The monocle glass, the magnified eye behind it, the book, the watch, and even the expressions are on point. If there were ever an owl about to deliver a lecture, this would be it.

Rock painting of an owl mother and an owl baby

The mama owl cradling her baby oil is one of the most adorable brown owl painted rocks we’ve seen so far. The baby’s glasses and their tiny feet are an added plus. If you know a mother to be, this could make the perfect gift for her.

Family of owls painted on rock

Here’s a proud papa owl hugging the mama owl who is embracing the baby. It’s a picture-perfect family portrait ideal for parents to be. The soft yet stern expressions of the papa owl are a definite winner here.

Sleepy owl rock painting

The inquisitive looking baby owl is definitely mesmerizing. The intense color palette and the oversized bottomless eyes with the half-moon eyebrows capture the innocent yet curious gaze of a newborn perfectly. Can you believe that this just a rock?!

Rock painting of a sleeping polar owl baby

The peaceful expressions and the soft color palette scream serenity in this owl painted pebble. It is the cutest pendant we have seen in a while and might be one of the perfect owl pebble art gifts for women. If this doesn’t inspire you to get some me time, we don’t know what will.

Amazingly realistic owl rock painting

If you want to know what a baby owl would look like in your palm, try holding one of these hand painted owl rocks. This one, in particular, seems incredibly realistic. Each feather looks so realistic because of the shading and the natural color transitions the painter has added.

Colorful owl rock painting with a red heart

If you’re looking for home decor options to brighten up your space, this colorful abstract owl painted pebble is ideal for you. The hooded eyes are a mood, and you might consider adding it in your place for a fun element and a nice pop of color.

Owl rock painting with lovely eyes

The doe-eyes are just begging for love and instantly make you want to pout. The baby owl makes you want to hug and give it all the love in the world. It may not be the most realistic looking painting, but it is definitely mesmerizing.

Stone Art Owl Painting in Acrylic Colors

This might very well be the fiercest wink we’ve ever seen. If expression could speak, this would scream “You better get what I’m saying or I’m going to peck you!”

Painted funny owl rocks - great as garden decor

Art doesn’t have to be elaborate and easy owl painted rocks like these are a testament to our statement. Art is all about creative expression, and this artistic rendition of the bird is definitely creative. We don’t know whether the eye looks like a sun, an eye, or a flower, and that is what makes this unique.

Rock painted owl sitting on a tree

We don’t know if this is a painted pebble or actual baby owl. From the coat to the eyes, every little detail looks realistic. It almost makes you want to reach out to touch it because the feathers look extremely soft.

Rock painted owls - mama and baby

This mother owl covering her baby under her wing is the most precious piece yet. Each brush stroke adds a whole other depth to the painting and has us staring a little while longer.

Owl always loves you note painted on a river rock

Owl Always Love You! It seems like a message from a Harry Potter fan. Though this may not be Hedwig, it is an abstract painting of owl with beautiful colors and a heartwarming message for those going through a tough time.

Simple owl rock painting

Here are a shy boy and a pretty girl sitting on a tree branch—a very basic painting but an adorable one nonetheless. We absolutely love how the eyes speak a thousand words and give the two owls a personality. This is one of the cutest DIY owl painted rocks we have seen.

Tiny pebble painted owl

Very out of proportion but incredibly cute. The painting looks like an animated newborn baby owl, and we love its half-asleep expression.

Two owl painted pebbles in a nest

These two siblings in the nest really couldn’t care less. They both look lost in their own little secret world, and honestly, we want in.

Decorative Owl Painted Garden Rocks - great ideas for DIY beginners

We can almost imagine how good these abstract owl painted pebbles would look as paperweights. You can even keep them on essential documents because their colors are bound to gain your attention.

Indian style owl painted rock in colors

This owl looks like it’s about to break into a traditional jungle dance to celebrate the spring season. It is unique, to say the least, and makes you want to scratch the owl’s nose.

Cute snowy owl rock painting

If paintings could talk, this one would ask, “what are you looking at?” It almost looks cross but extremely cute nonetheless. Out of all black and white painted owl rocks, this is definitely the most unique. Its pure white color adds to its beauty. It’s a cheeky addition to your home decor but an adorably cheeky one.

Polar owl rock painting with painted feet

A cute shy looking baby owl that looks easy to draw, but it would be hard to do justice to it even if we tried. The lowered gaze indicates shyness, yet the owl has a know-it-all personality that makes the painting a masterpiece. It’s a perfect gift for all the wise shy ones out there.

 Boho style painted owl stone

Brown owl painted on rock

White owl painted on rock

Brown owl painting with a pipe

Pebbles painted with owls

Brown baby owl painted rock

Realistic rock painting of an owl

Funny looking owls

Easy owl rock paintings

Owl painted rock art

Wise owl in a glasses painted on rock

Owl in a hat painted rock

Pebbles painted owl art

Black and white owl painted rocks - Owl Herb Marker Set

Above is an owl painted stones herb marker set.

Funny owl rock paintings

Easy owl painted rocks
Simple owls painted sitting on a branch - key hanger

Pebble painted with stylistic owl

Rock painted owl art

Boho style painted owls on a tree branch art piece

Winter owls painted rocks

Grumpy Owl Stone Painting - home decor

Bookmark owl painted rock

Black and white owl painting

Black and White owl painted pebbles

Owl painted rock pendant

tiny owl rock painting

Big eyed owl painted rock

Adorable owl painted rock

This rock painted owl looks amazingly adorable!

Owl silhouette painted rock

Wise Owl rock painting

DIY rock painted owl

Easy DIY owl rock painting

Cool owl rock paintings

Rock paintings bring us so many different interpretations of the owl. Every artist sees owls differently, and that’s the magic of pebble art.

Owl rock art
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