11 DIY Backyard Movie Screen Ideas for Your Outdoor Theater

This summer you should relax in the comfort of your own backyard, with the convenience of your own DIY outdoor movie theater! Take full advantage of the hot weather and build a movie screen on a budget that the whole family can enjoy!

DIY Backyard Movie Screen Plans and Ideas

We love cozying up outdoors, with a blanket and a good movie and we know your family will love it too. That’s why we put together 11 of the nicest, easiest, most affordable backyard projector screens we could find. No matter what size yard you have, there is something on this list that will work with the space (and the budget) you have available!

Take a look at some of the tutorials we’ve collected for inspiration for your very own DIY Backyard Movie Screen! All of the designs we’ve included feature step-by-step instructions, material lists and photographs so you can easily recreate a version for yourself.

Make the most out of this summer by spending as much time outside as possible with a DIY outdoor living room. The whole family will enjoy hours of popcorn and entertainment under the starry skies this summer, so don’t delay.

11 Backyard Movie Screen Ideas

Pick one and build it today – it’s easier than you think!

1. Best Design for the Outdoor Movie Screen?

Could this be the best idea for the Outdoor Movie Screen?
Source: thehorticult.com

If you’re looking for inspiration to help you design the ultimate outdoor living room, then look no further than this amazing space from thehorticult.com

Adding a viewing screen to an outdoor trellis space really is the greatest way incorporate to bring the indoors, out. We love that this couple shared sketches and design improvements that they included in building their awesome space that will help you get yours right on the first try!

Everything about this inviting space screams, come sit out here! So take a look at the amazing tutorial to see if this DIY theater is the right choice for you.

2.  Easy to Make Outdoor Theater Screen

Easy to Make Outdoor Theater Screen
Source: hgtv.com

We don’t always like to admit it, but we can spend a lot of time in front of the television… And, hey, that’s not always a thing!

Watching movies, sports and concerts with the family is a great way to spend some time together relaxing, so why not make the most out of it by moving the party outdoors?  This easy and inexpensive DIY movie screen requires no power tools and can be assembled in an afternoon.

We know your whole family will love spending warm Friday nights in the backyard watching the latest Blockbuster hits, so hurry up and get started on yours today! From HGTV.

3. Affordable DIY Movie Screen

Affordable DIY Outdoor Movie Screen
Source: instructables.com

This DIY movie screen for the backyard is another easy to assemble project that is budget friendly.

Made of mostly PVC pipes, this design is sturdy and relatively simple to assemble, which means DIYers of all levels can assemble it with ease.

If your family has been hoping for an open air theater to enjoy this summer, take a look at this design plan for straightforward instructions on how to recreate one for yourself! From instructables.com.

4.  Easy to Store Movie Screen and Frame

Easy to Store Outdoor Movie Screen and Frame
Source: instructables.com

Next up on our list is a super affordable backyard design from instructables.com.

The best thing about this projector screen is that it was designed to be collapsible. That means, you can easily fold it and tuck it away when it’s not in use. Everyone has their own take on creating the perfect outdoor space, but we know you’ll get plenty of use out of this addition to your backyard.

Why not add this plan to your list of projects this summer? You’ll love the view from under the stars!

5.  Sleek Backyard Movie Screen Idea

Sleek Backyard Movie Screen Idea
Source: effortless-style.com

The convenience of having your very own drive-in movie theater is something the neighbors will envy you for, for years to come!

Speaking of neighbors, you can opt for outdoor speakers to compliment your projector screen, but many families choose wireless speakers to keep the noise and complaints to a minimum. We love minimalist look design as well, because it doesn’t distract from the rest of the yard with an obtrusive or bulky frame.

If this looks like the type of screen you’d like to have in your backyard this summer, take a look at the tutorial for easy to follow instructions! From effortless-style.com.

6. Inexpensive Backyard Movie Theater Idea

Inexpensive Backyard Movie Theater Idea
Source: myfrugaladventures.com

Everything about this DIY design idea from myfrugaladventures.com can be easily recreated with little to no effort!

From the inflatable pool seating to the storable screen and frame, this setup is perfect for families with children or who don’t have the space for a permanent fixture. Made of pvc pipes and rebar, this is a surprising sturdy option for your outdoor movie screenings.

If you already have a projector and a wireless speaker hanging around, you only need a couple of small additions to complete an entire outdoor movie theater of your own!

7. DIY Backyard Movie Screen for $50

DIY Backyard Movie Screen for $50
Source: atcharlotteshouse.com

This backyard idea is another variation of a PVC pipe creation that cost less than $50 to make and can be completed in a few hours.

You can use a basic cotton sheet as your screen or you can opt for a heavier material such as the polyester one used here. Charlotte from atcharlotteshouse.com also used black felt for the edges of the screen for a crisper image and less warping.

If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare and live near a hardware store, you can quickly make your own!

8. Outdoor Movie Screen Using No Tools

Build this outdoor movie screen without tools
Source: vivaveltoro.com

There’s no better feeling than cuddling up in some blankets on a cool summer night to watch your favorite movie or TV show.

With a projector screen like this, you’ll only want to watch trilogies or binge on Netflix so you can spend as much time outdoors as possible.  This is another project that is perfect for beginner DIYers because no special tools are needed to build it.  Some PVC pipes, connectors and a sheet are all you need to get going.

We know you’ve been dying to watch Game of Throne re-runs all year, now you have the perfect excuse to break in your new backyard theater. From vivaveltoro.com.

9. Classic Drive-In Style Movie Screen

Classic Drive-In Style Movie Screen Design Idea for Your Backyard
Source: hometalk.com

The enjoyment you get out of a backyard theater pays dividends compared to the investment.

This tutorial from hometalk.com is a complete breakdown of the steps required to build an inexpensive outdoor movie theater.  No matter where you decide to place your screen, you are sure to spend hours and hours outside relaxing in the warmth of summer nights.

Take a look at this design to see if this project is the right one for you and your family!

10. Miniature Movie Screen

Small Outdoor Movie Screen Idea
Source: toolboxdivas.com

What’s the perfect ending to a sunny day of barbecuing and fun in the sun? It could only be an outdoor viewing of your favorite movie!

Toolboxdivas.com brought us this amazing tutorial that is the best choice for families with a mini projector.  The edges of the screen were created by spray painting scrubbing pads and the screen was secured to the fence with Gorilla tape.

Ideal for mounting to fencing or the side of a home, this DIY plan is great for families who don’t want to commit to a full-size project.

11. 6-Step DIY Movie Screen

Build this DIY Movie Screen in 6 steps
Source: theaspiringhome.com

Outdoor movie screens don’t have to be relegated to backyard spaces.

As seen in this example from theaspiringhome.com a projector screen can be enjoyed from anywhere on your property. This insightful tutorial even includes a guide to help you determine what size screen would work best for your home. Condensed to 6 straightforward steps, you’ll love the quick and easy setup of this DIY tutorial.

Check it out, if your yard includes a garage door or side wall that could be the future home of your backyard movie screen!

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