Your Backyard Yurt Tent or Teepee – Best Glamping Ideas

Backyard glamping ideas

Your backyard yurt, tent or teepee can be a charming spot for house guests to stay (and stay out of your hair). But in all seriousness, it gives your guests their privacy. But it could also be a revenue stream as an Airbnb rental. And when it’s not earning money, or occupied by family and friends, use it yourself as a weekend getaway – glamping in your own backyard. Glamping, of course, is a hybrid word from glamorous and camping. You can really make an incredible space if you don’t look at it as camping. Because frankly, glamping is in a league of its own.

Think rugs (Oriental, Sisal, depends on your style), big comfy beds and comforters, soft lighting – it all goes a long way to revving up the experience. You can even add a flat-screen TV if you like. And of course, there’s wifi – from your house. Throw in a coffee maker (run a discreet extension cord and supply jug water) and put a few muffins in a basket and voila. Instant luxury. Glamping at its best.

Glamping in Yurts

A yurt is a central-Asian folding tent from the time of Genghis Khan, and they’ve been enjoying a resurgence in the past decade. With all the modern upgrades, of course. The original yurt had five elements: lattice walls, roof beams, a roof ring, a door, and a felt or hide covering.  Today they have so much more. And you can customize them to your own style – no two yurts are alike, it seems.

Texas yurt with Central Asian style

This Texas yurt has a distinctly central Asian style. A small deck outside (we’d add a few potted plants) and you’ve got yourselves a functional guest house. Source

Classic yurt with red doors

Yurts are built on raised platforms. These portable dwellings were once homes for nomadic groups in the grasslands of central Asia.

Ribs on the yurt ceiling are red

El-Cosmico in Texas has an array of accommodation choices, including yurts (it also has teepees). It bills itself as a Bohemian West Texas Nomadic Hotel. You can get some great ideas from them. We love the red wooden ribs – most you see are natural wood stain but red gives it a real overall sense of Asian design.

Backyard yurts are easy to build

Most yurts have very simple exteriors. Basically, round, upscale tents with more stability. This is the perfect size and style for a backyard glamping yurt. Source

A smaller yurt with an Asian theme

Inside a small yurt – lots of room for a bed and two chairs. We love the rug in this one. Anything you can use for design that stays true to the geographical region will enhance the experience. Source

This yurt has a lot of room inside

But you can build as large a yurt as your backyard can handle. Mixing and matching rugs works well here. Source

Building a yurt in your backyard has never been easier

Floor plan for a yurt. Source

Vancouver Island Glamping Yurt

This glamping yurt on Vancouver Island bypassed the rugs and went for hardwood floors. It’s a little more elegant of an interior space than most yurts we’ve seen. Source

A white yurt with red doors! Awesome. is a great place to search out yurt ideas.

This New York state glamping yurt (from Glamping Hub) has got a Bohemian vibe with Asian style – we like it!

Glamping Tents

Tents are not what they used to be. They’re certainly nothing like the pup tents we pitched in the backyard when we were kids. They are larger, for one.  And these are decked out (for the most part) and fully functional guest rooms. Some even have chandeliers. Rugs, again, go a long way to making the look.

Why camp when you can glamp?

A 16-ft tent from Amazon – it can be up in your yard in no time. It’s a smaller tent, but it can be your starter glamping experience.

This is a spa room that hardly looks like the inside of a tent!

The classic Spa look is probably the easiest to do. White, white and more white. Source

The Safari Tent

These Safari glamping tents have plenty of room inside. Note the leopard bed cover. Source

The Safari Tent at night

The safari tent at night – fairy lights always are a hit. Source

A real mountain decor inside this glamping tent

This glamping tent interior has that mountain feel. And a chandelier. Located in Vail, Colorado, with Collective Retreats

Glamping – in Teepees

Traditionally, teepees were meant to be collapsible and portable – the nomadic Great American Plains Indians would follow the buffalo. They are also called tipis or tepees, as we have spelled them. They are easy to build and a true teepee will have a flap structure at the top (to let out the smoke from the interior fire).

Teepees are the new thing in glamping

El-Cosmico resort has glamping teepees in West Texas. Source

The ribs are similar to a yurt structure

Teepee glamping at Bison Peak Lodge. This interior is true to form and presents a campfire in the center of the room. Source

A mini tipi for your backyard!

You could also go for a mini teepee if you just want to try it out. Source

Native design meets a cheerful yellow interior

A colorful teepee interior uses native design on the canvas cover and the rugs and pillowcases. Source

A teepee makes a quaint backyard guest cabin.

Westgate River Ranch glamping teepee rental – we love the flooring. Source

Western design suits the form.

Wyoming teepee interior – a Western theme really does make good design sense. Source

Glamping Domes

Glamping Domes take many shapes and sizes – from small to humongous and from tent domes to stargazer bubble domes. You can even get these domes made to enclose your outdoor pool or hot tub.

A transparent stargazer dome.

The Stargazer Garden Dome is a lovely spot to sit (or nap) in the garden. Buy it on Amazon

A geodesic dome with large window space.

This tent dome has great windows and a bit of a nautical theme. Remember, patio lights, fairy lights – lights help set the mood! Source

A transparent dome at night - with curtains and fairy lights.

This Exelite bubble dome is shown at night with curtains and fairy lights. It’s enchanting. Imagine arriving to this after dark as an Airbnb guest. Source

The interior of these domes can be super sleek.

Beautiful modern interior from the Dome Hotel for inspiration – you can’t go wrong with raw linen bedding. And it needs no ironing. Source

Go crazy with your design - your clients will be adventurers!

Get as crazy as you like with the glamping dome interior – your starting place is a dome – what could be more unusual? Source

This see-through bubble tent is a stargazing dream

This see-through bubble tent is for real stargazing. Can you imagine sleeping here, and opening your eyes in the middle of the night to see the stars? Source 

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