DIY Autumn Leaf Decorations – 20 Craft Projects Showcasing Glorious Fall Colors

DIY Autumn Leaf Decorations

The glorious fall colors are a palette for DIY projects with autumn leaves. As we head deeper into fall – those crisp nights turn the foliage in the northern states (especially northeastern states) into something pretty special. Vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and every shade in between deck the trees. Take advantage of nature’s colors and use these fall leaves in projects like the ones below. Some of them are incredibly creative. And best of all, easy to do.

leaves on a fall road

Could fall get any more beautiful? What does fall mean to you? Campfires, rustling leaves, sleeping under blankets. Football, shorter days …and turkey.

Autumn Leaves and Glorious Fall Colors: Reds, Oranges and Yellows

The stairs are covered in autumn leaves

Fall is a time for reflection  – and taking steps to make your life better.

beautiful autumn leaves and blue lake

Imagine traversing this idyllic setting in a canoe in the morning stillness.

DIY Projects for Autumn Leaves

DIY mason jars autumn leaves

The ubiquitous mason jar – it’s everywhere and it looks fantastic. Buy the mason jars and the faux leaves at Amazon.

turn your fall leaves into a DIY bowl

DIY Fall Leaves Bowl by CraftsUnlimted. What would you put in the bowl?

a fall wreath from autumn leaves

This DIY autumn leaves wreath from Sparkle Living blog makes a fantastic piece of door decor.

You can make placemats for your Thanksgiving dinner using fall leaves – there’s a great DIY over at The Style Safari.

easy DIY book garland with fall leaves

An easy DIY using old books and fall leaves – The Fall Leaf Book Page Banner from Simple as That.

What about making your own DIY fairy light string with colorful autumn leaves? Check it out at Wallflower Kitchen.

This falling leaves sparkling garland is an easy DIY from House of Jade Interiors Blog.

More Autumn Leaves in Vibrant Fall Colors

fall lake view of autumn leaves

New England autumn leaves reflecting on the lake.

vibrant colors autumn leaves

Fall leaves in Vermont.

resting bench among autumn leaves

Doesn’t this look like a great place to sit and think? Sitting on the bench, rustling your feet in the leaves.

More DIY Projects with Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves make DIY roses

DIY Autumn Maple Leaf Roses from Dishfunctional Designs.

autumn leaves mask

Use a plain, mustard-color Halloween mask and add some faux leaves to make this gorgeous Venetian fall leaves mask.

fall leaves spray painted gold

Use gold spray paint on leaves and hang them from a thin string for an elegant curtain effect.

This DIY project using fall leaves to make stamped napkins is a little complicated but well worth the effort. Get the details at All Things G and D.

The Offbeat Bride reports using this as garden decor at a fall wedding. Check it out at Offbeat Bride.

glittering fall leaves

These gorgeous sparkly autumn leaves are a great DIY craft project from Typically Simple

An array of DIY fall candle decor ideas for your autumn leaf DIY projects can be found at German blog, Deavita.

painted autumn leaves

These gorgeous hand-painted fall leaves are by Elana Nuez.

fall leaves Elana Nuez

For DIY instructions on how to make your own art project using fall leaves, check out Art Bar Blog.

No time to gather and press your own fall leaves? Buy them on Etsy. But whatever you do, don’t pass up your seasonal opportunity to show off some of Mother Nature’s finest colors.

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