Halloween Aesthetic from 8 Home Decor Brands

Halloween Aesthetic Ideas for 2022

It’s fast approaching spooky season, and we couldn’t be more excited. There’s no better time to go all out on your home decor, especially considering how many options you have at your disposal.

To help get you in the ghoulish spirit, we’ve gone around to some famous home decor brands and looked at what their Halloween aesthetic has to offer this year.

We weren’t disappointed, and it’s safe to say there’s definitely something for everyone – from the cute to the downright frightening.

Ready? Let’s transform your home into a spine-chilling spectacle.



1. Crate and Barrel

Halloween aesthetic by Crate and Barrel
Crate and Barrel

This year, Crate and Barrel offers some unique new takes on classic décor pieces, including feathery black pampas wreaths, witchy broomsticks, and geometric Jack o’ Lanterns. Their range is plentiful, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

For outdoor use, you have a variety of ceramic or wooden pumpkins to choose from, as well as various cauldrons and vases, candle holders, and wreaths. For your indoor aesthetic, you can choose from dozens of pieces of Halloween-appropriate crockery pieces and decorations. Some of our favorite knickknacks are their pumpkin-colored candles, ghost table runners, and double-walled, bat-embossed Old-Fashioned glasses.



2. Grandin Road

GrandinRoad Halloween outdoor decor idea for front door

Grandin Road

Grandin Road is a must-visit for all your Halloween needs purely because of the sheer volume of products they carry for the occasion. Indeed, you won’t have any trouble finding goodies to jazz up both your outdoor and indoor spaces. To start, we have to give some special attention to these exceptionally unique garlands, wreaths, and urn fillers.

Whispy black tendrils and feathers complement realistic skulls, delicate pumpkins, and vintage roses. Their muted tones look almost romantic – like stepping back into a different time. To complete this look, you can include some lantern candle holders, chains, black ceramic pumpkins, and even the odd raven statuette. 

Visitors will feel like they’re walking into a scene from a spooky Sherlock Holmes mystery.


GrandinRoad bats mantel scarf

Grandin Road

If vintage romanticism is not your vibe, you can explore a cuter, more whimsical décor set, also from Grandin Road. Here, we shift focus to a combination of more traditional Halloween colors, namely, orange, white, and black. 

The star of the show for this indoor set-up has to be this bat-edged mantel scarf/table runner. Sheer spiderweb lace is edged off with a scalloped bat shape that is as cute as it is thematic. Using this as the basis of your indoor décor, you can complete your look with some of Grandin Road’s other whimsical Halloween pieces. 

We love these patterned pumpkins, especially alongside a bright fall wreath, old books, and cob-wedded lettering.


GrandinRoad pre-lit pumpkins

Grandin Road

Speaking of whimsy, let’s take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous these pre-lit, gnarled pumpkins are. They’re versatile and safe – and you won’t have to worry about accidentally setting things on fire. Best of all, they’re sure to stay in fashion year after year, particularly if you just change up your surrounding ornamentation from time to time. 

These pretty pumpkins can either be used as standalone pieces indoors or as part of a bigger scene outside. In this example, we absolutely die for the vintage figurine of a lady-turned-tree (or vice versa). 

Ravens and an intricate wreath of skulls and bones, along with some spooky smoke effects, make for a breathtaking Halloween set-up that will undoubtedly have passers-by doing a double take.



3. Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma Halloween tabletop aesthetic

Williams Sonoma

Are you planning on throwing an All Hallows feast? Williams Sonoma offers a spooktacular range of Halloween-inspired crockery and décor to set you on your way. Some of our favorite pieces from this store are their cauldron-inspired cups and bowls, perfect for punch or a warm cup of cocoa. 

You’ll also find bowls, cake stands, trinket trays, and other bits and bobs to incorporate into your theme. Complete your feast with a bottle of Witches Brew for a truly authentic feel.



4. West Elm

West Elm Halloween dining table aesthetic

West Elm

West Elm hosts one of our favorite dinnerware ranges this season – honestly, who wouldn’t be enchanted by their Curiosity salad plate set? But that’s not all. They also have a vast range of complementing décor that will see you throwing an All Hallows feast for the ages. 

Some of our top picks include their terracotta skull candelabra and must-have metal snake glassware. That said, there’s so much to choose from that you won’t know where to start. Browse their website to view wreaths, garlands, serving platters, candles, pumpkins, and pillows in every shape, style, and aesthetic you can imagine.



5. CB2

Devilish Halloween tablespace aesthetic from CB2


This year, CB2 is offering us a range with a modern edge – and we love it. Best of all, most of the individual pieces in this layout are timeless and non-specific so you can use them for multiple occasions. Ultimately, it’s about how you pair your pieces. 

To start, invest in some spider-thin, lacy placemats accompanied by marbled and patterned dinnerware in black and white. Orange-toned tumblers and crystal glasses add a vintage feel that contrasts with the organic shape of a stunning glass punch bowl. Add even more texture with a tall black candleholder. 

And to complete this look, incorporate a few polished metal skulls. This is a classically creepy dinner layout that you can easily recreate year after year.



6. Pottery Barn

Halloween theme from Pottery Barn - mr.bones skeleton

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is taking Halloween to a whole new level in 2022. You can create this conversational set-up in your own home by investing in these incredible life-size skeletons. And while that’s already quite a sight to behold, it’s not all they have to offer. 

Their wide range includes skeleton-themed glassware with delicate silver bones wrapped around them, as well as a variety of candles, skulls, and eerie glass domes. If this Hamletesque scene is not for you, you can also browse their slightly cuter range of ghoulish and ghostly décor. From pillows to plates to wreaths and broomsticks, there’s something for every taste and occasion.



7. Ikea

Ikea Halloween Treats Ideas for Kids


If you’re in the mood for a more hands-on, DIY Halloween, step into IKEA. Not only do they offer great Halloween tips and tricks for throwing parties, but many of their pieces are ideal for setting up your décor, too. These spooky ice blocks are a prime example of creativity.

Plastic spiders are set into icetrays and frozen into water. For guests who aren’t expecting them, you’ll be hearing some squeals for sure. Display your haunting ice blocks in a silver server bowl and serve up some potion in bulbous crystal tumblers. Ghost cotton and gnarled twigs in a glass vase complete the look. This is easy to achieve but very effective for creating a unique Halloween aesthetic.



8. Neiman Marcus

Karen Didion Originals - Halloween witch from Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

This classic déecor set is available from Neiman Marcus in 2022. What’s not to love about a light-up Halloween witch with her own easy-bake oven filled with apothecary, potions, and curiosities? Indeed, we must applaud the level of detail in this ornament, from her slightly eerie smile to the spider on her broom to the twinkling lights ensconced in her glass jars. It feels like every time you look at it, you see something new. 

Personally, I feel this is a great investment piece you can haul out year after year. It has a vintage look that never goes out of fashion and celebrates the best that the spooky season has to offer.

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