25 Unique Brick Mailbox Designs and Creative Ideas

Brick mailbox designs and ideas

Adding a mailbox to your front yard is like adding a signature to your home. And there’s something really fun and special about taking an idea and customizing it to suit your space.

In this article, we’ll look at 25 unique brick mailbox designs that will set you on your way to finding the perfect style to match your aesthetic.

We all know bricks are incredibly versatile, but just wait until you see how many ways you can use them to build a practical and good-looking mailbox. Ready? Let’s get creative.



Unique Mailbox Ideas

1. Stepped Pyramid

Steeped Pyramid Mailbox design

This one-of-a-kind design will definitely have passers-by turning their heads for a second viewing. At first glance, it presents like a miniature pyramid, with layers of rustic bricks nestled upon one another in neat tiers. But upon closer inspection, you notice a vintage metal mailbox nestled in the layers, at just the right height for the local postman to pop in a letter or two. Furthering the intelligence of this design, one of the steps serves as a resting place for the street number while simultaneously housing a cleverly incorporated slot for a newspaper. It’s striking, witty, and easy enough to DIY, provided you keep things neat. This is a definite must-build for those with discerning taste in architecture.


2. Elegant Brick Mailbox with Light on Top

Rod Muilenburg Masonry - brick mailbox with light on top

Mailboxes do more than just serve the purpose of receiving letters. They are also often used as markers to direct guests to the correct address, as in the example above. This particular mailbox is elegant in design and matches the home’s aesthetic. However, it also has a light resting on top of it, illuminating it at night. You can build this yourself with some bricks, cement, a metal hatch box, and a light fitting. Like a tiny homage to a lighthouse, visitors will have no trouble finding you late in the evening.



Mailboxes with Planters

3. Vertical Brick Mailbox with Flower Box

Brick mailbox with flower box

This otherwise standard brick mailbox is elevated by the inclusion of a simple square flower box. It’s a welcoming nod to guests (who doesn’t love flowers?) and ties in seamlessly with the face-brick façade of the house in the background. The mail holder itself is unobtrusive – a hatch built straight into the structure. It also proudly displays the home’s street number, so there can be no confusion about where you are visiting. Overall, this is a classic yet impactful design that is both practical and intentional.


4. Corner Wall

Corner Wall Brick Mailbox with flower beds

This is one of my favorite brick mailbox ideas. It does a great job adding charm to a sweeping yard while rounding off the driveway. The inclusion of flowerbeds gives it a whimsical feel while also breaking its starkness. And the sloping walls make it feel like you’ve reached the corner of some sort of castled city, complete with dramatic capstones. When selecting bricks for this design, it’s a good idea to go with sturdier varieties that require less mortar.


5. Double Planter Design

Brick mailbox design with flower boxes and herringbone pattern on the sides

This beautiful brick mailbox is flanked on either side by a small square planter box, giving it a stately, vintage aesthetic. Finishing it off, we see a beautiful slate capstone top. Spring flowers add a pop of color, making it stand out even more. But perhaps the most unusual and attractive feature is the herringbone design of the brickwork. It looks like it could belong in a museum garden or churchyard, which perfectly suits the large garden and overhanging trees.


6. Layered Brick with Concrete Caps

brick mailbox with concrete caps and a side planter

The unusual angles of this brick structure are what make it so interesting. Each layer’s bricks are positioned differently, giving it height and depth. Together with this, the cast concrete tops add a second color, bringing together the existing home’s face-brick exterior and the driveway’s gritty concrete. The planter box and metal mail hatch combine to look like the garden and doorway of a tiny three-story home.



Arched Mailboxes

7. Standard Arch Mailbox with Planter Box

An arched brick mailbox with a planter

An arched brick mailbox is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. The semi-circle shape does a great job of softening the harsh edges of the bricks, which can be formed into this attractive pattern using variations in the width of the mortar. An accompanying planter box complements the overall aesthetic. You just need to make sure it has a cement or brick foundation, so it doesn’t sink or shift. To elevate this look, the designer has also stacked the center bricks in an appealing herringbone pattern. There’s even a sweet red flag to tell you when your mail has arrived.


8. Arched Design with Double Planters

Arched top brick mailbox design with double planter

While an arched design is excellent on its own, it’s even better with a planter on each side. That said, this gorgeous idea incorporates some specialized brickwork to make the arch curve smooth and neat, which can be achieved with a masonry saw. To create the edging of the planter boxes, you’ll also need to undertake some cutting and measuring to make smaller brick squares. A submerged mail hatch and embossed brass number plate complete the look. The latter is accentuated by brick stepping which protrudes slightly for emphasis.


9. Vertical Arch with Detailed Mail Hatch

Arched mailbox by cobblestonemasonrydfw.com

Image credit: cobblestonemasonrydfw.com

Isn’t this dreamy? Generally, when we see arched mailboxes, they’re comprised of horizontally layered brickwork with a curved top. On the contrary, this design uses three layers of vertical bricks folding over an intricate mail hatch in a gorgeous rainbow shape. The hatch itself is the star of the show, and the brickwork complements it perfectly, drawing the eye to the embossed floral plate, which is dramatic and elegant.


10. Standard Arch with Dual Newspaper Holders

Dual Newspaper Holders

If you’re still of the persuasion that nothing beats a real newspaper, this dual clay flue holder design is the one for you. Placed vertically, the combination of holders and hatch complement the rounded arch. A cast concrete number place completes this simple yet effective mailbox.



Steeple Top Mailboxes

11. Steeple Top Design with Stepped Base

Steeple top mailbox design from aaabrickmailbox.com

Image credit: aaabrickmailbox.com

A steeple top mailbox is a firm favorite among homeowners worldwide. It requires some saw cuts to make it neat, but this isn’t too tricky if you have the right tools. This type of mailbox design is popular because it generally complements the gabled roofs of houses, fitting in rather than standing out. This particular idea also incorporates a middle step design, meaning the center is narrower than the base and top. Vertical numbering rounds it all off.


12. Concrete Step Design

Traditional steeple top brick clad mailbox

This is a lovely and unique take on the traditional steeple top mailbox. While it features a brick foundation and a brick top (including a hatch and newspaper holder), it also has a cast concrete center pillar adjoined by narrow slate slabs. Definitely something a little different, but it works well with the mixed material aesthetic of architecture surrounding it.


13. Bi-Colored Brickwork

Beautiful bi-colored brick pattern on mailbox

A myriad of brick options means you always have the choice to incorporate different colors into your mailbox designs. While relatively traditional in structure, this steeple top mailbox takes its aesthetic one step further with a striking bi-colored brick pattern. Square slate or paving stones for the base and “roof” of the mail hatch compartment add visual interest.



Non-Traditional and Unusual Mailbox Ideas

14. Mid-Century Modern Idea

Mid-Century Modern Idea

Image credit: gbconstructions.com.au

If you live in a home with sharp, straight edges, this modern design is for you. It’s perfect in its simplicity, made of smooth, good-quality, dark bricks stacked in a perfect repeating pattern. Only at the very top point do we see a departure from simple layering to finish off the cap. The letter hatch itself is tucked away in the center so as not to become a distraction from the structure’s minimalist aesthetic.


15. Double Mailbox with Arched Brickwork

If you’re not opposed to sharing postbox space with your neighbor, this is a beautiful design to border adjoining properties. The most striking thing about it is, without a doubt, the intricate arched brickwork that plays with negative space. This is emphasized by stepped quoin corners above and below the arches. It looks almost vintage but simultaneously organic due to the carefully rounded top.


16. Arched Top Double Mailbox

There’s lovely synchronicity to this double mailbox design. While much more straightforward than the previous example, it’s equally effective and perhaps a little more discreet. A standard pillar shape holds matching mail hatches, paper holders, and house numbers rounded off with a delicately arched top. The choice to use face bricks works well with the existing architecture.


17. Gothic Gable Top Design

Are you looking for something a little more decorative? How about this Baroque-inspired gable top mailbox? At first glance, it looks pretty complicated to DIY, but with patience and masonry saw, you’ll be well on your way. Your choice of mortar is crucial. It will need to be sturdy to keep everything in place. But that aside, some saw cuts for a semi-arch are ultimately all you need. This designer has also incorporated different color bricks and a stark white mail hatch to really make things pop.


18. Stoic Eyebrow Arch Mailbox

Eyebrow Arch Mailbox

“Eyebrow arch” is the term we use for arches that are more flat than round. They’re subtle but add a really nice touch to round off an otherwise standard pillar shape. In this case, the designer has also chosen to build in a sideways stepped top with a quoin corner cap, lending depth and dimension. If you’re planning to DIY this, you’ll need to do some cutting to achieve neat, rounded curves for the arch.


19. Oversized Design

Oversized brick mailbox

Image credit: mortonstones.com

Appear to be made from recycled bricks, this colorful mailbox makes a beautiful statement. It’s about 5.5 feet tall and over 2.5 feet wide at the top. The concrete topper adds some charm. But what makes this design stand out even more, is the red mulch on the bottom. What a lovely idea overall!


20. Brick Mailbox with Flower Box

Dry stack stone mailbox

Image credit: provia.com

We’ve seen lots of brick mailboxes with planters alongside them, but why not step it up and turn your design into a flower box itself? A brush of spring blooms tops the elegant but simple pillar design we see here, complete with a mail hatch, newspaper holder, and bronze number plate. The height and dimension of this amplify both landscape and home, particularly as the owner has chosen to match the bricks to their house’s exterior walls. This faux brick mailbox is constructed of dry stack stone.



Themed Mailboxes

21. Flower Box Idea with Fall Decor

Brick mailbox decorated for fall with a flower box and an orange ribbon

As with the previous design, this is a simple pillar mailbox with a flower box on top. However, the included decorative elements make it stand out even more. Since a mailbox is often one of the first things your guests see, jazz it up with some ribbon, fall leaves, or even a custom nameplate. The sky is truly the limit, and you can change it up per season or occasion.


22. Christmas-Themed Mailbox

Christmas Themed Mailbox

Elf on the shelf is so last season; why not try bauble-wreath on a mailbox? It’s common practice to decorate your house for the holidays, but why stop there when you could also use your mailbox as a mini Christmas tree? As mentioned, your postbox is often the first thing guests see when they pull up or pass by, and this creative décor will undoubtedly get them feeling festive.


23. Lighthouse-Shaped Design

Lighthouse shaped mailbox design

A stepped base mailbox that narrows to the top looks stately and classic, like a lighthouse. To achieve this, you need to slightly manipulate the size of your bricks as you build upwards. A ceramic number plate adds to the vintage look of this design, as does the elegant granite capstone. Overall, an excellent idea for houses featuring traditional architecture like face brick facades and gabled roofs.



Post Mount Mailboxes

24. Brickwork Column

Brickwork column mailbox design

Image credit: Heather Krotz

If a mail slot or mail hatch isn’t your style, why not consider a post-mounted mailbox instead? Here, a simple brick column supports a protruding horizontal postbox that is beautifully embellished with the street name and number. It’s topped off with a white capstone that blends seamlessly with the color of the support bracket. This suburban aesthetic is functional and beautiful at the same time.


25. Brickwork Foundation

This is a DIY project

Image credit: One Of A Find

A mounted mailbox can look stark on its own, especially if its support post is just a metal stand or pole. To complement the house’s materials, this mailbox’s post is surrounded to its midway mark with a brick foundation and enclosure, adding just that little something extra for visual interest.

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