50 Pumpkin Designs and Decorating Ideas Without Carving

We’re so over pumpkin carving. We’re making this Fall the No Carve decorating season. And here are 50 of our favorite photos and DIY tutorials for pumpkin designs without carving. In this guide, you’ll find some of the simplest but most awesome ideas. And some are great for kids too. Scroll down and pick one for your next Halloween decoration project.

Felt Floral Pumpkin

Felt flower pumpkin

This sugar skull-inspired pumpkin is sweet! It’s colorful and cool, crafted with some felt, paint and jewels. Props to the artist.

Balloon Dipped

Pumpkin DIY design made with air balloons

We’re sooo trying this no carve idea! These elegant pumpkins can be made and displayed all season long. To get this color-blocked look, just cut the end off an opaque balloon and stretch around the base of your pumpkin. Check out the DIY Tutorial.

Colored Pins

Pumpkin decorating idea with colored pins

Colored push pins are a brilliant (and brilliantly easy!) way to decorate your pumpkins this fall without carving. Get a variety of sizes and colors, and start polka-dotting! Photo by Lauren Conrad.

Classic Black and White

Classic Black and White pumpkin design

A chic black and white palette with a custom message takes these no carve pumpkins from Halloween to height of fall fashion. Check out the artist.

Color Bedazzled

Decorating a bedazzled pumpkin with color

Caught your eye? This no carve pumpkin idea has all the WOW without any of the mess. We love the vibrant jewels against the bright white background. Idea by Artist.

Black and White Leaf Motif

Black and white leaf motif pumpkin idea

Black and white paint, applied using your favorite stencils or stamps, are a fun, no fail pumpkin decorating idea for fall. Artist.

Pastel Patchwork

Pastel patchwork no carve pumpkins

The saturated color of these patchwork pumpkins is amazing. Oil pastels are inexpensive, easy to apply, and the color and coverage is outstanding. Designer.

Bedazzled in Black

Black painted and bedazzled pumpkin design

And here’s our fave motif again – inspired by the Day Of The Dead, this black bedazzled pumpkin looks absolutely magical.

Burger Pumpkin

A burger pumpkin is a great diy project for kids

Channel your inner Jughead with a tasty lookin’ hamburger pumpkin. Nom nom! Check out the no carve artist.

Chalkboard Pumpkin Idea

Chalkboard Pumpkin Idea

Chalkboard paint on pumpkins? Why not?! The black matte chalkboard paint creates a perfect backdrop for this chilling, chalky grin. To make your own watch this DIY tutorial.

Sponge Painted Mosaic

An easy DIY idea - a mosaic sponge painted pumpkin

This pumpkin was sponged with colorful paint to echo mosaic or stained glass. For this easy DIY, check out the tutorial.

DIY Drama

Chalkboard look pumpkin decorated by kids

Let your kids decorate your chalkboard pumpkins. We like this photo – looks pretty creepy, considering it’s made by a kid! Kids idea.

Beautiful Cinderella

Beautiful Cinderella pumpkin design

This Cinderella pumpkin is at the opposite end of the scare spectrum – sugar and spice and everything nice, perfect for all the little princesses out there!

Pumpkin Puns

Puns painted pumpkin idea

Don’t be fooled by their mini size and pretty pastel hues. These pumpkin puns are anything but sweet!

Bedazzled Beauty

Decorating idea - have your pumpkin completely bedazzled

If you’re going to bedazzle, go all the way or go home. Sometimes, more really is more! Check out the artist here.

Copper Sprayed

Copper color sprayed pumpkin idea

Metallics are back on trend this season. This rich copper finish is ideal for a fall display, whether by the front door or on your dining table! More on this idea here.

Copper Taped

Use copper tape to decorate mini pumpkins

These no carve mini pumpkins are decked out with copper tape, dressed for any fall fete! Click here for the DIY tutorial.

Fall Decoupage

DIY decoupage pumpkins with fall foliage motif is a sure idea

You either love decoupage or… okay who are we kidding? You love decoupage. We particularly love these tissue-papered pumpkins. A bright and bold fall decorating idea. Source.

Designer Pumpkin

Designer pumpkin with modern geometric pattern

Pair your pumpkin with a trendy color scheme and a bold pattern. We love this print!

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage

DIY Cinderella pumpkin carriage design that won first place

Bibbidi bobbidi boo! With the wave of a wand (oh ya, and some paint, a Cinderella cut-out and a tiara to top it all off) this pumpkin becomes an easy DIY Cinderella carriage. Visit the artist here.

Meticulously Doodled

Hand drawings on pumpkin

There’s something to be said about simplicity. Source.

Owl for Kids

An owl design idea for kids pumpkin

And here’s a no carve pumpkin decorating idea that’s great for all kids, big and small. This black owl pumpkin is too cute! Artist.

Geometric Pattern

Geometric design on pumpkin

These pumpkins look like they’re wearing last year’s Christmas sweaters! Cute and cozy.

Glitter Splash Pumpkin!

Glittered white pumpkins is a great idea for kids

Nuthin’ says Halloween like… glitter? We’re firm proponents of glitter for just about any occasion. It’s a really easy yet impressive pumpkin project that’s great for kids too. Check out the DIY tutorial.

Gold Chevron

Chevron pattern over a glitzy gold painted pumpkin

Kick that trendy chevron pattern up a notch with a glitzy gold paint. Try some other color combinations, like orange with white, navy blue or hot pink.

Gold Doilies

Decorating pumpkin with gold doilies

Carrying on the hot metallic decorating trend, these mini pumpkins are dressed to impress with some cut-and-paste gold doilies. Love!

Hallmark’s Creative

Pumpkin designs by Hallmark creative studios

Hallmark creative studios took their fall decorating to the next level – without carving woo hoo! The vibrant pumpkin stems are a thoughtful touch. Created by Hannah from creative studios at Hallmark. Source.

Hand Drawn Designs

Hand drawn pumpkin idea

A steady hand is the essential tool for these amazing hand drawn pumpkins. Kudos to the designer for these stunning no carve creations!

Gorgeous Hand Painted

Flower motif on hand-painted pumpkin

This pretty painting finds itself on an unconventional canvas. This hand painted pumpkin placed table-top or tucked into a corner adds a touch of autumn charm to any home. More from the designer.

Gold and Bowed

A fall pumpkin painted in gold with a bow

We keep coming back to these stunning gold painted pumpkins. This one reminds us of a present, with its polka-dot print and a great, big bow. Click for more on the designer.

Oodles of Doodles

An intricate pattern on a no carve pumpkin

What do you get when you cross a pumpkin and a doodle?

Mercury Glass

Mercury glass pumpkin design

This mercury glass pumpkin project yields an eerie antique look, and it’s a relatively easy to DIY. Check out this no carve pumpkin tutorial.

Paint, Stick, Repeat

Pumpkin design with metallic tattoos

We love the symmetrical, repeating design around this sweet little pumpkin! Simply paint and decorate with metallic tape.

Mustache and Eyelashes

Madame and Monsieur pumpkin idea

Madame et Monsieur! This cheeky pumpkin pair would make the perfect guests for your fall fetes. Click for more on the designer.

Nail Polish Design

Nail polish painted pumpkin

When decorating your pumpkins, think outside the box. This oozing pumpkin design is drizzled with nail polish!

Rainbow Motif

No carve painted DIY pumpkins - a painted rainbow

Love these no carve painted DIY pumpkins! Create variety by changing the directions, colors and sizes of the stripes. Designer.

Glittered Stems

Painted pumpkins with glittered stems

A painted pumpkin? Meh. But a painted pumpkin with a glitter stem? WOW! This is a great DIY idea and we love the end result. Tutorial.

Bow Fancy

Pumpkin dressed up with a giant bow

Sometimes, all a pumpkin needs is a great big bow to take it from the produce aisle to the home decor aisle. Designer.

Gold Glitter Glue

Pumpkin design uses homemade glitter glue

We love this whimsical pumpkin design. It was first spray painted white, then dotted and spotted using homemade gold glitter glue.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match Halloween pumpkin idea

Painted pumpkins not only make a great fall display for your patio, but they are also a great DIY activity for the kids. Get some pumpkins, set up a painting studio (preferably outside!) and invite the whole neighborhood to get messy.

Beeswax Crayons

Use your recycled beeswax crayons for a cool pumpkin idea

Ever wonder what to do with all those little leftover crayon bits? Here’s a psychadellic solution to your crayon-bit woes. These splashy pumpkins were made using recycled beeswax crayons and tempera paints. Idea by Designer.

No Carve Skull Idea

No carving skull pumpkin idea

Another variation on the ever-popular sugar skull, here it’s topped in a floral wreath. Steal this brilliant no carve idea from Instagram.

Sweater Pattern

Argyle pattern on a pumpkin

Looks like argyle isn’t just for sweaters anymore!

Tattoo Paper

Pun DIY pumpkins made with tattoo paper

Yup, the artist behind these pun-tastic pumpkins applied the wording using tattoo paper! Smart, simple, and we love the end result. Tutorial.

Teal For a Cause

Teal Pumpkin Project

Teal isn’t just a hot hue on the trend scale this season. The Teal Pumpkin Project encourages people to offer allergy-friendly alternatives when the little ghosts and goblins come a-knockin. Great decorating idea with an important message. Designer.

Bling Bling

Painted and jewelled pumpkins

Painted and jewelled pumpkins for your front porch. Easy peasy. Designer.

Watercolor Painted

Watercolor painted pumpkins

We’ve seen some amazing pumpkins painted with pastels, crayons, chalk, tempra, spray paint and now… watercolor! Which is your favorite? Tutorial.

Glittered Tape

Glittered tape is a brilliant no carve pumpkin decorating idea

Glittered tape is one of those brilliant, no-mess, no carve pumpkin decorating ideas that you can do in a pinch. Simple cut and stick the tape in your preferred pattern.

Willow Pattern

Unusual pumpkin decorating idea - willow pattern

From 18th century England to the modern day, this unusual pumpkin decorating idea was inspired by the popular blue and white Willow pattern you’ll commonly find on kitchenware and fine china. Designer.

Neon Paint Dipped

Neon paint dipped pumpkins

OMG we love this no carve pumpkin idea for fall! Paint your pumpkins white, dip the bottoms into some neon paint, turn upside down and let them drip dry to produce this cool result. For more info check out the tutorial.

Happy DIY-ing!

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No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas and Tutorials

Pumpkin Designs and Decorating Ideas Without Carving

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