20 Garden Shed Decorating Ideas for the Exterior Suitable for Any Budget

Garden Shed Decorating Ideas

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ideas for decorating the exterior of your backyard or garden shed in order to make way for the upcoming seasons. Take a look and see if anything appeals to you so you can start hunting for the perfect decorative items.

Shed, Bicycle and Pumpkins for the Fall

This idea is super cute because it turns something old into something new and unique. This old bike can easily be turned into a nifty bicycle planter simply by incorporating some pumpkins. Just lean bicycle against your shed exterior wall, drop some smaller pumpkins into basket and you’re done decorating.

You more than likely have an old bike in the garage or know of someone who may have a junk bike that you can easily refurbish into this adorable planter idea. Add some decorative leaves, and voila!

Hanging Watering Cans DIY

This is a great DIY idea that you can easily accomplish yourself. Using some metal or plastic shower rings and a chain, you can quickly and easily fasten all of these vintage inspired watering cans onto the chain to create this lovely outdoor decoration.

This tutorial gives you a step-by-step guide to the process so you can create your own watering can chain quickly and efficiently. The best part is, you probably have some old watering cans laying around that you could use. Here is the entire DIY guide.

Halloween Shed Exterior Decorating Idea

This Halloween inspired potting shed is full of adorable artifacts perfect for Halloween. This would be a perfect idea if you’re planning on hosting a backyard Halloween party or even if you have a shed in the front yard that you want trick-or-treaters to see.

One of the best ideas here is that adorable witches’ pots with the garden spade. This just adds to the charm of this idea and proves just how cute you can make this concept.

Beautifying an Old Shed Exterior DIY

Old shed decorated with flower planters

This wonderful DIY tutorial shows you all the steps in bringing that old backyard shed back to life. This is a great way to reuse a shed, even after you think it’s hopeless to bring it back. You can easily clean it up and even revamp it by adding some shelves, flowers and other decorative accents.

If you’re not sure how to decorate that old shed to look its best again, simply check out this amazing DIY. This shed will be Fall ready in no time. Read more about it here.

A Cute Decorating Idea for a Small Garden Shed

Decorating Idea on a budget for a small garden shed

This is a cute DIY idea for decorating a small garden shed that was actually built from scratch. This shed was even super cost effective to make, not costing more than $350 to construct. This tiny shed is great to have when it comes to gardening and keeping all the tools in one place. Wondering how they built it?

The decorating aspect comes in once the shed is actually built, and this DIY guide tells you exactly how to get it ready for fall.

How to Make Shutters for a Potting Shed DIY

First of all, this awesome shed is beautifully decorated inside and outside, and you can read all about it here.

Just because it’s a potting shed, doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up! In this nifty DIY tutorial, it tells you exactly how to add some cute little shutters to your garden shed in order to make it ready for Fall. This is a great idea that won’t take long to construct.

You could even make the shutters any color you like; a deep forest green would even look good.

Landscaping Around the Shed is a Great Decorating Idea

Decorating a Garden Shed with Landscaping

Cute white fence in front of a garden shed

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to decorating the exterior of a garden shed. In this nifty decorating idea, this shed is gorgeous on its own, with the surrounding landscape only amplifying it’s charm. You wouldn’t want to take away from the charm of the shed, so you don’t need much here.

That picket fence in itself is super adorable, and in this clean and kept up surrounding, the shed is a piece of art in itself.

DIY Building Plan for a Beautifully Decorated Garden Shed

DIY Garden Studio or a Shed Shed design

Garden shed decor in the Winter

In this DIY tutorial, there are building plans so you can actually construct your very own garden shed. You don’t necessarily need to make it a garden shed, the plans are easy enough to follow to create a small structure that could even be a design studio.

Whatever you want this tiny building to be, the fact remains that this is a DIY project that is easy to follow and will look amazing at the end. Make is as cute as you’d like by adding decorative accents and details.

Playhouse to Garden Shed Conversion Idea

Re decorating a playhouse into a shed

This is a great concept that turns something old into something new. This idea converts an old child’s playhouse into a potting shed. This is super great because this just goes to show that you don’t have to demolish and old structure that’s outlived its use, instead you can turn it into something useful again.

This is a gorgeously decorated garden shed. A little fairy garden, a cool window planter, a glass ball and the DIY window shutters – all that makes this idea so unique.

His and Her Sheds Idea

Rustic Shed Decor for Her

Rustic Shed Decor for Him

Here’s one great idea – compete for the best exterior decoration with your spouse. Just like this couple did – they went to a nearby flea market together and each picked up a few of their favorite pieces to decorate their sheds.  The results are quite impressive.

Everyone needs their own space, right? In this super cute idea, these sheds are built and decorated to house his and her things. Whether it’s a room for tools or a quiet place to read, this idea makes finding a space just for yourself easy. Read more about these sheds here.

Garden Tool Shed Makeover Idea

Garden Tool Shed Makeover Idea

If you have an old and weathered tool shed in your backyard, then this idea is for you. You could give your shed a new life with just some fresh paint and a few accessories. This tool shed makeover idea shows you just how to do it.

Everyone has that old shed in the back that lacks attention and is worn from neglect. You can easily add your own spin on revamping a shed by adding some decorative elements or different sorts of paint schemes.

Chalkboard Entry Door Idea

Add some intrigue to your garden shed space by adding a cute and quirky chalkboard to the front of it. In this classic design idea, adding a chalkboard is an extra way to get some attention to the space and it can be functional, too.

It doesn’t need to be a very large chalkboard, but at least something large enough so you can exchange cute notes to family members or a space to place season’s greetings.

Add a Trellis

A decorating idea - add a trellis to your shed

This cute design calls for the addition of a trellis so that vines and flowering vines can grow. This is a super cute concept that will instantly turn an old, worn out shed into an adorable garden space. You can easily paint the trellis for an added decorative bonus.

If you’re not sure how to construct the garden trellis, you can check out some ideas within this article.

Gorgeous Decor for an Upscale She Shed – Inside and Out

Shabby Chic Shed Decor

This wonderful upscale she shed (above) was designed for the Wright’s Shed Company. The front porch is decorated from Tai Pan Trading, and the decor has a Cape Cod cottage feel.

This is a fully customizable design concept, and they can tailor almost every element to your taste. I love how the front porch looks!  Read about the entire project in detail and see what’s inside!

Decorating with Flea Market Items, Plus the Firewood Shed Decor Idea

Source your decorating items at Flea Market

Firewood Shed Decor

These two sheds may be a bit different in function, but it just goes to show how versatile they can be. The top photo depicts a design that is entirely decorated from thrift shop finds. This means you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to decorate a garden shed.

The lower image is a revamped version of a firewood shed for those fireplaces or fire pits in winter. The cow photo is actually pretty funny, and adds some definite charm into the mix. Read more about these two ideas.

Farmhouse to Shed Makeover DIY

Farmhouse shed makeover

This super great DIY tutorial tells you exactly how to turn a farmhouse into a garden shed. This is another great concept since it allows you to re-purpose something old into something new. Even better, this DIY project is relatively simple to follow and won’t make you wish mid-way that you hadn’t started.

You can easily paint the new garden dwelling in any array of colors you’d like or add some decorative elements to the exterior. They did both.

Shed Decorating for Chicken Lovers

Shed Decorating Idea for Chicken Lovers

Build like a bird would do! Following this awesome idea, you can easily decorate your old shed as if it was a chicken coop. There is a lot that goes into keeping chickens, so if you’d rather just keep this design for the decor charm, you could do that, too.

This is an easy concept that you can add so much to.

Nautical Shed Decor Idea

Nautical Shed Decor Idea

Often the beauty is in simplicity. Add one thematic detail, and you’ve got the whole theme going. This is exactly how this garden shed’s exterior was decorated.

If you love all things nautical and you’d like a shed to match your house decor, going with a beachy theme could be the perfect thing for you. This is an easy concept that can be made super adorable if you have the right decorative elements.

Add some potted plants to the front of this shed for an extra welcoming touch.


Garden shed decor ideas for Spring or Fall

So, there you have it! Just some of the endless decorating ideas and concepts you can execute when doing your next garden shed project. The favorites here are obviously the fall and Halloween inspired sheds, but what’s super great about that is at the end of the season, you still have an amazing shed to work with time after time.

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