10 Shed Landscaping Ideas with Photos

Shed Landscaping Ideas

If you’re planning to install a new storage shed in your backyard, or already have one, and need some shed landscaping ideas, this article is for you! Here we’ve compiled some inspirational landscaping ideas for outdoor sheds no matter what your style or budget. And we’ve provided pictures to help get your imagination going. Let’s dive in!




1. Grass Is A Budget Friendly Shed Landscape Idea

Landscaping for a shed can be cheap and easy! Simply letting the grass grow is probably the cheapest and easiest landscaping solution around your shed. Once the shed is placed in your backyard, you’re done! You can use the money you save on landscaping to improve your shed. Here they’ve added a cute little concrete porch. If you decide down the line that you want to add some flowers or shrubs, you’ll be starting with a nice clean slate.

Spreading out the cost of purchasing a shed and landscaping around it later can help make the project more affordable. Keep in mind that this option might not work for you depending on the type of grass you have and where you place your shed. If you leave grass on the north or east-facing side, it may not get enough sunlight to grow well.


2. Use Simple Landscaping with Rocks or Gravel

Adding a simple border of mulch or rocks around your shed is low cost and low maintenance. If you make sure the substrate you add is at least 3 inches deep, you’ll prevent weeds from popping up around the building.

I prefer gravel over mulch because it dries out quicker. This is especially important if you have a wood shed. Prolonged moisture will cause the wood to degrade more quickly. That’s why most sheds are installed with footings that keep the shed from sitting directly on the ground. Here they’ve used gravel that matches their driveway to help tie the two together.


3. Landscape Around Your Storage Shed with Perennials

Tie your shed into your landscaping by adding a few plants around it. In this backyard, they’ve opted for a simple mulch border with pavers around the edges to keep the grass out. I really like how the mulch color matches the ramp and the fence. For plants, they’ve added a few perennial bushes along with some annual flowers to add some extra color.

Mixing perennials with annuals is a fabulous idea. The perennials will grow larger over time and help keep you from having to purchase all new plants each year. The annuals allow you to mix in new colors or rearrange your design every now and again which can be nice. Consider using a few evergreen shrubs too so that you’ll have some greenery throughout the winter months as well.


4. Add a Wooden Deck to a Garden Shed

If you’re hoping to turn your garden shed into a She-shed hangout, look no further. This she-shed landscaping idea is adorable and functional. They’ve added a small wooden deck to the front which can be used in a variety of ways. You could set up a little table and chair to turn it into a reading spot or place for afternoon tea. You can also do what’s shown in the photo above – they have a plant potting area with a table you can use to make potting up new plants easier on your back.

The light pink color is perfect for this she-shed and looks great with the surrounding green vegetation. They’ve even added pink paint to the fence to tie the two together. Don’t forget to add some personal touches to make your she-shed your own. Here they’ve added a wooden wind chime and scones on either side of the door to personalize the space.


5. Create a Whimsical Walkway to Your Outdoor Shed

Adding a walkway or stairs to your outdoor shed is not only gorgeous but also practical. A walkway will make your shed feel more inviting and keeps you off the lawn. It’s also great to have a walkway if you’re using a wheelbarrow to move heavier objects to and from your shed.

I absolutely love the rustic look of this custom shed with the purple door giving it some extra personality! It looks like it’s been around for years but the splash of purple gives it an eclectic feel. They’ve also added the perfect whimsical walkway using irregularly shaped pavers. By letting the grass grow between the pavers they’ve preserved the rustic feel of the shed.

The way they’ve placed the shed behind a small hill is genius! The hill with a few shrubs and small trees on top is used to hide the shed while the walkway still lets you know there’s something there to discover. This hidden gem paired with the surrounding landscaping design is to die for!


6. Beautify Your Shed Landscaping with an Arbor

Adding features of various heights in your landscape takes the overall look to the next level. This is also true when it comes to landscaping around a garden shed. Just because the shed is tall, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add another tall feature to balance things out. An arbor can be a fantastic way to add height and interest in front of your shed.

Here they’ve added an arbor that’s stained the same color as the shed to tie them together. Then they added vines with red flowers to the arbor. The red of the flower complements the warm stain color of the shed really well. For your shed landscaping project, consider choosing a vine with flowers that complement not only the shed but other plants nearby. You can use yellow jessamine which has yellow flowers, passion flowers which are purple, or simple white moon flowers.


7. Fit Firewood Storage Beside a Shed for the Perfect Idea

If you’re working with a smaller backyard, you can pair a small storage shed with your firewood stack to save on space. Placing them in the corner as they’ve done here will ensure you don’t limit your landscaping options throughout the rest of the yard. For storage sheds to blend into their surroundings better, consider painting them a color that matches the objects around them.

Here they’ve painted the shed the same shade of green as their fence so they complement one another. The firewood storage adds a rustic element, helping it and the shed mix well with the surroundings. They’ve even added two terracotta flower pots which tie in nicely with the colors from the firewood pile. A simple, cute, and inexpensive landscaping idea overall!


8. Rock a Shed Landscaping Design with a Terraced Garden

Many of us aren’t working with a flat backyard which can make landscaping a little tricky at times. Just because you’re on a hill doesn’t mean you can’t create a stunning landscape design around your shed. Just look at this drop-dead gorgeous design to see what I mean! It just oozes rustic mountain vibes that make you want to cozy up next to a campfire. If it was me, I’d add a small fire pit in front of the bench.

They’ve incorporated their hill into the design rather than trying to work around it. The shed sits at the top with a set of simple wood and crushed slate stairs leading up to it. They’ve created a terraced garden surrounding the shed using large boulders. I never thought a garden with nothing but evergreen conifers could look so beautiful but the various shades of green and plant heights are just wonderful! The wooden bench that matches the shed is the cherry on top tying everything together.


9. Use Color To Tie Everything Together

If you want your shed to feel like it was meant to be there, use color throughout your backyard to help tie your shed in. They’ve done a beautiful job tying in this bright blue with the entire landscape! With the orangish, cedar privacy fence, painting the shed blue was a great choice. Orange and blue are contrasting colors so the blue shed pops against the orange fence.

To make the shed the focal point, they’ve also added other smaller blue objects throughout the yard. This helps draw your eye from one spot to the next as you take in the entire scene. From the blue couch in the seating area to the blue abstract art piece to the left, to the blue flower pots on the stairs, it all goes together seamlessly. Wouldn’t you just love to spend time relaxing in this gorgeous garden?


10. Vines & Trees Can Make Sheds Blend In

This shed landscaping design has mastered the idea of making the shed part of the garden! The plants are literally cradling the shed which looks like it was made to be there. They’ve allowed small trees to grow up against the shed on one side and left wisteria to grow up on the other side. The way they matched the paint color of the shed to the wisteria makes this garden look like something out of a fairy tale!

They’ve continued to use purple with the Hosta next to the door and other purple flowers in front of the porch. The clay-colored pots contrast the purples beautifully and balance out the brown of the table and chair on the opposite side. This design is spot on if you want to create a dreamy-looking shed landscape.

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