Greenhouse SHE Shed – 22 Awesome DIY Kit Ideas

Greenhouse SHE Shed DIY Kit Ideas

Consider turning a greenhouse into a She shed – a garden room or backyard office for Her. Imagine spending a day blogging inside your very own shelter, topped with a glass ceiling framing the sky, flooded with daylight, all while enjoying the comfort and privacy of an enclosed space. Many of the awesome greenhouses can be bought and built as a DIY kit. Our quest for the coolest greenhouse She shed kit led us to some truly unusual and exciting designs. There are even greenhouse shed combination DIY kits that can take your ideal She shed design to new heights of comfort and utility. So, without further ado, here’s what we’ve found.

First… consider these advantages that greenhouse She sheds have over other She-outdoor-rooms:

  • they offer plenty of natural light which benefits your eyes
  • they can be heated to create a cozy climate when outdoor temperatures drop
  • you can surround yourself with lush plant life, which can be hard to maintain indoors
  • they are low maintenance, particularly those with aluminum frames
  • they can be ordered as DIY kits, saving you money by assembling and installing yourself
  • they are often more cost effective than wood garden sheds
  • depending on size, you can use them both as a She shed and as a greenhouse simultaneously, or exclusively as a garden room with no plants
  • greenhouses that can be easily transformed into a She shed – a place to use as an office, a hobby or art studio, or just a place to relax and get away from it all

Famous Design Ideas We Used as Inspiration

Pinterest-ers have undoubtedly seen these photos of greenhouse style DIY She sheds (and those who haven’t can check out the gallery below). These designs are open, airy and bathed in sunlight. Great ideas, yes. So let’s see how we can re-create them with prefab kits available to order online.

If you like the ideas shown above or if this is the look you’re after, there are 5 types of DIY kits available that can be used to re-create it:

  • wood frame greenhouse kits
  • aluminum frame greenhouse kits
  • wood sun shed kits
  • wood sun room kits
  • greenhouse shed combo kits

Re-Create the Look with DIY Wood Frame Greenhouse Kits

Frames, shelves and doors for these greenhouse style sheds are usually made from Western red cedar or pressure-treated pine, and both will last a long time, depending on your local climate of course.

You can use it as an actual greenhouse or omit ordering the shelves and turn it into a garden room. You can even order a slightly longer length to create room for a bed or a table and chairs. You can even customize it with a wooden roof, to limit sunlight intake.

If you prefer your She shed or your garden room to have lots of light then a greenhouse kit is the way to go.

Freestanding wood frame greenhouse by CedarBuilt makes a great She-shed

Above is the Freestanding Wood Frame Greenhouse by Cedar-Built, supplied as a DIY kit. Their DIY kits are easily assembled in one or two days, and don’t require any special carpentry skills.

You can go from 6 to 20 ft wide and with any reasonable length you prefer. You can paint or stain the Red Cedar frame as desired. And the shelves supplied can serve as tabletop. A great She shed in the making!

What’s cool about the Cedar-Built designs is that they can be ordered with Polycarbonate sidewalls that offer a bit of privacy, or with crystal clear Plexiglas sidewalls. Both are at least 10 times stronger than glass and UV protected. Add automatic roof vent openers – a great feature. Explore This Greenhouse.


Wooden greenhouse covered in tempered glass - by

If your idea of a She shed is a more elaborate, more classic design, then the above Gabriel Ash Wisley Series Greenhouse may be just your style.

This model is covered in tempered safety glass and comes with all kinds of weather protection features. It has aluminum gutters and downspouts that can be used to collect rain water.

The high-pitched roof design with ornamental details evokes a Victorian aesthetic while preventing snow build-up. The automated ventilation system helps to release excessive heat. Explore This Greenhouse.


The Tudor is a unique Gothic style greenhouse kit by Sturdi-built

And then there’s The Tudor – not your garden-variety greenhouse, to be sure. This unique Gothic-style greenhouse kit from Sturdi-Built features a steep roof pitch and decorative details that set it apart, like its arched glass panel crowning the entrance.

This wood and glass prefab design boasts an efficient layout with customizable dimensions, and is available in Redwood and Cedar.

Sturdi-built Tudor greenhouse shown with bistro set inside

Outside, this glass-enclosed hideaway almost blends into its leafy surroundings. Inside, while loved for its originally intended green-thumb purpose, would make an inspiring She shed for reading and day dreaming under cover.

Colorful greenhouse Tudor from Sturdi-Built

You can’t go wrong with a natural wood finish, like below, but with color and creativity like this, I don’t wanna be right! From functional structure to focal point, this multi-colored garden room is surely the hot spot of this home.

Tudor greenhouse by Sturdi-built

A little on-demand privacy and shade come to your She shed via the shades mounted to the interior of the angled walls. An individual shade on each row of windows lets you control how much light comes in, and where.

Round bench inside the Tudor greenhouse

Stone walls bridge the gap between indoors and out in this planted and furnished garden room. Love!

Tudor greenhouse at night

Star-gazing room? Wine-sipping room? Snuggle room? All three? You decide! Explore This Greenhouse.


Nantucket greenhouse kit by Sturdi-built as a SHE shed

Here, the Nantucket Greenhouse kit welcomes awe with its charming asymmetrical roof and double doors. Glass spans almost the entire structure, but for an 18-inch band along its base. Plants and people alike are at home in these sunny interiors. The wood itself is warm and rich, complemented with nice details like decorative finials and a scalloped roof ridge.

Nantucket She-shed greenhouse kit by Sturdi-built - in San Francisco

If you work from home, its easy to create a professional, private office space.

Nantucket She shed greenhouse as a spa room

For work or play, this greenhouse shed swings both ways. She will really love it as a hot tub enclosure, for a relaxing soak in any weather.

Nantucket DIY greenhouse kit with double door

The Nantucket DIY Greenhouse kit measures 8 by 12 ft, with a 9 ft height. Explore This Greenhouse.


Wood Sun Rooms Make a Great She Shed

Wood sun room Cape Cod style makes a great She shed

With walls made mainly of windows and a roof of clear panels, this sun room design almost nails the recycled windows She Shed idea in the inspiration section above.

This shed has 37 windows overall, topped with a clear roof. Looking for plenty of light? You’ll find it here. It can be used for any hobby, from art to potting plants to napping.

This 10 by 10 ft Cape Cod style garden shed is made by Pine Creek Structures. If you live somewhere around Binghamton, NY, you’re in luck! As we understand, it’s already assembled and is ready to be delivered to your backyard. Call them to find out more. Explore This Sun Room.


The Conservatory Greenhouse from Little Cottage Company can make a great She shed

Welcome to Little Cottage Co.’s great garden escape. The Conservatory is a little less greenhouse, slightly more sun room. The windows are plentiful, but this design offers more coverage than its fully glazed counterparts, giving it more of a traditional room feel. Roof vents and double doors keep the interior cool and fresh. This sun room is equally ideal for cultivating your green thumb, your creativity, or indulging in a quiet cat nap under the evening sun. Explore This Sun Room.


Re Create the She Shed Idea with an Aluminum Frame Greenhouse

If the black frame greenhouse storage shed combo in our inspiration section matches your ideal of a She shed, then one of these next aluminum frame greenhouse designs may be just for you.

We’ve found one just like it. And we must say, it looks awesome. Read on below…

Greenhouse and Storage Shed Combination Design from Hartley Botanic

This is the Grow and Store glasshouse from Hartley Botanic, and it’s offered as DIY kit as an option.

The design combines a heavy-duty safety glass greenhouse with powder-coated aluminium storage shed. A space-saving sliding door provides direct access between your greenhouse and your shed, so you won’t get caught in the rain when going to grab tools or supplies from the shed.

The shed has its own side window. The gutters running along the length of both sides can be used to collect rainwater into a barrel.

The standard width is 8 ft 2 in, and the length can be customized, either in the greenhouse or the shed areas, to fit your idea for a She shed. Explore This Greenhouse.


These Glass to Ground greenhouses from Hartley Botanic (below) look well made and are certainly well loved. A greenhouse is just a name – it doesn’t have to be used for planting. Just think of it as a glass conservatory… which gives way to visions of sun rooms and garden parlors.

Westminster contemporary aluminum greenhouse by Hartley Botanic

The Westminster design (above) has a contemporary feel. We really like the wide-opening front double doors, inviting you into a space that could be your favorite place to relax or create.

This is a 10 by 14 ft structure and measures over 9 ft high, glazed in 4 mm toughened safety glass. And there is never glass-to-glass or glass-to-metal contact, as each panel is cushioned in its own thermal plastic rubber.

As we understand, this is not a DIY kit – Hartley Botanic will professionally install this baby for you. Call them to find out for sure. Explore This Greenhouse.


Modern greenhouse Opus from Hartley Botanic is perfect as a She Shed

The Opus design above, also from Hartley Botanic, is an ideal choice for a modern looking She shed. With its minimalist appearance and a slightly tilted roof, it looks like the perfect garden room just waiting to be furnished and decorated. Explore This Greenhouse.


Here’s another interesting design, featuring a classic barn shape. Judging by the photos, it would make a nice and roomy She shed. And it’s nicely priced, too.

This is the large semi-professional greenhouse Americana, measuring 12 by 12 ft. With its high ceiling and a large interior area, it’s great for growing tall and leafy plants. But you can easily convert it into your little sanctuary shed. Explore This Greenhouse.


And here’s one more idea for a greenhouse She shed that we find interesting – using shade curtains to limit the sunlight. You can assemble one of these Janssens Royal Victorian DIY Kits and install curtains, as shown in the photos, to create a more comfortable climate. Explore This Greenhouse.


Doing yoga in She shed greenhouse by Juliana

A greenhouse like The Juliana Oasis is a refreshing change of pace, perfect for relaxation, meditation, work and play. Herbs, fruit and flowers of every kind will thrive in this sunny space. Window walls wrap a high glass ceiling, lending it an airiness that we are drawn to.

If you’re actually using this cool structure as a greenhouse, it comes outfitted with wide gutters, leaf guards and downspouts that make rainwater collection easy. Add options like shelving, trays, counters and benches to house and showcase your leafy loves.

Beyond the greenhouse, we love this as a She shed for reading, relaxing, and of course, decorating!

She shed greenhouse - Oasis by Juliana

Measuring 12 by 12 ft, the new Juliana Oasis greenhouse boasts both charm and size, making it a practical yet pretty living area. For the decor lovers out there, it’s a new space to express yourself.

Inside of Juliana Oasis Greenhouse

The glass is 3 mm toughened safety glass, making it a more durable and safer option. The glazed structure is punctuated by a bold, black frame. Overhead, the roof features 10 mm twin wall polycarbonate glazing, delivering heat insulation.

Juliana greenhouse Oasis installed on deck

We love the practicality of this low threshold and wide double doors, making it easily accessible. The double doors work with the two side windows to ventilate the space. Explore This Greenhouse.


Create your one place to relax with Juliana Junior greenhouse

Juliana Junior may be a traditional greenhouse by design, but feel free to take it to the next level by using it as your own personal haven. This particular design is vertically endowed, with a light frame adding to its airiness while making it visually unobtrusive from the outside. Meanwhile inside, this greenhouse has some she-rious She shed potential. It’s neutral style lets your personal design preferences rule the look and feel of your space. Just perfect.

Juliana Junior greenhouse She shed

This garden room will leave your friends and neighbors ‘green’ with envy. We love the idea of using it for book club meetings or hosting the weekly card game. Explore This Greenhouse.


Or Would She Prefer a Greenhouse-Style Wood Sun Shed?

A wooden sun shed is basically a storage shed with one side of its roof covered with windows instead of wood.

Large garden studio shed 12x12 ft by OLT

What’s really cool about the above sun shed design is that it’s a DIY kit panelized for quick assembly, with roof shingles already attached.

Named the Sunshed Garden Kit 12’x12′, it was designed by OLT, a Canadian company specializing in outdoor structures. It’s made almost entirely of Western Red Cedar except for a part of the roof that is comprised of Lexan Polycarbonate windows, giving this shed a greenhouse look and feel.

It can be used as a garden studio or a greenhouse, or both. It would make a very roomy She shed. With its 10 aluminum tempered glass windows and partial greenhouse-style roof, it gets plenty of natural light, to even serve as an art studio or a hobby shed.

OLT Sunshed Kit - inside view on windows, shelves and see-through ceiling

Inside, there is an L-shaped full wall workbench. Explore This Sun Shed.


Garden shed with skylights by OLT

For a more compact shed design, you can go with this Sunshed Garden 8′ x 8′ by OLT, also a DIY kit panelized for quick assembly.

Garden shed with Polycarbonate roof skylights by OLT

It has six windows with screens and Lexan Polycarbonate windows on one side of the roof. Explore This Sun Shed.


Sunhouse by Cedarshed makes a great hobby studio

The photo above shows a couple of design ideas for the Sunhouse, a wood shed DIY kit produced by Cedarshed. Check out their catalogs to lean more.

The Sunhouse can be a very versatile choice for a She shed, as it can house an art studio, an office, a hobby room, a greenhouse, and of course, it can just be your secret garden getaway.


The greenhouse style windows are made from a high performance corrugated thermoplastic (as used in commercial greenhouses). It filters out harmful ultraviolet light, making this shed a better place for growing and nurturing your plants. Explore This Sunhouse.


Greenhouse Shed Combo Could Be Your Best Idea for a She-Shed

Greenhouse Storage Shed Combi from

This next kit idea is a greenhouse storage shed combination and the design is almost exactly the same as in the inspiration section above. The only difference is the door.

The Gabriel Ash Classic Grow and Store is produced in the UK and is claimed to be the only wooden greenhouse kit endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Constructed from Western Red Cedar, this She shed design idea can be great for those with limited space. There is an inside door that connects the greenhouse to the shed, allowing you to trap or release heat as needed.

What else is special about it, is that it comes with aluminum gutters and downspouts that allow you to easily connect to rain barrels to collect rainwater.

The only downside with this neat design … it requires a 90-day lead-time to order from England. Contact them to find out more. Explore This Greenhouse.


Wood potting shed greenhouse combination by Westmount Living

This garden shed has some serious She shed potential! This small but sweet timber structure boasts a private back section perfect for storage, fronted by a bright, window-wrapped workspace.

This greenhouse by Westmount Living makes perfect She shed

This is really a wonderful greenhouse kit, in our opinion. A slight modification lets you lower the shelves to create an arching office desk or hobby table. Plenty of room in the enclosed shed part would make a great home to a sofa or a day bed. Remember, since you’re DIY-ing this, slight modifications like cutting the legs won’t cause any structural damage.

And yes, they ship overseas. Explore This Greenhouse.


Awesome Idea for a She shed - corner greenhouse shed combo by Westmount Living

Shed and greenhouse come together in this brilliant corner design by Westmount Living. It tucks efficiently into any 90-degree corner, maximizing yard space as well as your She shed.

Inside of the Corner Greenhouse by Westmount Living

Often, the corner spot of a backyard can be the most secluded place and a perfect location for a She shed that can be used for relaxation, reading in a quite or concentrating on a craft project. And this other Corner Greenhouse Shed Combination design from Westmount Living is a perfect fit for such location.

Plus, thanks to its shape, it offers even more room. Isn’t this an ultimate idea for a She shed? You can store, rest and create in a place all your own. Explore This Greenhouse.


Clairmont Grow-N-Stow greenhouse kit by Best Barns

Now, you haven’t seen charming until you’ve seen the Clairmont Grow-N-Stow greenhouse kit by Best Barns (above).

We love this idea because it appears as a cute garden shed from the front, and a greenhouse from the back. At first glance, no one will even know you have a greenhouse tucked away. Alternately, you may choose to showcase the greenhouse side simply by turning the structure 180 degree. It’s entirely up to you.

This design is also a combo, except that it’s all one space which makes it a perfect choice for a She shed – your own garden room with a partially see-through ceiling. Wow.

This DIY kit requires the cutting of material, but it’ll all be worth the effort when all’s said and done. Explore This Greenhouse.


Or Will She Like Roomy Octagonal Greenhouse Designs?

Little Cottage Company octagon greenhouse

This little number from Little Cottage Company is as cute as cute can be. The 8X8 Octagon Greenhouse comes from one of the nation’s top builders of wooden structures, and is hailed as easy to assemble, and easy to love. Let’s check it out.

The contemporary gazebo style design wraps an octagonal floor plan in glass, topped with a semi-translucent SunSky roof panels. This particular design will not be pushed into a corner, but begs to be front and center of any garden.

This DIY kit comes with parts pre-cut, pre-drilled and ready to assemble, which the company touts can be done “in one weekend or less” – depending on your level of commitment and general handy skills. Make it your She shed! Explore This Greenhouse.


Edwardian octagonal greenhouse by Jagram

In this tour of greenhouses and eras, the aptly named Edwardian Greenhouse oozes classic charm.

This premium wooden greenhouse features an octagonal footprint with a visually pleasing symmetry that goes beyond a basic square floor plan. This elegant space is great for growing plants and creating floral arrangements, thanks to the wooden staging set. Or make it your own garden studio or a napping room.

She shed as an octagonal greenhouse

All wood used in the construction of the Edwardian Greenhouse is FSC approved and pressure-treated, to weather any weather. Place your order, and in three to four weeks, you’ll get your flat-pack delivered, ready to assemble. Alternately, professional installation is available for an additional cost. Then you’re sittin’ pretty (like this furry friend!) without getting gritty. Explore This Greenhouse.

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