Outdoor Firewood Storage Ideas: 30 Best Shed and Bin Designs

Outdoor Firewood Storage never looked so good

We’re not sure why, but for some reason the image of a log store filled with firewood gets us excited! It could be the anticipation of the next bonfire, or perhaps it’s the humble connection to nature, but today, outdoor firewood storage represents much more than just a utilitarian necessity.

In many cases log storage sheds are becoming integral components of outdoor decor and patio design.

So, we decided to put together a buyer’s guide of the cutest, coolest and most creative firewood bins and sheds we could find. Whether you’re looking to purchase one or just searching for DIY inspiration, we wanted to share the best ideas around with you.

Many people’s log sheds stay empty throughout different seasons, so why not turn your outdoor firewood storage into something that adds to your decor even when it’s not in use? Many of the designs highlighted in this guide feature lattice panels or geometric roofs making them stylish pieces that can completely transform a space and last for ages.

Selection of the Coolest Outdoor Firewood Storage Sheds


A colorful garden tool shed with log store is a playful way to add a pop of color and personality into your backyard. Available here.

The beautiful arch on this outdoor firewood storage box blends with the landscaping for a cute addition to this quaint backyard.  Available here.

Here is another idea for incorporating both design and function, this storage shed and log box combo uses different geometrical shapes to add an essence of whimsy to otherwise plain spaces. Buy it here.

The triangular roofs of this precious family of log sheds will keep the contents of wood inside nice and dry, while also adding a hint of playfulness to the backyard space.  Available here.

This charming pair of small and tall outdoor firewood boxes are not only super cute to look at, but could also be used  for keeping smaller pieces of kindling wood separate from larger logs. Buy them here.

The details are what make this unique wood box for firewood the perfect addition to any patio or backyard decor. The arched roof and angled back planks are part of a simple and clean design that would work well in most outdoor spaces. Buy it here or here.

This sturdy log box is made from Redwood timber imported from Sweden and includes tiny ornate details for extra charm. Source.

Lattice sides are a great idea for adding a touch of flair to your outdoor firewood storage. In this case,  a mundane log shed is transformed into a decorative backyard piece suitable for any design taste.  Source.

The unusual layout and dark finish of this log storage shed make for a surprisingly unique aesthetic.  Place in a corner for an unexpected touch of sophistication. Source.

When thinking of your backyard design, outdoor firewood storage can become a landscape feature when used appropriately. As seen here, the symmetry of these two firewood cribs transforms them from mere firewood storage into an interesting visual component of the decor.   Source.

If you’re looking to add some dimension to your backyard space, consider adding a piece with a curved roof and trellis on the back wall for eye-catching simplicity that looks like more than just the average log shed. Can be ordered here.

Another curved roof storage shed with a trellis back, adds a touch of drama to your outdoor firewood storage. Source.

This log storage shed features lattice work on the back wall, which means this airy design is less imposing when not filled with wood. The see through backing allows light to flow through and adds character to the backyard. Source: Unknown.

This clever idea  conveniently combines  an outdoor firewood storage box with a work shop or gardening room; ideal for maximizing space while still providing function. Can be ordered here.

Here is an easy trick that transforms your firewood box into a decorative idea with a couple coats of paint. The distinctive black wood is a stylish centrepiece against this light color wall. Buy it here.

It’s the exceptional craftsmanship that sets this log storage shed apart from the rest! In addition to being beautifully stained, the overhang provides much needed protection from the elements.  Buy it.

This stunning log storage crib doubles as more than just outdoor firewood storage; the expensive clay tiles used on the roof make it an important piece of backyard decor, while providing shelter from moisture.  Source.

One of the shorter log sheds on our list, this cute and functional storage unit is perfect for those who aren’t planning to store tons of firewood. Buy it.

Space is maximized in the beautiful design of this firewood box and storage shed combination. The symmetrical and simplistic aesthetic of this log shed fits any decor as an focal point or as a peripheral allotment. Source.

The charm of this rustic Vermont Post and Beam shed is emphasized by the adorable set up surrounding it. The small log shed is both visually appealing, but also practical for backyards of all sizes. Order here.

An innovative idea for your outdoor firewood storage box that is durable and guaranteed waterproof for 15 years is a “Coroline” roof. The corrugated, bituminized sheeting not only looks great, but also resists moisture which means your firewood will remain dry even during torrential downpours. Buy it here.

This picturesque shelter is an old New England style that features remarkable details. The sturdy design doubles as both a firewood box as well as a storage shed. The smart layout of this storage unit contains a ramp for easy access and lighting for finding firewood in the dark. Th corrugated metal roof provides exemplary shelter from the elements and the rustic color make this beautifully crafted log store shed a welcomed addition to any classically designed backyard. Order here.

The contrasting tones of this firewood bin are a fun way to add a pop of color to your backyard and turn your log shed into a decor feature. Source.

This funky log storage shed is beaming with interesting details. The beautiful wood shingles and unique design allows light to travel between the panels for visibility during the day. Source.

This is a truly clever idea that can be easily recreated by anyone, as a DIY project.  A firewood rack bracket kit forms the base of this roof covered crib and uses a few 2×4’s on top, covered with corrugated roofing (plastic or metal) and voila!

Check out the DIY tutorial here.

This matching design of log box to storage shed is a super cute way to add some character to your backyard. Source: Unknown

The roof of this  outdoor firewood storage was designed to look like an extension of the house and is a cool idea for anyone looking to use up leftover tiles from a roofing project.  Read more about here.

The unique shape of this garden curved firewood box is an unorthodox design that is perfect for adding a touch of personality to your backyard without adding taking up a lot of space.  If you live in the UK you can buy it on Amazon.

This brightly colored outdoor firewood shed will stand out against almost any background; whether placed amidst nature or against fencing/walls, the radiant color is beautiful in any season. Manufactured by ParsonsWoodCraft.

We love the ethereal atmosphere this Victorian style firewood shed creates. It is an elegant way to bring attention to a piece that is traditionally overlooked when making decor decisions.  Consider updating your firewood storage box to include a cedar roof and a Victorian style overhang in a classic Chalky Blue color as a nod to tradition.  Source.

This log storage shed looks more like an eccentric piece of art than a utility piece. The triangular design of the shed and the circular log shapes inside create an interesting geometric pattern that captures attention. We suggest surrounding yours with flourishing plants for even more dramatic effect. Buy it here or here.

The amazing craftsmanship of this firewood box is impressive. This dual purpose log storage shed has large double doors and also functions as garbage can storage.  Manufactured by  Jamaica Cottage Shop.

We had to include this beautiful log storage shed because this photograph romanticizing firewood storage was just too beautiful to ignore.  Would you enjoy looking out your window at this peaceful snowy scene?

Lastly and certainly the most inventive on our list is this firewood bin that features a top for planting. Not only does it keep firewood dry, but it also provides more places to add elements to your patio. Use it grow herbs or get creative with plants and succulents! Buy it here.

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