Fireplace Log Holders and Indoor Firewood Racks: 30 Decorative Modern Designs

Log Holders

We wrote about outdoor firewood storage and firewood racks, so naturally we had to give you some ideas for storing your logs once you bring them inside! You need a fireplace log holder or, as sometimes referred to, an indoor firewood rack. Whether you choose a static holder or a cart with wheels, if chosen correctly your log holder can serve as a meaningful design element in your decor. Rather than leaving your wood laying around the fireplace, why not invest in a beautiful rack that speaks to your personality?

Today’s collection of fireplace holders consists of mainly modern contemporary options, but there are a few exclusions and certainly something decorative for every taste. Some options can be used both outdoors and indoors, while others are only suitable for inside; there are carts, wrought iron designs and even wall-hanging styles in a variety of shapes and colors. We hope you will enjoy this list of the coolest indoor log holders we could find and think of us when the aromatic scent of fresh wood delights your senses this winter season!

indoor log holders

First, a couple of definitions to clear things up a little:

A fireplace log holder is a wood or metal fixture that is placed near the fireplace to hold spare firewood. It may have wheels, to carry a small stack of wood around. Here’s one good example. A fireplace log grate is a cast iron fixture that is placed inside the fireplace to hold wood while it’s burning. Its purpose is to enable better air access to the wood. See an example.

Tips on prepping firewood for decorative purposes for indoors:

Here’s something we’ve learned from our own experience. If you want to stockpile some firewood for decorative purpose only, we suggest you prep your firewood in this order: get or cut down a smaller tree with a straight trunk, cut off all branches flat with the trunk, peel off or scrape off its bark, let it dry out completely for a couple of months (it will dry much faster without the bark), then cut it by equal length logs and only then bring them inside.

A smaller 10-15 feet white pine tree will work best for this. The bark is easy to peel off, and it’ll produce nice and straight logs.

If you don’t want to bother with removing the bark and drying the logs then a young white birch tree could be your best choice to cut into decorative logs, as it has skinny bark that won’t carry bugs.

30 Modern Fireplace Log Holders

This beautiful hand-made firewood holder can be used indoors or outside. The unique shape is perfect for holding logs of different sizes. It’s also a log carrier. A big comfortable handle allows you to carry wood from the outside to your fireplace or carry it around the room. Consider it if your decor is inspired by nature. Source.

This clever candle-shaped firewood holder is perfect for minimalists. The clean lines work with most decors and the functional design can accommodate wood of all shapes and sizes. Source.

This easy to assemble lightbulb shaped firewood rack is a great conversation piece and a unique way to bring a pop of color into your room. Separate storage for logs and kindling makes for easy access and the open sides help wood dry faster for better burning. Source.

Another cheeky idea from is this tree-shaped log holder in bright green. This fireplace log holder is both playful and practical, for those who like a bit of whimsy with their design. Source.

The holidays are quickly approaching, so why not add an indoor firewood holder to your December decor? Sometimes we don’t even realize that a simple utilitarian object can add warmth to a room decor until we have it in the room. This Christmas tree like design is a perfect example. It will put a smile on any face. It’s a perfect gift idea to add to the holiday wish list. And check out that matching gift-shaped kindling holder! Source.

Now here’s something you don’t see too often, a fireplace log holder doubling as a piece of art hung on the wall. This circular metal long and kindling holder is an ingenious way to incorporate a utilitarian item into your home’s decor. It can be mounted on the wall or on the floor and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, how versatile! Source.

This firewood holder is a magnificent way to stay organized. If your family loves cozying up to fires all winter long, this over-sized piece is perfect for storing different shapes and sizes for both indoor fireplaces and outdoor fires. Source.

The hexagon shapes in this firewood rack are visually captivating when stacked in a pyramid. Wood is easily accessible and can be stored according to size. This design works great in both indoor and outdoor spaces and is available in a range of finishes, shapes and sizes.

The rack shown above is in rusty steel finish but you can also get it in powder-coated aluminium. Source.

Another noteworthy use of geometry is this pyramid-shaped firewood rack. Fill all compartments for maximum storage or leave some triangles empty for visual impact. Either way, this handcrafted piece comes in two sizes to suit indoor or outdoor spaces. Source.

The retro design of this trapeze-shaped fireplace log holder is perfect for vintage lovers. A great combination of form and function, this holder is spacious and can store multiple sizes of logs and kindling. Source.

By buying more hexagons and half-hexagons, this modular log store (as they call it in the UK) can be assembled into an eye-catching decorative piece.

We love the industrial look of this firewood trolley, its sleek and contemporary design conveniently allows you to transport firewood from one place to another. Great for families with multiple fireplaces! Source.

They come as smaller wheeled carts too. And in different colors.

Another contemporary design (above) that is a chic way to add warmth to your home is this circular indoor log holder. Its sleek simplicity is an eye-catching addition suitable for most design tastes. Source.

This unique log carrier on wheels has it all! Separate storage for kindling and logs, means for easy transportation, hooks for fireplace tools and a beautiful rustic design. This is a decorative solution for all your fireplace storage needs. Source.

The Aran log rack from is a versatile contemporary piece that looks great when positioned near fireplace or away. This simple but stylish shape works well with modern tastes. A small change – from straight lines to slight curves – produced a big change in the overall design. What an unexpected take on a classic necessity. Source.

Here is another great example of the dimension a wall mounted firewood rack can add to a room. The natural look of this log carrier would be great in a cottage space or alongside bohemian style decor. We like the simplicity if this design. Source.

Shown above is an example of a quirky flame-shaped fireplace log holder from Amazon. This size works great in smaller spaces due to its compact design. Source.

This tool set and indoor fire wood rack are the perfect pair! The triangular log holder contrasts the rectangular tool set and is another great use of geometric shapes to add personality to your room. Source.

We love the way this fireplace setup plays with the shapes that are already occurring in the room.  The square fireplace against the rectangular mantle captures the eye on its own, but the addition of other shapes through mirrors, candles and the firewood rack and tool set really demonstrate thoughtful design.

This wood holder is truly unique! If you’ve got a lot of logs to store or if you just like when your life imitates art, go for a bold outdoor design such as this one (shown above). Not only does this log storage function as a wood holder, but it can also provide much needed privacy from neighbors. For building components see the source.

This is another log holder that works in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The bright red is an easy way to add a pop of color to an ordinary space. The vivid color and grated material are a nod to a slightly retro look which would pair well in vintage decor styles as a striking focal point. Imagine this holder in an open floor plan loft. Source.

A horizontal version is also available.

If you’re the type of person who values space optimization, consider something like this indoor log rack to organize the space around your fireplace in one simple step.  The use of lines in this metal log holder make the design more interesting than typical storage units and it is available in a variety of uncommon colors. Source.

This Scandinavian style log carrier (above) is a distinctive way to store firewood. The laser cut pattern is visually stimulating and looks great in modern contemporary spaces as a fun design element. The more we look at it the more we like it. With its large size, it has substantial presence, but thanks to such an airy design it’s not overwhelming at all. Source.

We’re obsessed with this modern take on a classic log holder, from the opaque wheels to the slightly curved handles, this firewood holder screams contemporary motif. Consider a piece like this as part of your signature design style. Source.

With its matching color, this log holder on wheels looks perfectly at home even without the logs.

This is a cute idea for log or kindling storage. The silhouette mimics a flame and works well in any space, big or small, indoor or out.  This is a smaller unit that would look great next to a bigger log carrier or in a winter cabin where space is limited. Source.

This sturdy, hand welded indoor firewood rack looks great in industrial spaces or as an eye catching addition to a more delicate decor. Its neutral design can blend in with a variety of decor tastes as a functional and reliable piece of log storage. Source.

This wrought iron firewood holder is a great component to consider when designing  an outdoor fire pit area. The height and width can be customized to suit your preferences and its sturdy design means it will hold up in tough weather conditions as a dependable furnishing. Source.

Everything about this indoor fireplace rack (shown above) was thoughtfully created, from the beautiful finish to the atypical design. This rack serves as both a functional piece of storage as well as a classic design element suitable for modern decor. Source.

Don’t be fooled by the basic shape of this triangular indoor log holder! It has the ability to work well in all types of spaces, whether you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic or need a neutral accessory to complement a dramatic fireplace, this chameleon design works well in traditional and contemporary spaces. Source.

Shown above is a minimalist triangular metal log holder.

For more conventional tastes, this wrought iron log holder adorned with a simple maple leaf could be the perfect choice for creating an enchanting home or cabin space. In fact, even the angle is a subtle invitation to toss another log on the fire during a cozy winter get together. Source.

This is a cute log cart with wheels that captures the fun energy of collecting firewood. Available in a variety of playful colors, this steel log carrier named Woody is an amusing character that will last for years. Source.

The handle can be hidden inside.

Keep logs and kindling easily accessible with something like this firewood holder on legs. The open top makes grabbing wood convenient and the raised height means less bending for heavier logs. Could be a nice addition to a modern fireplace room.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this selection! Have a great family gathering around the fireplace this Christmas! And don’t forget to bring enough log from the outside. Do it in advance. Leave it to dry for longer. It will burn better.

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