35 Real Snowman Ideas for Creative and Awesome Christmas Time

Real snowman ideas

Building snowmen is fun for the family that the entire neighborhood can enjoy! This winter have some fun exploring your creative side using these real snowman ideas as inspiration. Your personality and unique touches are what will bring your characters to life! Here’s a few awesome pictures to get you started.


The Hitch-hiking Snowman

The Hitch-hiking Retiree

This snowman’s cheeky mustache says it all, he’s Florida bound and never looking back! No detail was spared on this idea, he even has a thumb. I just hope he can stand the heat.

The Hipster Snowman

The New York Hipster

Is he scrolling Instagram, ordering Uber Eats or getting stood up for a date? This real, life – imitating snowman is a clever idea. Try using an old phone cover in place of an actual cellphone.

The Upside Down Snowman

Headstand Snowman

Perfect for the gymnastics, yoga and parkour lovers out there. This well-constructed snowman has a strong core to be doing a handstand on those twig arms!

Kid-Eating Snowman

Kid-Eating Snowman

This creepy snowman will definitely keep the neighbors kids out of your yard! Use some muddy and melted snow for added effect.

The Sports Fan Snowman

The Sports Fan Snowman

Reading the Sports section and wearing his favourite team’s cap, this creative snow man is keeping up on the latest news.

Toddler Snowman

Toddler Snowman

Similar to the previously featured Handstand snowman, this less coordinated snow-child demonstrates more neck flexibility in its upside down pose.

Friendly Neighbor Snowman

Friendly Neighbor Snowman

This fine legged snowman is the type of guy to help shovel your driveway and then invite you over for hot-chocolate. What an awesome guy!

The Gold Medalist Snowman

The Gold Medalist

This Champion is celebrating an Olympic victory and wants to know who your family is rooting for! This is a fun idea to show off a recent win for athletes out there, too!

The Snowmen Band

The Jazz Band

This melodic trio of musicians, will charm anyone who passes by all winter long. Inflatable instruments from the dollar- store would work well in this cute snowman idea.


Olaf like Snowman
The Beloved character who stole hearts all over the world in the movie Frozen, will endear anyone who sees his goofy smile, this version has emphasized cheekbones, don’t forget to shape his eyebrows for added emotion.

Olaf real snowman idea
This real snowman idea will bring children’s dreams to life! Olaf’s excited smile and open are ready to give you a hug, he’s practically come to life!

Shy Olaf
This shy version of Olaf waves an awkward hello. His twig eyebrows and less pronounced smile, give him a more meek looking expression.


Miniature Snowman

Miniature Snowman

This pint-sized snowman is the perfect height for the little ones in your family. A longer rectangular torso makes it easier for children to construct snowy friend that won’t fall over.

Bucket Hat Snowman

Bucket Hat Snowman

You don’t need a hat to top off your snowman. Get creative with household items and tools from the shed to give your snowman a look that’s unique to your family.

Over-sized Snowman

Oversized Snowman

This larger than life fellow stands taller than his house! For a great novelty photo with your children build the base and mid-section of this snowman, then use a step ladder to construct the upper body.

Cool Snowman idea

Legged Snowman

For this real snowman idea, use a smaller oval shaped snowball for the base and carve out the shape of feet and legs. For a cute button nose, use a carrot top left over from dinner.


Fashionista snowman

Librarian Snowman

Wearing her favorite broach and matching hat this stylish character is waiting with open arms, to read The Night Before Christmas in front of the fireplace.

Snowman Animal Feeder

Snowman Animal Feeder

This generous snowman is a creative take on squirrel- feeding, an awesome way for the animal lover in your family to encourage chipmunks, birds and other small creatures to visit your backyard all winter! Simply, create a small but sturdy ledge or pocket in your snowman and fill with seeds or nuts.

Night On The Town Lady Snowman

Night On The Town Lady

This playful snowman is ready for a night out. Dressed from head to toe in designer accessories and jewelry, this snappy snowman is perfect for fashion lovers!


Grumpy Snowman

Grumpy Snowman

This grumpy fella has not only his arms crossed but his legs too! His intense stare says stay away from me!

The Freed Village People Snow Sculpture

The Freed Village People

Finally free from the giant’s reign of terror, these petit snowmen are celebrating his capture in this snowy scene.

Mailbox Snowman

Mailbox Snowman

This funny snowman looks like Kevin McAllister from Home Alone after he puts aftershave on his face. Mouth agape, it’s hard to tell if he’s calling for help or singing operatic Christmas carols… Either way, this real life snowman idea will have the mailman laughing for the rest of his deliveries.


Snowmen With Hair

Snowmen With Hair

It’s not often you see a snowman with a full head of hair! The creative folks who made this pair used leaves from a tree to coiffe hairstyles for their snowmen. You can use leaves, pine needles and branches for your snowmen.

Grandma and Grandpa Snowmen

Grandma and Grandpa Snowmen

These senior citizens are enjoying a sunny winter day with these tiny snowball offspring, a cute idea for a wholesome family scene.

Family Portrait Snowmen

Family Portrait Snowmen

This perfectly posed family is all smiles for their family portrait. Try incorporating your outdoor furniture for a realistic snowmen idea and don’t forget to include the family pet if you have one!

Skiing Snowmen

Skiing Snowmen

This adorable group of skiing snowman takes a little more time than some of the other ideas featured on this list but is well worth it. To make the skis, fill a mold with water and food coloring or use an old pair from the garage.

Family Pet Snowman

Family Pet Snowman

This awesome snowman idea includes a four-legged friend! Household items like your dog’s leash or cat’s water bowl make your snowy pet come to life.


Creative Snowman outfit

Hats and scarves are the most traditional ways to add some personality to your snowmen. This inventive snowman uses a newspaper cap to not only keep its head warm but also secure twigs as hair!

Nice looking Snowman

This jolly fella is a simple and creative centerpiece to thoughtful outdoor decor. This winter, take a look around your cabin for a basket to fill with pine-cones and branches to place around your doorway. Items like snowshoes and lanterns are an easy way to add a warm and inviting touch to your winter wonderland.

Snowman in glasses

Accessories like old glasses or headphones can be a great way to add some character to your snowman’s style. Don’t forget the shirt buttons for extra originality!

Kids clothes on Snowman

Brightly colored children’s accessories are a fun way to add a pop of color to your snowman’s attire and great way to reuse items that no longer fit!

Amazing Snowman

No detail was spared when creating this fun-loving snowman. Gloves, eyebrows and a furry hat really help him spring to life. Try using different colored buttons as eyes for a real snowman idea that truly pops!

Reindeer antlers and snowflake buttons

Leftover items from crafting projects are an awesome way to accessorize your snowman so it really stands out from a crowd! This festive creation showcases reindeer antlers and snowflake buttons, an easy way for young children to contribute to decorating.

this snowman loves the great outdoors

The message is clear, this snowman loves the great outdoors! His matching hat, gloves and scarves will surely keep him warm on his long days spent cross-country skiing.

Great real snowman idea

This real snowman idea is a great inspiration for seasoned builders who want to try their hand at something more advanced this winter. A touch of mistletoe or poinsettia leaves (real or fake) are an awesome addition to your snowman’s top hat.

Traditional carrot nose

A traditional pipe and carrot nose are classic additions to any snowman. If you’re looking to give your snow characters distinct personalities, try getting creative with other winter items such as blankets and shawls for noticeable fashion statements!

Happy building!

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