DIY Mannequin Christmas Tree – 9 Dress Form Tutorials (Free)

9 FREE DIY Mannequin Christmas Tree Tutorials

Call it a Dress Form Christmas Tree, or a Mannequin Christmas Tree. We call it ingenious! This is the most insanely original and clever idea we've seen in a good, long while. These beauties carry all the charm of the holidays, but with a refinement that says "sophisticated."

And the best part? You can make one using our free tutorials. Read on to find out more.

Free DIY Tutorials

These free Mannequin Christmas Tree tutorials run the gamut when it comes to style. You'll find tutorials for full-sized and partial mannequins, so you can customize your design. Another great way to make these your own is with the decorations and ornaments adorning them.

These Dress Form Christmas Trees are stunning in real evergreens, but the faux variety will make the holiday season last a little longer.

1. Christmas Tree Dress DIY

Christmas Tree Dress

This Dress Form design is a stunner. We love its simplicity and natural adornment - like a real Christmas tree, only in formal attire. The frame is made of chicken wire, laced with layers of different types of greenery - in different shades. This is definitely one to make your fete festive.

2. DIY Tutorial - Using Burlap

Burlap Idea

This Mannequin Christmas Tree is made using a partial silhouette. Starting with the longest evergreen boughs, the branches are pinned to the mannequin using floral pins. The "dress" is finished with a burlap bodice, and dressed with a festive bow and an elegant pearl necklace. Happy holidays!

3. A Home Depot DIY Tutorial

Home Depot Tutorial

This Christmas Tree Dress comes to you via Home Depot. This little number is made using fir, but pine, cedar or other greenery can be threaded through the chicken-wire base. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Finish it off with baubles of your choice! Check out the free DIY tutorial.

4. Video Tutorial - Using Crochet

Crochet Idea

Believe it or not, this Dress Form Christmas Tree was made using pine, cedar and nandinas with red berries, which were cut from a backyard. Adding the crochet collar gives this piece an antique look, finished with a crown of lush greenery and berries. LED lights make this design really sparkle.

5. Apron & Shoes Idea - Free Guide

Apron and Shoes Idea

This Dress Form design reminds us of "home." Evergreen boughs are hooked through the chicken wire base - hang, fluff, repeat. We love the charming apron, DIY ornaments and did you check out the shoes? SO charming.

6. 'Chris Missy' Christmas Tree DIY

Chris Missy Idea

This Mannequin Christmas Tree was made using an artificial tree base and pre-lit branches, coupled with a mannequin torso, a top, baubles and ribbons galore! Check out the DIY tutorial - free!

7. Fairy Ferns Mannequin DIY

Fern on Mannequin

This DIY Mannequin Dress Form Christmas Tree is even more unexpected than the others, made using a combination of evergreen and ferns for a fresh, "woodland fairy" flair. The sweetheart neckline and necklace complete the look.

8. Chicken Wire, Corset & Garlands

Corset and Garlands Design

This Christmas Tree was made using a dress form on a stand, and a rigid base from chicken wire. The skirt features artificial 9-ft. garlands bought on sale the year before. A corset on top, lights and ornaments below, and a burlap ribbon tie the look together.

9. An Alternative Spin on the Traditional Christmas Tree

Black Mannequin Christmas Tree

This Dress Form Design proves it's all in the details. You'll notice most of these DIY tutorials use chicken wire and evergreens. This particular one (and it's pint-sized partner) includes amazing details like its red light-string ribbon necklace, red bows and a green bodice that you can wrap yourself. Watch the free tutorial to find out how!

Buying Options

Of course, if you're crunched for space (or short on DIY handi-ness) you can always buy off the rack.

These miniature, 3 foot tall Mannequin Christmas Trees come in a variety of styles, from contemporary to traditional to totally glam. Check them out below.

3-foot tall Mannequin Christmas Trees

Inspirational Pictures

Here are some more inspiring Dress Form Christmas Tree designs to get your eggnog flowing.

Long dress form with pine branches

Lights, gold ribbons and a train - what more could you ask for?

White Christmas Tree Mannequin

We love this white Christmas Tree Mannequin - dressed for a Winter Wonderland.

Real pine tree branches

Simple, yet stunning. The hanging ornaments complete this vignette.

Beautiful Christmas dress form

All dressed for a formal festive fete.

awesome Christmas tree mannequin with legs

Here's a really fun one - if you can get your hands of some mannequin legs!

peacock-inspired Dress Form Tree

A peacock-inspired Dress Form Tree - feathers and all!

Mannequin Christmas tree in red dress

Pointsettias, holly... but where's the mistletoe???

Wow - wire mannequins

These Dress Form Trees are all about indulgence!

Pantone 2018 Blue Dress Form Tree

This Dress Form is all decked out in true blue with pops of Ultra-Violet - Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year!

Beautiful burlap and snowflakes

Love the snowflakes!

Amazing long dress full mannequin Chritmas tree

This elegant cocktail-style Dress Form Christmas Tree is a show stopper.

A frost-tipped beauty.


What a brilliant way to dress your storefront for the holidays!

Mannequin tree dressed in white hat and gloves

We love the monochromatic color scheme of this design.

Short Dress Form Christmas Tree

Naughty or nice? This short Dress Form Christmas Tree is channeling Tinkerbell.

Snow Queen dress form

If there was a Snow Queen, THIS would be her gown.

Formal Black Dress

This Mannequin Christmas Tree is an essential guest at your black-tie affair.

Victorian-style mannequin tree

Victorian-style at its best. Love the hat and fur collar.

Traditional Red and Green Christmas

Just inside your front door, what a wonderful welcome home!

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