Magical Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas & Area Designs

There is just an outdoor fire pit seating and there are seating ideas that are just spectacular. Someone with good taste and knowledge has created these designs, and we got to learn from them. There is something magical about seating around fire and when the design is so beautiful, this magic multiplies. If you’re planing to build a fire pit seating area, you’ll find these 33 awesome ideas inspiring.

To build one, you can take at least three different approaches. You can get seating plans and DIY it. You can hire a professional landscaper. Or … you can just buy or build wooden chairs or other types of outdoor seats and place them around your fire pit, and you’re done.

That is providing you already have a fire pit. You could, of course, built it yourself too. Regardless what’s your budget is, this guide is designed to help you get started on this exciting project.

Sunken Fire Pit Seating

A circular sunken fire pit seating area

Here’s one spectacular architectural idea materialized in concrete in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A circular sunken fire pit seating area is finished with natural stone and adorned with a plethora of soft subtle color cushions. Source:

A rectangular sunken fire pit area

In this modern minimalist idea above, a raised deck has a rectangular sunken fire pit area in the middle. What almost looks like a wooden boardwalk is installed within the entire perimeter of the polished concrete base. Finally, on top of wood, there are comfortable seats with back support. The rectangular pit is also concrete and is gas or bio-fuel based. Source:

Recessed area around a fire pit

The patio design above shows how making an area around a fire pit recessed (even slightly) helps creating a very cozy backyard feature. And of course, positioning seats in circle adds that feeling of togetherness. Source:

Modern Concrete Fire Pit Seating Ideas

We’ve found this great video tutorial on how to make an outdoor concrete fire pit yourself – check it out.

Large modern patio overlooking a beautiful waterfront, with built in concrete seating, a square fire pit

The one above and the next two ideas are by Italian manufacturers of outdoor tile. Shown is a large modern patio overlooking a beautiful waterfront, with built in concrete seating, a square fire pit in the middle and porcelain tile on the floor. Source:

Stunning outdoor fire pit seating

Another stunning outdoor fire pit seating setup, all built in concrete and plus the tile flooring.  This idea proves that cold cement can look welcoming and cozy. Source:

Small awesome seating area around a small metal fire pit

And here’s a small but awesome seating area designed to gather around a small metal fire pit. Looks like a great place to relax after a day of adventures in the snow. Source:

An awesome built in fire pit seating area

This idea (above) is a perfect example of how, using concrete, you can create an awesome built-in seating area, even with a concrete fire pit in the middle. Source:

Stone Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Stone clad fire pit centerpiece in waterfront patio

A stone clad fire pit is the centerpiece in this landscaped waterfront patio paradise. It seems to be separated from the rest of the world by a large stone retaining wall. Just you, fire, water and the views … what can be better for a romantic seating idea. Will this be your favorite spot to escape the daily grind? Source:

Awesome idea - a circular seating area with a round fire pit in the center

Another awesome idea by the same landscaping company – a circular seating area and a round fire pit in the center, both clad in stone. But the most amazing feature of this design is how seamlessly the precisely clad seating wall transitions into the randomly placed boulders, while similarly random patterns of the flooring tiles help with a smooth visual transition. And you can use these natural stone boulders as seating too. Source:

An indoor fireplace inside of a veranda room

The eye-candy inspiration continues as we’re now looking at what’s on the other side of the same seating area. The house also has an indoor fireplace inside of a veranda room that can be open to the outdoors. As it gets colder, the seating around a fire pit continues indoors. What a cool idea. Photo source:

Beautiful outdoor design uses boulders as seats - a perfect idea for a garden fire pit seating

Shown above is a simple but beautiful outdoor design that uses large stackable fieldstone boulders as seats. This would be a perfect idea for a garden fire pit seating. Source: TerremotoLandscape

Spectacular idea of stone fire pit seating

Another spectacular idea where everything is made of stone – the seating, the fire pit, the retaining walls, the floor and the steps. Source:

A Rooftop Fire Pit Idea

Modern rooftop terrace with fire pit seating

This very modern rooftop terrace uses a range of built in ideas for seating around a fie pit.  A very large pit for a very large outdoor area. Source: unknown.

Unique Fire Pit Seating

Scottish masonry fire pit design with simple foldable wood chairs

When pit design takes the center stage, simple foldable wood chairs is all you need to enjoy seating around a fire pit. But the very comfortable ones. The unique Scottish masonry is referenced in this pit design. Source: HGTV.
Landscape Architect: Gregory Lombardi
Photo: Eric Roth

Use this DIY Tutorial to build a very similar fire pit from soapstone.

Soapstone fire pit design

Patio Fire Pit Ideas

For more outdoor living inspiration, please see our guide to the trendiest Patio Seating Ideas.

Simple cool patio fire pit design idea

This is a very simple but very cool patio fire pit design idea. The seats are just metal chairs. When building your cement patio, make a round opening in it, add some gravel and install a simple fire ring onto it, and you’re done. Clean and safe. Source:

Modern urban backyard with fire pit area

This modern urban backyard in San Francisco has a dedicated fire pit area (photo above). Two rattan chairs offer comfortable seating. The landscape design is by Terremoto. Photography by Bruce Damonte. Source:

A patio outdoor fire pit inside of a pavilion under the roof

A patio fire pit set up inside of a pavilion and under the roof is an interesting outdoor design option. You can be enjoying a warm fire even under a heavy rain. Source:

Spectacular outdoor fire pit seating area designs



Two classic, spectacular fire pit area designs from DiSabatino Landscaping (3 photos above). In both ideas, outdoor patio chairs are used for seating.

Easy Fire Pit Seating Ideas

A nice fire pit seating area

Creating a nice fire pit seating area doesn’t have to be complicated, and this simplest idea shown above proves it. You buy a set of outdoor furniture and position it around a pit. Of course, some area landscaping would help to create a more enjoyable environment. Source:

Unusual, black color Adirondack chairs around fire pit

The unusual, black color Adirondack chairs make a statement in this very simple outdoor seating design. Chairs are sold at

Circular Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Circular Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Some people may think this is a dream idea for fire pit seating (photo above), and they could be right. Made from redwood, this is an awesome built in circular seating with back rest. In fact, the entire patio construction is all one continuous built-in design. Source: Photo By: Ernest Braun for California Redwood Association.

Spectacular idea for a circular fire pit seating design, with a semi-sphere fire pit

Another spectacular idea for a circular seating design. There is a semi-sphere fire pit in the center. Source:

DIY Fire Pit Seating Idea

DIY Fire Pit Seating Idea


When it comes to DIY-ing a fire pit area seating, it’s hard to compete with classic Adirondack chairs. Add some landscaping, lighting, a garden path and a small outdoor dining table, and suddenly, this simple place around a fire looks like a piece of paradise.  Check out the DIY Tutorial on how it was built.

Fire Pit Seating Ideas with just Chairs

Fire Pit Seating Ideas with just Chairs

A simple but elegant backyard fire pit seating idea using modern rattan chairs (photo above). Source: unknown.

Adirondack chairs around an outdoor fire pit

Why Adirondack chairs around fire pit is … one of the most inspiring outdoor living ideas? Could be it because they are the only chair designs that are so rustic in appearance? Source: Photography: White Loft Studio.

A dedicated fire pit area filled with beautiful custom made wooded seats and outdoor tables

This is a very cool design, actually. Landscaping features outline a dedicated fire pit area filled with beautiful custom made wooded seats and outdoor tables. And the decorative wall matches the gravel on the floor. Very modern but rustic at the same time. Source:

Ideas for In Ground Fire Pit with Seating

Ideas for In Ground Fire Pit with Seating

A boarded concrete design for an in ground fire pit with seating. This design is only minimalist by appearance – it’s rich with ideas. Just take a close look. A small fire-safe area is built using cement, with a square hole in the ground and nice modern concrete seating that will last forever and requires no maintenance. This idea is perfect for a DIY project. Source:

Magical Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

What a lovely setting. It’s a rustic modern design with many inspirational ideas to borrow from. First, it clearly shows that a little twist in the chair design can completely change the look and style of the entire setting (and the look is modern thanks to the unexpectedly straight-line cut backrests). Second, it clearly shows that lemon green is one of the best colors for creating a close-to-nature feel. Third, including a rectangular concrete seating slab adds a contemporary touch. Forth, an in-ground fire pit with a very geometric (square) design also ads a contemporary feel despite its rustic appearance. And finally, the fifth, adding huge rough-edged boulders immediately ads that rustic touch. As the result is a spectacular mixture of styles that sure deserves your attention. Source:

A nice fire pit seating with a metal pit on the ground

This is a very clever idea actually. They needed to build a raised deck anyway so why not to include a fire pit seating area. Simply make a round opening in the wood construction and you’ve got a nice seating and a metal pit on the ground. Just don’t fall into it. And notice something else – they store firewood under the deck too. Source:

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Rustic Fire Pit Seating

Outdoor Rustic Fire Pit Seating

An unusually large fire bowl is the centerpiece in this dramatic rustic fire pit idea. The uniquely designed wood chairs are also cool. All place on gravel, adding to the rustic look.

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Fire pit log seats

Use fire pit log seats for a truly rustic seating design. Source:

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