Steel Fire Pit Designs: Fire Balls are Custom Made

Steel fire pit designs have been really evolving, especially when it comes to the cut away fire spheres, or fire balls. We just love this metal work – the detail, the precision, the scenes that are created. Some are off the shelf, but many are bespoke. If you can think of a scene – it can be turned into a cut away fire pit. It’s a big steel ball, hollow and reverse-cut to display a scene. Custom orders are common with this designs, so while you’re browsing through our examples, think of what your own custom steel fire pit scene might be. What truly represents you?

Steel Fire Pit Designs Globe

These blazing spheres aren’t just rocking steel fire pits – they are artistic outdoor sculptures. With a functional use. They look just striking at night, when the fire rages within. The globe is a popular design for the traveling man. Or woman. What a great gift for those with wanderlust. Source

Fire Ball Dragons

Fire Pit Sculpted Fire Balls

The Firepit Co. in the UK calls these fire pits by another name: Sculpted Fireballs. Indeed. Source

Steel Fire Pit Dragons

Pendragon’s Hearth steel fire pit design. These fire balls can be either wood or gas, your choice.  Source

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Dragonsn and Fire balls

“Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.” Source

Fairies and Angels

Fire pits Unicorn

A fairy rides a unicorn through the fire. This fire pit could be the start of a great fairy tale. Source

Fire ball Moon

The fairy fire ball. It’s enchanting. Source

Fire Pit Angel

Hidden is an angel-themed fire pit sphere and a work that gets one thinking. What is it exactly that is hidden? Source

Nature’s Creatures

 Fire Pit Butterlfy

Butterflies adorn this fire ball sphere – these are just great fire pits for parties, they really get people talking. Source

Fire Fish in Reeds

The Red Lake steel fire pit sphere is Minnesota-inspired with three types of fish lurking in the reeds. Source

Fire Pit Gone Fishing

More fish from Red Lake in this cut away fire ball. Source

Deer in Woods Fire Pit

Winter Woods: Birch trees and a lone buck adorn the scene on this steel fire ball. This one is cut away more than most, and it’s a nice effect. Source

Stallions fire pit

Wild horses couldn’t drag us away from this gorgeous steel fire pit. Source

Cowboys at Work

Cowboys Steel Fire Ball

Hey, Buckaroos. It’s round up time. Steel fire pits have come a long way since a half circle on some bricks. Source

Steel Pit Campfire

Getting ready to bed down after a long day. Source

The Land Down Under

fire balls Kangaroos

Down Under steel fire pit – kangaroos on this fire ball. Source

African Fire Balls

Steel Fire Pit Lions

It’s a jungle out there. Source

fire ball Jungle

Africa steel sphere. Source

Steel Fire Pit Designs from The North Country

Steel Fire Pit Designs Mountain Lion

High Mountain steel fire pit sphere, with a mountain lion. Source

Steel fire ball Moose

Up North fire pit sphere. Way up north. Source

Southern Nights Steel Fire Balls

Steel fire ball Pelicans

Pelicans and palm trees. Need we say more? Source

Fire Design Long Horns

Long horn steer and cranes. Source

Steel Fire Pit Designs Vokswagon Van

Surf’s up! How cute is that Volkswagen van? Source

Young Love Fire Pit Design

Young Love Ball of Fire

Young love – The English Country fire ball. Source

Hands of Time? Handy Fire Pit? Helping Hands?

Steel Fire Pit Helping Hands

This is an interesting fire ball – different people could see different meanings. Source

Down on the Farm Fire Ball

Steel Fire Pit Farm

The jury is out on this one. This is your basic farm scene – and while we understand the impetus, doesn’t it look like the poor guy’s farm is on fire and he doesn’t notice? Kind of like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Hey, that would make a great scene for a fire ball. In any event, this one called: Appel Crisp Farm Fire Pit Sphere. The ‘crisp’ is what sent us over the edge. Source

Fire Pit Bowl: Cousin of the Fire Ball

Steel Fire Bowl Tribal

Technically a fire pit with dome (and not a sculpted fire ball), we think this comes close. Great fire pit design – tribal dancers around the fire. You could have this design done on a fire ball, very easily. Source

Steel Fire Pit Designs Fire Bowl

This one is also technically not a fire ball – it’s a fire bowl. But it’s still a steel fire pit and we really like it (as well as the view). Source

So what’s your style for your custom made fire pit? What sort of scene will you put on your fire ball? We’d love to see your custom designs – upload them below with a short description. Just click on the ADD POST button.

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