22 Unusual and Creative Garden Statues and Ornaments

Creative garden statues and unusual garden ornaments can really change a landscape. And while a few of these examples below are from formal gardens, we tried to focus our search on the unusual artsy pieces for residential ideas. And in many cases, statues and ornaments you can order online. We found dragons and gargoyles and unicorns. And lizards – have we got lizards. And every material from concrete to moss. And cabbage. Yes, you read right. A little garden whimsy never hurt anyone. These 22 creative pieces will make great accents.

Creative Garden Statues: Dragons and Gargoyles

Creative Garden Dragon Statue
Three parts makes this dragon an amusing piece.

As a statue, you know that this three-piece dragon will always bring a smile to guests’ faces. And what a great face he has himself. Source

Socrates, the creative gargoyle
“It is not living that matters, but living rightly.”

Socrates, the Gargoyle thinker. Isn’t he delightful? He’s huge. Design Toscano.  They have some very creative garden statues over there – not to mention unusual.

Gargoyle statue with unusual features
The creative garden statue has the cutest face.

This little imp looks like he’s having a great laugh. What an unusual chap he is. Source

Creative little gargoyle statue
Look at his cute little horns. He’s trying very hard to look mean. Not working.

This little guy looks like he’s trying hard to be tough – but can’t quite do it. Source

Amusing Picc-a-Dilly Nose Gargoyle Statue for the garden
This little guy is part of a trio of Picc-a-Dilly Nose Gargoyles.

You can pick your friends, right? Source

Dragon ornament is in three pieces
These three-piece dragons have a lot of presence.

The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat from Design Toscano.

This unusual Zombie of Montclaire statue will startle some
Zombies rule.

While not a gargoyle, the Zombie of Montclaire, from Design Toscanno, makes for a startling discovery in the garden. Source

Creative Garden Ornaments: Lizards and the Like

A very creative mosaic lizard statue
Mosaic garden ornament: lizard with butterfly

This mosaic lizard has gorgeous colors – a very creative garden decor piece. Source

Mosaic Gecko Ornament for the garden
Mosaic lizard with great colors.

This mosaic lizard is a great ornament for the garden – one of a kind. Source

This unusual garden statue is made from bottle caps
Bottle cap art is amazing – a creative garden statue for sure.

This little guy is all bottle caps on a wire frame. From Goddington House, UK via Michael Goodes.

Iguana Garden Ornament
Iggy the Iguana rules the garden.

This large iguana ornament is sure to get attention. Source

Lizard Garden Ornaments
Lizards in the garden – creative ornaments.

This concrete garden ornament looks great among the plants. Source

Creative Ornament Plant Lizard
A creative ornament – a lizard made of plants.

A succulent sculpture – in the shape of a lizard. Source

Unusual Garden Statues: Mother Earth

Unusual Garden Statue made of Plants
Succulents are the ingredient in this creative garden ornament.

Chicks and Hens adorn this mannequin – one of the most unusual creations we’ve ever seen. Source

Unusual Garden Statue made of Vegetables
Kale and Cabbage Mannequin – how creative and cool.

The statue above was the most amazing and creative garden statue we’d come across – until this one. She’s incredible. Source

Creative Moss Garden Statue
Mother Earth is tired.

Sleeping Moss Lady Source

Creative Topiaries

Unusual Jumping Horse Topiary Statue
Jumping horse.

This jumping horse is a sculpted topiary – unusual to have animals in motion that look this realistic – great example of a creative garden piece. Source

Creative Mosaic Face Topiary Statue
We just love her resting face.

Topiary Mosaic Face Source

Unusual Lemur Topiary Statues
Some of the best topiary work we’ve seen.

Lemurs from Madagascar. Source

Unusual Moss Ornament
The eyes see all.

How do they get these creative garden statues to look so real? Source

Carousel Horse Garden Statue
This is an unusual topiary – we love the mane and tail.

Carousel horse topiary. Source

Unicorn is creative topiary statue

But the loveliest of all was the Unicorn. Source

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