20 Head Planter Ideas in Stone, Cement and Concrete

Head planters – in stone, cement or concrete – are one of the coolest gardening ideas to come along in a while. Don’t you just love how the plants become the hair? If it’s well-thought out, it can be charming. Like Medusa – the standard, really. But you can do almost any hairstyle you think would work with your head planter, there are so many varieties of plant to choose from.

The Medusa Head Planter

Head Planters in Stone
Love the hair!

Medusa is the first thing almost everyone thinks of and she’s a classic.  A monster, with hair of snakes, from Greek mythology. She even has a cactus named after her (the one below). A heavy duty head planter in stone with a spiky, spindly, trailing cactus make a great likeness to her. Source

Medusa Head Planter
This guy is one of our all-time favorites.

Medusa at her finest – or maybe Bob Marley? Love the locks on this gentleman.  He looks like he has it together. Stone planters get so wonderfully patinated with the green moss. This is when a planter’s head looks it’s finest – framed by long, tossed… hair.  Source

Planter with Burros Tail
Planters come in all shapes and sizes of heads.

The Burro’s Tail is another good cacti idea for a head planter. Make sure you position your planter to get the right amount of sun for the plant you choose – or choose the plant based on where you want to put your planter. And being made of stone, cement and concrete – they’re heavy, so think about it before you move them around. Source

Terra Cotta Heads

Planter Pot Head
The plant, and the planter, look to the sun.

This is actually a hybrid – terra cotta and Medusa. The terra cotta stone head planters create lot more contrast between the rust color of the clay and the green of the plant, ummm,  I mean hair.  Source

Planter Head Long Neck
We think she’s got the sweetest face.

This is a beautiful head planter – check out the leaf design along her forehead. Such a lovely detail. And her haircut is great, it really suits her. Source

Bust planter terra cotta
He has a very Picasso look to his profile.

And here we have a succulent pot idea. With succulents for hair. Interesting choice – and quite the flower pot face. Source

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The Men of the Garden

Planter head cool guy
Love this tousled mop.

This guy looks so natural, like he was born to this hair.  Pencil cactus is another good choice to accent your head planter. Source

Head Planter Burros Tail Roman Nose
Who me? Are you talking to me?

This guy looks like he’s been in one boxing match too many – talk about a Roman nose. Burro’s Tail cactus does the job here. Source

Head with Wings
He almost looks like the Flying Nun.

This fellow’s hair is crazy, it looks like he had a rough night. Again, Burro’s Tail. An interesting tidbit about this cactus – it has never been found in the wild. It was discovered in Mexico as a domesticated plant on someone’s porch. Little did they know how many head planter ideas they would spawn. Source

Planter in the window

A string of pearls plant adorns the head of this charming fellow in the window. Source

The Ladies in Stone

Head Sleeping
A well deserved nap in the garden.

This sleeping maiden head planter has a serene and peaceful look. You’ll see that Hens & Chicks, another type of succulent, is a popular species for these planters. Source

Flower Pot Face Mystic
A mystic flower pot face.

This wild mess of hair looks great on this pretty woman head planter. All kinds of stone are used for these planters – just depends on the origin of the piece. Source

Head of Woman with Berries
Woman with berries – what a great head planter.

This head planter is stunning with its purple and blue berries and sparkling choker necklace. We love the way her bangs fall down her nose. Nice touch. Source

Planters Classic Style
This is a classic stone head planter for the garden.

Sweet flowers trail from this maiden’s locks. Ground covers are great to use, they trail so well. This head planter is classic style sculpture. Source

Planter with turned head
Just a slight turn of the head elevates the presence of this planter.

A mix and match of cacti on this beauty. The String of Pearls Cactus is another great choice for stone head planters or flower pot faces. Even alone, they are so fascinating, once you put them on a planter, you know you’re golden. Our subject not only has great hair, but a cool necklace, too. Somehow it makes her look even more real. We envision her being from Portland, she has that West Coast savoir faire. Source

 Planter - delicate with fern head
A very feminine flower pot face with fern.

This very feminine head planter has a head of delicate ferns. Perfect choice for her delicate face. Source

Historical Figures as Planters

Head of Caligula planter
Emperor Caligula with a head of plants.

Emperor Caligula and his flowing tresses makes a statement. These busts make fantastic head planters. Buy it.

Head of Socrates Planter
“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Socrates makes a very handsome head planter. What would you use for his hair? That would be a tough one. You’d want something thoughtful at least. Buy it.

The Gang’s All Here

Stone Head Trio of Planters
We bet you can’t stop looking at these guys. How did they get so personified?

We think there’s nothing better than sitting several well-done head planters together. In fact, sometimes, we can imagine them whispering to each other at night when everyone’s asleep. Hey, do you mind telling me who does your hair? Source

he Gang's here planter heads
Group shot.


The 3D Printed Polyface Planter

3d printed head planter

What a captivating way to hold your plants, with nine eyes keeping a close eye on them. 3D printed from PLA, a recyclable bioplastic that is made from corn, this artsy planter is lightweight and durable. This magnificent work of art from a 3D printer is made to perfection.

Buy it here.

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