35 Succulent Gardening Ideas for Small Creative Container Designs

Succulent gardening is one of the easiest ways to turn your backyard or patio area into an colorful oasis. Succulents are extremely hardy and easy to care for – it’s actually substantially difficult to kill them. That makes them a top choice right there. But they also happen to be one of the hot new darlings of garden design. They come in such wonderful hues and textures and are no fuss, no bother plants. What’s not to like? We present 35 creative ideas.

Succulent Gardening


Succulent gardening lends itself very well to container gardening. If you plant them directly in the ground in northern climates, consider them annuals. Extremely tolerant of drought, they don’t need much water with the exception of growing season.

Hens & Chicks

Succulents in Bloom

Hens & Chicks in bloom. They are an easy plant for those experimenting with succulent gardening for the first time. Source

Vertical Succulent Planter Red

This upcycled palette full of succulents is a cool idea, don’t you think? Source

Succulent carpet

A Hen & Chick lawn – no-mow gardening. That’s what we like. Source

Succulent and cactus gardening

What’s the difference between succulent and cactus gardening? Cacti are actually a subset of the succulent classification, but do not have leaves or branches. Instead, cacti have areolas (where spines emerge) and other succulents don’t. Clear as mud?  Source

Built in Succulent Planter

Succulent designs can be incorporated right into your outdoor living space. Source

Incredibly gorgeous purple succulents

This is an outstanding tumbling succulent design idea. Wouldn’t it be turning heads? Source

Hanging Gardens

Burro Tail Succulent Hanging Plant

Often referred to as the Burro Tail Cactus, it’s not a cactus at all, it’s a succulent. And it’s a superb trailing/hanging plant in any garden. It is also referred to as Donkey Tail. Source

Planter in the window

String of Pearls is a perfect succulent to use with Head Planters. Or any planter for that matter. Sometimes called the rosary plant, for obvious reasons.

Hanging Succulent Wall

This succulent garden design provides a plant wall on the deck. Source

Dripping Succulents

This display is just dripping with succulents. Source

succulent cafe

From the Succulent Cafe in Oceanside, California. In overall, a stunningly creative design. Source

Birdcage Succulent Garden

Succulents grown in a birdcage – we love it, it’s a totally charming idea. Source

The Jellyfish - we love him

And the winner of the most creative idea in the succulent gardening category? The Jellyfish design. Source

Succulents in Frames for Outdoor Walls

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Succulent gardening in picture frames. What will they think of next? Source

Shabby chic succulents frame

A shabby chic idea of succulent garden in a small frame. Source

Gold Frame Succulents

This is a work of art! Source

Succulent combo

A well-done combo of succulents. Source

Wall Art Succulents

Okay, okay, technically these are cacti. But a cactus is a succulent, remember? Source

Succulents can be air plants

Air plants are being touted as the new succulent – although many succulents will live happily as air plants, without soil. Source

A wonderland of succulent plants in a small container

We love the colors and textures of these gorgeous plants, grown in a small container. Source

Vertical Succulent Gardening

Palette gardening with succulent plants

This is a recycled palette wall – if you plan to do this at home, ensure that the palette is untreated before planting your succulents in there. Source

Brick gardening with succulent plants

A succulent garden wall made of bricks. Source

Palette gardening with succulent plants

Another palette recycled. Bravo. Source

Succulents in a small container

This small container makes a wicked vertical succulent garden design. Source

Succulents and Driftwood

Driftwood garden from the Succulent Cafe – the place is one of the finest examples. Source

Succulent Gardening in Creative Containers

Picnic in the Garden

An old wicker picnic basket makes a great creative garden base. Source

Succulent Bird Bath

This stone bird bath gets a new life as a garden. Source

Succulent Wreath

A succulent wreath is a living outdoor decoration. How creative is that? Source

Succulent mini gardening

Succulents are always great in fairy small gardens. Source

Succulent wall gardening

Fantastic succulent garden on a stone wall. Source

Succulent wheelbarrow gardening

Growing succulents in a wheelbarrow is the perfect container gardening idea for a patio, and you can move it around. Source

Succulent star gardening

Succulent gardening in the wood star – it’s everyone’s choice for creative container designs.

Mini muffin tin gardening with succulents

A creative succulent garden in a mini muffin tin. Now that’s a unusual container. Source

Living succulent bracelet

It’s incredible. Living, breathing succulent jewelry by Passion Flower on Etsy. It’s so incredible that we have to show you the necklace also (below).

Living succulent necklace

Succulents as jewelry. Okay, maybe this entry beats the jellyfish. By Passion Flower on Etsy

Succulent Mannequin

This creative garden statue was created using succulents.

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