33 Upcycled Flowerpot Ideas for Garden and Patio

Upcycled flowerpot ideas are everywhere. The largest part of being able to see it is keeping your eyes, and your mind, open to possible containers to use. You need to look at things in a different way. A rusted bike becomes a flowerpot (sculpture, almost). And old Radio Flyer has rusted through parts of the bed, so turn it into a flower pot – you have perfect drainage.

Upcycled flowerpot ideas wagon

Play a game with yourself. Spend one day noticing things around the outside of your house or in the garage. Things you could upcycle into flowerpots and planters. Upcycling is the new recycling, by the way. You’re giving a second life to something, something that has already been manufactured. Good environmental karma points and more than that – really unique and attractive flowerpots and planters. Here are some inspirational ideas for you below.

Upcycle Your Old Colorful Tins

upcycled tins
Using colorful tins is a great way to upcycle and resuse.

These contemporary tins are easy to turn into flowerpots. They look great ganged together like this, don’t they? Source

Upcycled flowerpot made from an olive oil tin
Olive oil tins make fantastic upcycled flowerpots.

Here’s a simple idea – always buy your olive oil in colorful tins. That way, you’ll have the tin left over when the oil is gone. And you can turn it into a beautiful upcycled flower pot with little effort. Just poke holes in the bottom (use a screwdriver), fill with dirt and add your plant. Source

Repurposed tin planters
Repurposed tin planters look great on the outdoor stairs.

Your local Italian eatery may be willing to save these tins for you. And you can ask friends and neighbors. They make a great flowerpots for a stairway herb garden. Source

upcycled flowerpots made from old tins
Old tin anything really works well with succulents.

Upcyling flowerpots can be as simple as filling old tins with the right kind of plant. Source

Wine Bottle Corks can be DIY-ed into Pots

Wine bottle corks uplcycled into flowerpots
Upcycled planters – made with wine bottle corks.

And you wondered what you’d ever do with all those wine bottle corks. Turn them into flowerpots – it’s relatively easy. Source

Cork flower pot is easy to do
This upcycled flowerpot would be an easy DIY.

A plain window box becomes an interesting planter when you upcycle using wine bottle corks. Source


Mini cork planters as flower pots
This is a really special thing to do with those memory wine corks you’ve been saving.

These magnetic corks are such cute mini flowerpots. What a lovely garden party favor they would make. Perfect for a Summer Solstice party. Source

flower pot DIY with corks
It’s a very simple DIY.

Wine cork mini flowerpots are a cinch to make – be sure to use a succulent plant. Source

hanging cork planter
Now, this upcycled cork planter is a tad more complicated.

This is a supersized hanging flowerpot made from wine bottle corks. A big project but spectacular. Source

Mason Jars & Muffin Tins are Perfect for Upcycling

mason jar flowerpots
These mason jar flower pots look great on terra cotta saucers.

Those mason jars. When they aren’t upcycled as solar lights, they’re parading around as flowerpots. Versatile. Source

flower pots hung on old spoons bent into hooks
Outdoor wall hanging mason jar flower pots.

These would look great hanging on the cottage porch wall. Be sure to notice the hooks – they’re upcycled spoons. Source

Wall hung mason jars as flowerpots
Mason jars as flower pots on the wall.

More mason jars upcycled as flower pots. So many variations – mason jars are a decor trend these days. Source

An upcycled flower pot made from muffin tins
Muffin tins make great outdoor planters. Add herbs for even more of a correlation.

We couldn’t resist the muffin tin turned flowerpot. Great for outdoors – especially if it’s already a little old and rusty. Source

Upcycled Terra Cotta Pot Ideas

Terra cotta pots upcycled
Add hurricane globes and a candle to Terra Cotta pots.

These flowerpots have merely been added to – a hurricane globe and a candle. What a clever idea. Source

chalkboard flowerpots
Put chalkboard paint on your flower pots

Chalkboard paint is a great way to upcycle flowerpots for herbs. Source

Flowerpot address markers
Flower pots do double duty as address markers.

Use upcycled flowerpots as your address markers – a novel idea. Source

Beach themed pot
Glue seashells on a Terra Cotta pot for a beach theme.

Been collecting shells on your vacation? Upcycle them into a flowerpot. Source

Knit flowerpot
Knit a sleeve to upcycle your terra cotta flower pots.

Is there a kitter in the family? Knit a sleeve for a creative flowerpot. Source

Turn Broken Pots into Flowerpots

Upcycled broken pots in the ground
What a great idea for broken pots.

What a smart flowerpot idea – bury broken pots below the break. Source

Broken flowerpot ideas for miniature gardens
Use broken flower pots to make mini gardens.

Broken pots make killer mini gardens and fairy gardens. Source

Use broken flowerpots to create flower spills
Creeping Jenny makes a great spilled flowerpot.

Use broken pieces to create spilled flower pots.

More Creative Upcycled Flowerpot Ideas

Upcycled flowerpots
Old hats as upcycled flower pots.

These hats are a great upcycled idea. There’s nothing old hat about this. Source

Logs as flower pots
Logs are easy to hollow out and fill with dirt.

Old logs and pieces of driftwood, hollowed out, are simple flowerpot ideas. Source

Bathtub flower pot
This old bathtub was put to good use.

You can go even further than the just a flowerpot – upcycle a claw foot bathtub to a water garden. Source

Upcycled ideas - birdcage
Turn an old bird cage into an upcycled flowerpot.

This birdcage filled with succulents is a charming pot idea. Source

Upcycled idea for a rope flowerpot
Wrap rope around your flower pots for a natural look.

Wrapping rope, or twine, around flowerpots or tins is a super easy idea to upcycle your old pots. Source 

Sea shell upcycled flowerpot
Put a plant inside a sea shell for a no fuss upcycled pot.

A no fuss upcycled flowerpot idea – stick a plant inside a seashell. Source

Flower pot idea - purses
Purses on the fence.

Use old purses along a fence for a really creative flowerpot idea. Source 

Upcycled Picture frame as a flowerpot
A picture frame planter.

This picture frame planter can be placed on a stump or tabletop – or on the wall. Source

Upcycled Wine Crate as Flowerpot
Wine crate upcycled planter.

An old wine crate makes a funky herb garden planter. Source 

Teapots as flower pots
Teapots look great as flowerpots on the stair railing.

Aren’t these teapots lovely on this stairway? Source

Flowerpot ideas - tin cans

Even shiny tin cans can be upcycled flowerpots.

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