Spilled Flower Pots: Easy DIY for Your Garden

Spilled flower pots – why didn’t we think of this sooner? What a great canvas a green lawn makes for this striking design idea. And it’s a clever idea for broken flower pots, too. An easy, easy DIY. Pansies, petunias and impatience seem to be popular choices but any ground cover will work just fine. Even succulents and ferns, as you’ll see below. We’ve spilled 26 secret examples to get you inspired.

Spilled Flower Pots Colorful
This spilled pot has a lot of great color going for it.

This spilled flower pot is a half wine-barrel, but does the same trick. The colors are a great mix. Source

Spilled Marigolds in Gold

Spilled Flowers Paint
Just a little squeeze did the trick.

Isn’t this a creative idea? They’ve squeezed a tube gold paint and marigolds came out. Source

Spilled Flowerpots Marigolds
Marigolds spilled all over the lawn.

This flower spill will fill in and become a sea of gold. Source

Spilled Reds

Flowers Red

Red is a great color for the flowers in your spilled flower garden. Source

Blue pot and rabbit
You can add ceramic accents, like this rabbit, to your spilled flower pot displays.

A ceramic rabbit looks over the spilled flower pot. Source

Barrel Spill
Spilled flower pot in red.

With red spilled flowers, the more the better.

Spilled Flowers Garden

This spilled flower display is from the Dubai Miracle Garden – the largest flower garden in the world. Source

Purple Spills

Purple spilled potsPetunias in deep purple contrast the lime green in this flower spill. Source

flowers spilled Fuscia

Impatience spills from a large flower pot. Source

spilling flowers

A tumble of tiny purple flowers spills from this tipped flower pot. Source

Dried Purple spills

A haze of purple flowers, dried, livens up the autumnal landscape.

Terra cotta spill

A simple spilled pot – the only thing in the garden. How easy is this DIY? Source

Spilled barrel of pansies

The Blues

Spilled Flowers early spring

This half barrel spills a path of pansies. Source

natures flower spills

Flower spills can be integrated with the natural surroundings to look even more casual and haphazard. Source

Public Flower Spills

This gorgeous spill, coming out of a full size tipped barrel, looks like a river. Source

Spilled Milk?

Spilled Flower Pots Milk

No use crying over spilled milk, err, spilled flowers. Note the milk can – cute. Source

White Combos

Spilled Flowers Red White

Any broken flower pot you’ve got will work for a spill, as long as you have at least half of it intact. Source

Pink River spilled flowers

Pink and white impatience will fill this whole yard. Source

Spilled Succulents & Creeping Jenny

Spilled Pots Succculents

From the Succulent Cafe, Oceanside (CA). Source

Spilled Flowers Solar Lights

This spilled flower pot has Creeping Jenny and solar lights. Source

Spilled Succulents

Succulents make a fantastic choice for a flower spill, although technically, it’s a cacti spill. Still, you can use anything that works. Source

Creeping Jenny Spills

Creeping Jenny is always a good choice for a spill. Source

Spilled Flower Pots: Show Pieces

Spilled Flowers Wheel Barrow

This wheelbarrow flower spill has lots and lots of color. Source

Gigantic flower spill

On US Route 11 into downtown Stauton, VA. Source


Dubai Miracle Gardens water faucet flowere spill. Source

Spilled Flowers Dump Truck
This will look incredible in a month or two.

What a creative idea on the spilled flower pots theme. When these bedding plants grow in, this is going to look terrific, isn’t it?

Have you created any unique flower pot designs in your yard? Showcase your DIY projects – upload your images and some description by clicking on “Add Post”.

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