Art Garden Sculptures: A Gallery in Your Backyard

Art garden sculptures can make your backyard feel like a gallery. They certainly can change the tenor of your outdoor space. Be it made in bronze, glass, metal or even made from living trees – art in the garden will inspire you. You’ll see a couple of examples of living tree art below. There are some stone sculptures, willow art sculptures and at the end of the article, some DIY projects for you to think about creating yourself.

Art Garden Sculptures water

The Volute water sculpture is little more than the driving force of a Vortex being captured and displayed. Made that sound simple, didn’t we? We’re sure it’s anything but. However, it is stunning and mesmerizing and we want one. You could put this intriguing piece almost anywhere, indoors or out. Source

Volute Fountain Sculpture Garden


Metal Art Garden Sculptures

Jorge Marin Sculpture Art in the Garden

Jorge Marin – Equilibrista 90 Monumental – it never hurts to have a Marin sculpture in the garden. Source

Sergio Bustamante Garden Art

Or a Sergio Bustamante sculpture – this one is titled Embrace The Wind. Arguably two of the heavyweights in Mexico’s art world. Many pieces are bronze and designed for indoors or out, and make fabulous as garden art.  Source

Crying Giant Sculpture

The Crying Giant is an art sculpture in The Hague. It’s a sad piece. Source

Through the Looking Glass Garden Art

Through the Looking Glass by Jeanne Argent at Guildford Castle. Source

Metal Words Art for the Garden

Metal words at the New Orleans sculpture garden. Source

Sculpture by Alison Saar

Alison Saar’s art garden sculptures at Madison Square Park. Are they putting down roots? Source

Metal Garden Sculpture Lady Gears

You Blew Me Away by Penny Hardy. This outdoor art piece is made from gears. Source

Metal Sheep Art

Sheep metal garden sculpture. Kind of whimsical, these sheep. Source

Glass Art Garden Sculptures

Glass Sculptures Louise Durham

Louise Durham does beautiful work – stained glass sculptures with found wood. Source

Art Mosaic Glass Washington School

Mosaic glass garden art from The Washington Glass School.Source

 Garden Art Neil Bodkins

Bodkins by Neil Wilkin – glass and stainless steel garden sculpture. Source

Art Garden Sculptures Glass

Murano glass garden sculpture: Fiddlesticks. Source

Glass Ball Tree

Glass ball tree – actually a very simple DIY. Source

Art Garden Bottle Tree

Bottle tree art – the latest trend in garden sculptures.

Glass Fountain Sculpture

From Nustone, this is a water feature / glass sculpture combo. Source

Glass Boats Garden Sculpture

This is 15-ft, five-ton glass boat in the Bavarian forest. Source

Garden Art Chihuly Cacti

When we talk about glass art garden sculptures, how could we close this section without at least one Chihuly? In this case, spectacular art glass cacti. So spectacular, people mistake them for real. Source

Modern Art Garden Sculptures

Art Park Calder

Alexander Calder in the park. Source

Metal Art Covax

This Alex Covax metal sculpture was meant to be showcased against white. Don’t you think? Source

Art Sculptures Modern Garden

This spherical sculpture by David Harber is enchanting. Source

Garden Mirrors

These mirrored columns make the garden seem larger, no? Another simple DIY. Source

Art in the Garden: Metal Ball

David Harber, again.That boy gets around. This is a particularly charming piece of cut away metal sphere sculpture. Source

Sculptures in the Garden: David Harber

And one last time, David Harber again. Clearly, we like him. And he likes the rounded edges. This mirrored art installation is inspired. Source

Sticks & Stones Art Garden Sculptures

Sculptures Vines

Willow art garden sculptures – we’re with the band. Source

Driftwood Horse Garden Art

Driftwood horse art garden statue. Source

Face Sculpture

Blocks of stone create a head sculpture in the garden. Source

Sculpture by Celeste Roberge

Said to capture the weight of grief – a meaningful scuplture by Celeste Roberge. Source

Foxy Art Garden

Fox with Banjo, Fox with Fiddle. We adore these two willow garden art. By Michelle Cain.

Stone Art

Using stone in the garden, and having it look elegant, takes some talent. Source

Living Art Garden Sculptures

Dancing Bears Sculpture

Dancing Bears topiary. It’s quite creative. Source

Living Wall Garden Art

This wall sculpture is living succulents. Source

Blue Trees Garden Sculptures

Blue Trees – using trees as sculpture – is a traveling art installation. The non-toxic pigments wear off the tree sculptures after a few months. Source

Tree Art - Garden Knitting

This new outdoor knitting trend turns trees into garden sculptures by brightening them up some. Great primary colors – and hey, you never know. Maybe trees do get cold in the winter. Source

Tree Sculptures Knitting Art


Eclectic DIY Art Garden Sculptures

Like outdoor knitting isn’t eclectic enough?

Painted Poles Garden Sculptures

Steel or aluminum tube garden art sculptures, painted with outdoor paint. Source

Peace Poles Garden Sculptures

Peace poles – these are spreading around the world in various incarnations, in multiple languages. Here’s hoping. Source

DIY Plate Flower Garden Art

Glass flowers from old plates, cups and saucers. Great DIY flower sculptures. Source

Cutlery Flower Garden Art

Cutlery flower sculptures – very unusual and quite cool. This one looks like a water lily. Source

Hand Tree Sculpture

Fingers make for odd sculptures, as a rule. But you know what they say: Location, location, location. Source

Hub Cap Totem Sculpture

A Hub cap totem sculpture. Source

Kinetic Garden Sculpture

Kinetic garden art – DIY – those are solar lights at the tips. Source

See outdoor solar lighting ideas for more inspiration.

Garden Art Sculptures Hose

This hose art is a fun weekend DIY project. And it makes a great fountain. Source

Art Palette in the Garden

Artist’s palate – for the painter in the family. Source

Button flamingo garden statue

Button flamingo – something you can do with all those pink lawn flamingo sculptures! Please! Source

Sculptures Pink Flamingos

Did you know that the late artist Don Feathersone created the pink flamingo lawn sculpture and had 57 of those suckers in his yard? Source

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