Copper Garden Art: Outdoor Sculpture, Statue and Decor Pieces

Copper garden art can give your outdoor living space a face lift with stunning sculpture, statue and decor pieces. The warm glow of copper can’t be beat – whether it be caught in sunlight or candle light. Being a malleable metal, copper is a favorite for artisans to work with. And with such such a rich appearance, it’s been the favorite of designers as well. From copper flowers to kinetic wind sculptures, from copper rain chains to copper water features – there are hundreds of decorative and functional outdoor items to choose from. We’ve assembled 56 of the best copper garden art pieces – outdoor sculptures, statues and and decor pieces – for you below.

Copper Garden Art: Outdoor Sculpture, Statue and Decor


You can choose your copper for the garden from assorted finishing options. Copper looks fantastic when paired with enamels for color. Many love natural copper which will develop a fine patina over time when used outdoors. Or seal your copper pieces with a clear protective coating that will always keep the warm luster and shine. It all depends on your style.

Copper Garden Art: Flowers and Plants

Copper Water Lily Fountain

Sculptor Gary Pickles created this copper outdoor water fountain – the water lily. Source


This copper Lily garden sculpture set is highly detailed. Source

Copper Rose Lily Garden

Copper roses and lilies go well together out in the garden with your other plants. Source

Copper Tulip Garden Stake

Your copper tulip garden can be used as bird feeders or use them as votive candle holders, they look magnificent at night (see first photo). Source

Copper Poppies in the Garden

This copper garden is full of poppies. Source

Giant Copper Mushrooms

Copper toadstools are a whimsical addition in among the daisies in the garden. Source

Blue Glass Copper Fountain

This copper water feature has blue glass flowers for a stunning effect. Source

Blue Flower Copper Water Feature

The Flowers of Halcyon copper water feature combines copper sculpture with hand blown glass. Source

Copper Art Fiddleheads

How artistic – copper fiddleheads for the garden. A simple DIY with copper piping. Source

Copper Trees: Natural Art for the Garden

Magic Tree Copper Fountain

The Olive tree is a stately copper garden art sculpture with a bonus. It’s a water feature, too. Source

Weeping Willow copper tree

This Weeping Willow copper garden art sculpture comes with its own self-contained pond. Source

Copper tree waterfall

The copper Acer tree has broad, flat leaves to amplify the sound of the water feature. Source

Weeping Willow copper tree

Another stunning copper garden tree, set right into the ground. Source

Japanese maple copper garden tree

The Japanese maple copper garden tree is a fine example of an outdoor garden art sculpture with water feature.  Source

Copper Statues and Sculptures: Backyard Art

Copper Dragon Statue

This copper lawn dragon is a whimsical modern-day replacement for the old pink lawn flamingos. Source

David Harber Copper Sculpture

David Harber is one of the preminent sculptors of copper garden art.  Source

Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture

This Stanwood kinetic wind sculpture – made from copper – is mesmerising. Source

Copper cat and mouse

Copper cat and mouse – garden decor on a stake. Source

Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture

Copper garden art comes in many forms – these kenetic wind sculptures are fascinating examples of art and nature combined. Source

Copper Waterfalls and Water Features

Copper Waterfall Feature

This copper waterfall has an industrial look (we love it). Source

Copper Water Feature

Copper is a great material to use in a garden water feature or pond. Source


A copper bowl makes a magnificent fountain for the garden pond. Source


Louisianna sugar kettle upcycled as a copper garden water feature. Source

Copper Water Garden

A copper ledge is a nice decor touch for this garden water feature. Source


The copper ball rotates as if floating on the water – art in motion in the garden. Source

Copper – It’s for the Birds

Fly through copper bird feeder

This fly through bird feeder is made of glass and copper – a great garden decor piece as well as a working bird feeder. It’s pretty squirrel-proof, too. Source

Copper Bird Bath on garden stake

This beautiful copper bird bath is nothing less than art for the garden. Source

Copper Garden art Tulips and Poppies

Mixing and matching copper flowers with ferns – it’s a copper garden of blooms. Source

Copper teapot bird house

A bird house that doubles as garden art – this copper teapot has been recycled to be a functioning piece of the garden. Source

Outdoor Copper Furniture

Copper Chair Swing This copper garden chair rocks. Or should we say, swings. Despite being made of metal, it looks really comfortable.

 Copper Garden table

This copper garden table doubles as a patio firepit. Source

Washington skeleton copper chairs

Washington Skeleton copper chairs (above and below) are art for the garden – in the form of furniture. Source

Washington skeleton copper chairs

Copper Flowerpot and Planters

Copper garden planter

This copper garden sconce looks great haning on a fence. Source

Copper garden planters

Large copper planters dominate this garden patio. Source

Copper garden vertical planter

This copper garden living art planter is a fantastic way to dip your toe into succulent gardening. Vertical gardening, too – they’re both hot now.  Source

Copper garden window box

A copper window box is a great idea for growing herbs or edible flowersSource

Copper Garden Box Planter

Another great flowerbox – this one with succulents. Source

Copper garden half moon planter

The half moon copper outdoor sconce can add a splash of color to the yard. Source

Copper Accents and Garden Decor

copper garden gazing balls

A trio of copper garden gazing balls sits in the flower bed. Source

Copper Garden Art Sculpture fish

Lynn Mahoney designed this copper garden art sculpture – and appropriately placed by water. Source

Copper garden Kabash lanterns

These Kabash garden lanterns are made from copper and have a Morroccan look to them. Source

Copper garden pot

No copper garden would be complete without a big copper pot to hide the outdoor hose. Source

Copper garden markers

Copper garden art markers can be whimsical or practical. Source

Copper garden collars

Copper garden collars for young plants look much more attractive than the common plastic rings. Source

Copper Garden Party Ice Bucket

And for entertaining – a copper beverage tub and tray for your outdoor summer party in the garden. Source

Copper Rain Chains
Copper garden rain chain

Copper rain chains for the garden are available in many styles and themes.

Koi Copper garden rain chain

Koi copper rain chain to divert water run off to your Koi pond. Source

Shiny copper rain chain

A copper garden rain chain is a great way to divert roof water to where you want it. Source (above and below)

Shiny copper rain chain

Copper Weathervanes

Large Copper Garden Weathervane

Copper weathervanes are fantastic outdoor sculptures for the garden. Source

St. George Copper Garden Weathervane

St. George and the Dragon – copper garden art disguised as a weathervane. Source

Copper garden art weathervane

More copper garden art disguised as a weather vane. There’s incredible detail in this stagecoach reproduction. Source

Copper Tubs for Relaxing in the Garden

Whirlpool copper garden tub

Outdoor copper garden spa by Diamond Spas. Source

Incredible copper hot tub

This copper hot tub is a work of of art. Can you picture this in your garden? Source

Copper soaking garden tub

A copper soaking tub – out in the garden. Source

Copper tub in garden paradise

A garden oasis is capped off with a freestanding copper tub.

Copper tub in a Bail garden

This stunning copper garden tub is a bit of a cheat – it’s in Bali. But to make up for it – you can rent it on Air BnB. Source 


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