Edible Landscaping Ideas: Design an Urban Vegetable Garden

Are you looking for some edible landscaping ideas? Planning to design an urban vegetable garden? There is no reason why everyone in the city can’t grow food – be it herbs, vegetables or edible flowers. They look great, they clean the air, they provide food. What’s not to like? From the tiniest apartment balcony to the roof deck to a patio home in the city center – you can do it. There’s an edible landscaping idea for your space.

Edible Landscaping Ideas: Design an Urban Vegetable Garden

Another advantage which is almost priceless  – when you grow your own food, you can be certain that it’s organic as long as you use a reputable seed (or bedding plant) source. And it’s so much handier to snip some parsley from the garden or pick some lettuce from your vertical bottle garden than it is to make a trip to the store.  If you’re lucky enough to have a house in the city – you can do your urban vegetable garden right in your yard, front or back. You can design it to look like upscale landscaping. Which, it is. Source

Your Urban Vegetable Garden Can Be Attractive

Edible Landscaping Food Ideas

For an urban vegetable garden, this is a big space. Most of you won’t be lucky enough to have this much dirt, but you can do a lot with just a little. And it looks so chic. Source

Edible City Garden

Flagstone pathways mean far less weeding in your edible landscaping plan. Don’t the rainbow chard and yellow spaghetti squash look pretty? Source

Ubran Garden Edible Landscape Containers

Edible landscaping can be accomplished using some pretty cool containers. And you can grow lots of gourmet vegetables in containers – they’re a natural. Source

Edible Garlic City Garden

The Garlic Farm display – we’d love to have a never-ending supply of fresh garlic like this. Edible landscaping means all kinds of things – herbs, flowers, spices. Not just veggies. Source

Edible Landscaping Lavender Squash

Agricultural urbanism is another name given to edible landscaping or city vegetable gardens. Source

City Vegetable Garden Urban Harvest

An urban harvest can mean a lot of vegetables if planted in an efficient manner. Source

Guerilla Garden Bus Stop

Guerilla Gardening: The edible bus stop garden. We love it. Source

Urban Vegetable Garden Layout

This urban garden layout will provide plenty of vegetables come harvest time. Source

Herb Design in Urban Edible Landscaping

Urban Herb Edible Landscaping

This contemporary herb garden would fit well on any patio or deck with its simplistic design. Herbs are a large part of edible landscaping. Source

Urban herbs flower pots

This is a great way to grow herbs  in an urban setting – and an easy way to reach them from inside. Source

Small Urban Herb Garden

This octagonal herb garden is the perfect size for a small backyard in the city and can support lots of different herbs and spices. Source

Edible Flowers in Your Urban Vegetable Garden

Edible Flowers in the table

Edible flowers (and herbs) in a creative planter. The flowers provide color for the patio – that is, until they’re providing color for the plate. Source

Nasturtiums Edible Flowers

Nasturtiums are edible, easy to grow and come in many colors. Source

Lavender is edible

So is Lavender. Lavender lemonade is incredible. Source

Edible Flowers as Hip Garnish

Why plant edible flowers? They are a killer garnish, for one. Some, like nasturtium, can add a nice peppery spice. And they’re beautiful. Many reasons – just pay attention to the chart below. You do want your edible landscaping to be edible. Source

Edible Flowers Chart

Edible Flower Chart – these flowers are safe to eat and garish with. Source

Vertical Edible Landscaping Ideas for Small Spaces

Squash and Tomatoes Vertical Garden

I bet you thought it would be all but impossible to grow spaghetti squash – or enough tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce – on your balcony. Think again. Urban vegetable gardens are a common sight these days in high rise buildings. And there’s no reason to keep them out of sight. Vertical edible landscaping goes up. If you’ve got any south-facing vertical space, anywhere, you are in in high cotton. So to speak. Source

Urban Vertical Lettuce Garden

A lettuce wall makes a fabulous urban vegetable garden. When the weather turns too hot for lettuce, you can plant assorted herbs. And then lettuce again in the fall.

Lettuce Basil Fence Garden

On the fence: Basil and Swiss Chard are a good combination for a vertical edible garden.

Red Palette Vertical Garden

An old palette turned into a vertical garden. A few supports, spray painted red and filled with lettuce – and now it makes a statement in the front yard. And that statement says, I support edible gardening. We all should.

Bottle Tower Garden vegetables Herbs

Bottle tower veggies & herbs – you can grow them almost anywhere. Source

Rooftop Garden with Espalier

The edible landscaping on this apartment rooftop features an espaliered fruit tree.

Edible Garden Design

A well designed garden is truly a beautiful (edible) thing. Source

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