Unusual Seeds for Your Flower or Vegetable Garden

Unusual seeds

It’s time to order your unusual seeds for your spring flower and vegetable gardens. Because if April showers bring May flowers – what has to happen before that? Seeds in the mail! Organic, non-GMO, heritage, specialty – all kinds of seeds. But especially the unusual seeds for your flower and vegetable gardens. You can have the most incredible yard or patio with a little help from flowers and vegetables.  For city dwellers, an garden of unusual plants or flowers on the patio is the talking point at any summer party.

And sure, if you’re into growing veggies, you always want the old stand-by greats, like beefsteak tomatoes. But the fun part is the weird stuff. There are all kinds of exotic vegetables, as well as organic and heirloom. And some of the flowers are spectacular.  And yes, a lot of flowers do come from from bulbs. But this is the wrong season for that talk – we’re talking seeds now (or bedding plants). There are so many easy to grow, unusual seeds available today. Many don’t even require starting indoors. The garden is your canvas, and the seeds are your brush.

Unusual seeds for the garden

Renee’s Garden Seeds has some unusual varieties available by mail (and retail – but mail is easier).

We’ve linked to some of the best places to order your seeds – and if you are inside the United States, in many cases they can ship bedding plants (if you prefer).  If you’re hunkered down in cold weather right now, maybe with a nice fire roaring inside but snow outside – there is nothing better than planning out your garden and ordering your seeds. Is there?

Vegetables and Flower Garden

Staggered height planting – corn and sunflowers side by side. Source

Can I Learn How to Grow a Garden?

It’s easy. But you should start out with a plan, on paper. Even if it’s somewhat flexible. Tall flowers or things that like trellises, such as beans, at the back so not to impede the sun. Plant rows that run north south to avoid plants shading each other.  Be careful to pay attention to your planting zone – it’s really important. Your timing varies greatly depending on where you are.

ICantGarden.info is a free information portal website by Feed the World organization (feedtheworld.org) to teach people to garden. It’s easy, and it’s rewarding. And you will be amazed the amount of food – or flowers – you can grow in a small raised bed (so you don’t have to bend over). A lot of your success depends on where you start – and who you buy your seeds from.

Unusual Seeds for the Vegetable Garden

Baker's Creek has unusual seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has some of the most unusual and exotic and seeds in the US, like Papa’s Red Corn, above.

Blue Corn Hopi Turquoise

But they don’t stop at red corn, there’s almost a corn of every color in their unusual seed selection. Try their Hopi Turquoise.

cauliflower three colors

Now, that’s a cauliflower of a different color. We turn to the old faithful, Burpee’s Catalog for purple cauliflower.

Unusual carrot seeds

Or head over to Johnny’s Seeds for some Purple Haze Carrots. They are 100% employee-owned and non GMO. And they have some very unusual seeds and good info.

Romanesco Cauliflower

This is the most incredible cauliflower. Yes, that’s right, cauliflower. Romanesco Cauliflower seeds are from DBrown Seeds in the UK.

Unusual strawberries

Get your blue strawberry seeds (and yellow, too!) at DH Gate. They have pretty much created strawberries in every color of the rainbow now. It’s almost mind-boggling.

Square watermelon seeds

DH Gate can also sell you some square watermelon seeds. Yes, we’re serious! They’re easier to stack, that’s for sure.

Giant Chili Peppers

And DH Gate also has giant spicy chili peppers. You will need to live in a hot summer zone to grow these unusual Capsicums.

unusual seeds for blue pumpkin

From My Seeds – how about a blue pumpkin? A highly unusual offering – the color is a dusty blue but the inside is regular pumpkin.

Rare seeds for cucubmer

The Seed Master will sell you some West Indian Cucumber seeds. Talk about exotic looking.

Unusual Seeds for the Flower Garden

Purple Passion Flower

This Purple Passion flower from Mystic Seeds turns a lot of heads – and they are easy to care for.

Exotic Rose

Rainbow Rose seeds are available on Amazon. Aren’t they something to look at? How do they do that?

Unusual seeds for the garden

The White Bat Flower is one you likely haven’t seen before! A very unusual plant for your garden.

Exotic Flowers for your Garden

The Purple Mandala Moon Flower is available in seed form on Ebay. These exotic flowers really make a statement in any garden or patio.

Exotic and unusual

The rare Blue Daisy is also available on Ebay. This is one of our favorite exotic flowers – so delicate looking and so intricately designed.

Unusual Orchids

And the incredible Monkey Orchid – seeds from eBay and other sources. Kids really love this one. And the next one.

What an unusual flower

And you can get the unusual Lip Flower seeds at Amazon. Don’t they look like a pair of brightly painted red lips?

blue bamboo

And while not a flower or vegetable, we couldn’t resist this rare blue bamboo seed from eBay. With a little googling, you can find even more unusual seeds to grow exotic and rare flowers and vegetables. The time is nigh – happy gardening!

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