20 Creative Backyard Ideas for DIY Projects

Creative backyard DIY ideas & plans

Backyard is one place where we can have more freedom building designs based on our own creative ideas & plans.

Using wood pallets and other recycled wood sources, we can do it on a budget and take creative risks without being afraid destroying our home decor.

Some DIY-ers put so much effort in their homemade creations that their garden designs end up looking more beautiful than those made by experienced craftsmen. And, occasionally, the results are amazing.

Here, we’ve collected 20 DIY ideas that are not only beautiful but also creative. Let’s take a look at some of the plans and tutorials …

1. Pallet Arbor Bench

DIY pallet garden arbor bench with 3 carved hearts

This DIY pallet garden arbor bench with 3 carved hearts would be a beautiful addition to any backyard. Source.

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2. Picnic Table with 4 Benches

A DIY picnic table with benches on each side

What a creative idea – this picnic table has benches on all 4 sides and nothing under the table to get in the way of your feet. Source.

3. Folding Picnic Table

Space-saving folding picnic table with benches

This space-saving folding picnic table with benches is an amazing and artistic idea. Source.

4. Circular Fire Pit Bench

DIY circular fire pit bench with firewood storage

Build a DIY circular fire pit bench using this beautiful and creative storage design idea. DIY Tutorial.

5. DIY Fire Pit Seating

Great backyard curved fire pit seating idea

Beautiful backyard idea for a curved fire pit seating, with the DIY Tutorial.

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6. DIY Patio Bench with Armrests

Aldo Leopold lawn bench design with armrests

A more creative Aldo Leopold patio bench design with armrests. If you want to match the idea above, here’s a good DIY Tutorial for a common Leopold design that you could modify a bit to add armrests.

For more creative outdoor designs, see Top Patio Seating Ideas.

7. DIY Garden Loveseat

DIY garden loveseat

This awesome DIY garden loveseat is made in marine plywood. DIY Tutorial.

8. Circular Backyard Bench Design

Half-circle backyard bench design with a welded metal base

The half-circle backyard bench design above should be used for a DIY inspiration only as it involves a welded metal base that would not be doable by an average DIY-er. Source: unknown.

9. Round Barbecue Table DIY

Backyard round wooden barbecue bar table

Above is a backyard round wooden barbecue table with two chairs. This is actually a rendering, a 3d model made using CAD system, it was never manufactured … but the idea is amazing. See all photos or purchase the files for rendered drawings here. As shown, it’s assembled from circular slats, with drawers and storage for bottles, and can be easily moved around the patio on caster wheels. This could be a dream DIY project.

10. Creative Garden Bench Design with River Rocks

Beautiful river rock tables

This is not just a DIY project but a superior craftsmanship. But the idea using river rocks is very unique and beautiful. See details.

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11. Backyard Bowling Alley DIY

DIY Backyard Bowling Alley

Build a backyard bowling alley with leftover hardwood flooring. Take it apart to store in the Winter. See details at Apartment Therapy.

12. Tree Hut Seat

A backyard tree hut or a raised arbor seat

A backyard tree hut or a raised arbor seat made entirely of recycled wood found in dumpsters. Read more about this DIY project here.

13. Beautiful Swing Chair

Cool Backyard Chair Swing design

This creative swing chair is actually sold here but making it yourself would be amazing.

14. Swing Bench DIY

Plywood DIY Victorian swing plan

This romantic Victorian swing built from plywood is a beautiful DIY project complete with a building plan and PDF cutting templates.

15. Coolest Fire Pit Setup

Hanging Fire Pit Swing Seats DIY Building Plan

We believe this is the best DIY Building Plan for hanging fire pit swing seats.

16. Hose Holder Plan with Planter

DIY pallet wood hose holder plan

Beautifully executed in recycled wood, DIY pallet hose holder plan with a built-in planter.

17. DIY Monogram Planter

DIY Monogram Planter Tutorial

A step-by-step building tutorial for this creative DIY monogram planter.

18. Raised Garden Bed Kit

Deer proof Cedar raised garden bed kit

This deer proof Cedar raised garden bed kit is sold here .. but isn’t it an awesome idea for a backyard DIY project?

19. DIY Garden Shed

Build A Tool Shed From Repurposed Doors

A little garden tool shed built from old repurposed windows and doors. See details.

20. Tree Bench

Charming Tree Bench - How To Build Tutorial

Build a popular DIY around tree bench using this How To Tutorial.

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