15 Outdoor DIY Kits You Could Be Assembling Right Now

You may be stuck at home or in your apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun assembling one (or a few) of these creative DIY kits for the outdoors. Order online and have them delivered to your home for an inexpensive project that the whole family can enjoy and use. We’ve compiled a list of simple kits that are easy to assemble and others that require a little more attention to detail. This is the perfect time to organize your backyard space or put together a unit you’ve been postponing. DIY kits also make great gifts, is there someone you know who could use the gift of a DIY kit delivery? Why not send them their favorite project to keep them busy when they’re feeling stuck!

15 Outdoor DIY Kits

If you have a backyard, these outdoor DIY kits are a must. You can get your yard ready for spring and summer without leaving the house! We’ve put together the coolest, most innovative kits we could find to help keeping you, the kids and the whole family busy and productive! Assembling one of these kits is a great way to burn off some excess energy and the end result is something you can enjoy for years to come.

We know you’ll be inspired by at least one of the projects on this list, so don’t delay! That barrel DIY kit? Installed right away could be super useful for catching all that rain in May and saving you money on watering your garden. Or what about the pergola? You’ve been wanting to add more seating to your patio for years, there’s no time like the present to add a stylish and functional feature to the area.

15 Outdoor Kits

Let’s overcome the boredom!

1. Folding Wood Adirondack Chair DIY Assembly Kit

Folding wood Adirondack chair DIY assembly kit from Home Depot

Made from beautiful acacia wood, the Hanlee Folding Wood Adirondack Chair is the perfect DIY project for assembling while you’re stuck at home. They arrive partially assembled which means some of the work is already done for you! They’re easy to store due to their foldable features so you can relax when you want to, but also enjoy a chair-free view of your backyard.

These chairs are comfortable, adjustable and come in a variety of colors to beautifully complement your decor. You can purchase them as individual kits or in a double-pack and there’s no need to break out the toolbox, they come with everything you need for assembly!

Assembly instructions are easy to follow and the result is a beautiful, sturdy chair that will last throughout the seasons. For the price point, the Adirondack kit is a great deal that you and your family will love putting together! Source.

2. Unfinished Wood Kids Adirondack Chair DIY Kit

Unfinished wood kids Adirondack chair DIY kit from Home Depot

Now your child can relax in comfort without sliding all the way down an adult-sized Adirondack seat. The kids in your family will love having their own child-sized lounge chairs!

In comparison to the previous chair, these kits you got to assemble from scratch, piece by piece, so it’s more work and more fun.

These lightweight chairs are made out of durable Canadian hemlock. They come with a natural finish and can easily be stained or painted to suit your backyard decor. The kit contains hardware and easy-to-follow instructions make assembly a breeze.

You will love the comfortable, ergonomic design that is perfect for small children. These chairs are so compact and light they can easily be brought indoors for use inside of play spaces. So, what are you waiting for? Order your child-size Adirondack chairs and get the whole family relaxing!

Once assembled, you got to paint it – another fun DIY project for you! Source.

3. Firewood Rack DIY Bracket Kit – Adjustable to Any Length (Set of 2)

Firewood rack DIY bracket kit in steel that can be adjusted to any length

Now is the perfect time to tackle those spring cleaning goals and unfinished projects from last year, starting with tidying up your firewood storage. These steel firewood racks are the perfect DIY project because they’re adjustable to any length and because the package includes a set of two, you can make identical matching racks or grab the kids to make a mini rack for kindling!

This project is pretty straight forward and doesn’t require a ton of time. The heavy duty steel is black powder-coated and can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes. The durable design prevents rusting and keeps wood off the ground. The project takes mere minutes to assemble, all you have to do is provide the 2×4’s and use the screws included to assemble.

The adjustable log rack bracket kit is a versatile option for those who need a lot of extra storage or for families who just need a bit of organization. Source.

For more kit ideas, see these 8 Quick & Easy to Build Firewood Rack Bracket Kit Reviews, or build your own DIY rack by using our famous 4 FREE Firewood Rack Plans Built from 2x4s.

4. Grill Table DIY Kit

Grill table DIY kit - also shown with Big Green Egg

Assembling the YellaWood Grill Table Kit is a decision you’ll never forget! If you don’t love the look of your charcoal grill or you would simply appreciate some more cooking surfaces, this is the perfect DIY project for you.

Shown here with some Big Green Egg grill pics, the functional grill table is pressure-treated with micronized copper azole preservative and can be adjusted to any height.

Grill tables can be pricey, but a DIY kit is a great way to save on costs. You can customize the color to suit your preferences and add unique details like a towel rack, bottle opener or ash can to store charcoal.

Once you’ve assembled your table and made sure your grill fits, all you have to do is place a concrete block between the grill and wood shelf and you’re in business.  The perfect kit to complete in your spare time! Source.

5. AnySize Picnic Table DIY Kit

Easy to assemble picnic table DIY kit - just add 2x4s

You’ll love the ways your can customize your picnic table, all you have to do is add the lumber! This easy to assemble DIY kit is perfect for professional or homeowner use due to its sturdy construction.

Try combining AnySize Chair and Bench Ends with Patio Table Legs to create beautiful, customized benches and loveseats of up to eight-feet long, the options are endless! Once you’ve chosen your design, you can paint, stain or finish the wood however you’d like.

Assembly is pretty straightforward too, the only tools needed are a power screwdriver and a saw (no miters or angle cuts are required).

Whether your gathering is large or small, your guests will be impressed with your functional and stylish picnic table and wonder where you bought it! Source.

To take your outdoor picnic table to the next level, try one of these 13 Free DIY Cooler Table Plans.

6. Traditional Porch Patio Swing

Jennings 5-ft traditional wood porch patio swing

This classic porch swing is the perfect place to unwind this summer. The five foot cypress swing is suitable for multiple people and can support up to 400 pounds.

Designed to hang from a porch or a swing frame, this simple design is intended for light swinging.  All of the necessary hardware, including steel welded chains are provided to hang the unit and provide added security on windy days.

The wood comes naturally, but can be stained or painted for a custom look. To protect against the elements, varnishing is recommended for this easily assembled outdoor DIY kit.

We also love how cost-effective this kit is. Similar swings sell for more than double the cost, but this option is an affordable alternative for families on a budget. Source.

7. Two Tiers Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Two tier Cedar raised garden bed

This raised cedar garden bed is another great outdoor kit that features multiple options for customizing. Greenes original raised garden bed allows you to create an open-bottom frame to support your garden. The durable garden requires no tools to assemble and is perfect for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers.

The kit can be made into a corner unit or stretched across 12 feet, it can also be connected to or stacked with other garden beds and add-on’s for a completely customized design. The affordable kit uses un-sanded boards that are not quite as thick as the premium brand, but are still durable and easy to assemble.

The bed uses dovetail interlocking joints and each board slides into the corner posts to form a secure open-bottom garden frame. The corner posts are routed on all four sides for easy expansion and decorative tops can be added to each post using a screwdriver.

The cedar boards are uncoated and don’t need staining, but could be painted to suit your preferences. Though, we recommend sealing the boards to prolong the life of the wood. Source.

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8. AnySize Outdoor Bench DIY Kit

Anysize Chair and Bench DIY Kit

This is another great “just add lumber” kit. Cost effective and easy to assemble, the AnySize DIY chair kit allows your to build a chair or bench perfect for you or the entire family. Simply choose the length of 2x4s and you’re halfway there!

We love how easy it is to build a bench of up to six-feet long and how the kit can be combined with other items on this list to create the seating area of your dreams. All you need is a power screwdriver and a saw to create customized seating for the entire family.

The ergonomic seat design is comfortable and perfect for relaxing and each bench end includes an integrated cup holder! We suggest staining or painting the wood to really show off your style and keep yourself busy for longer. Source.

If you’re in the mood for a more elaborate project then you’ll find these awesome 4 free DIY outdoor bench plans handy.

9. DIY Rain Barrel Diverter Kit

DIY Rain Barrel Diverter Kit with or without the Drum

If you’re looking for an easy to install rain diverter kit, this project could be exactly what you’re looking for! Purchase the diverter kit if you already have a barrel or buy the entire system which includes a 55 gallon food-grade poly drum.

This outdoor kit eliminates the guesswork of assembling your own rain barrel. All parts needed to quickly install a dependable rain barrel and diverter are included as well as easy to follow instructions. The patented FlexiFit diverter helps to prevent overflowing and flooding that can be an issue with some top-fill rain barrels.

If you’re looking to catch water for outdoor watering or washing chores, this diverter kit is a great way to store rainwater and can be easily winterized for use throughout the year!

If you have your own barrel then you only need a diverter kit.

Source for diverter only kit.
Source for barrel and diverter kit.

10. Cedar Pergola DIY Kit – 10×12 ft

10 ft x 12 ft Cedar Pergola DIY Kit

This beautiful pergola kit is the perfect project for DIYers of more advanced levels. The kit contains Pre-cut, Pre-stained wood and easy to follow directions, including the 3D-guided installation app that really helps with assembly. You will need a helper or two.

Pergolas are a delightful way to add personality and style to your backyard space. The upper shade structure provides some protection from the sun and the 10 x 12 foot design leaves 72 square feet of airy room below.  Making the perfect seating area for guests.

This 100% cedar kit from Back Yard Discovery is insect and decay resistant. You can find more information on the kit at backyarddiscovery.com. Assembly and installation can be completed within one day, so your gorgeous pergola can be used right away.

We love this affordable alternative to expensive gazebos and pavilions! Source.

11. Solar Shed with Floor Kit – 10×8 ft Garden Room

Solar Shed DIY Kit with floor - 10 ft by 8 ft

Above is the Phoenix 10 ft x 8 ft Solar Shed with Floor Kit. This kit is on an expensive side … but it’ll be something to enjoy years to come.

This shed is a multi-functional space perfect for gardening, storage or as a greenhouse! If you’re looking for a functional outdoor shed or simply a sun-filled project room for hobbies, there’s no better option than this durable solar shed kit.

This solar shed is designed to stand the test of time. The SmartSide engineered wood siding is factory primed to resist wood-destroying insects and fungal decay. Four tempered-glass windows and four adjustable vents allow for customized ventilation.

Though the kit is one of the more expensive options on our list, it will last for years to come and is easy to assemble for DIY’ers of all levels. The kit includes flooring, frame and decking, and a peak roof height of 9 feet to provide ample storage space. All nails, screws and hardware are included, the only thing you need to purchase is the shingles (and paint if you want). Source.

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12. Birdhouse Kit

Painted DIY Birdhouse Kit

This junior birdhouse kit is a fun project the whole family can enjoy. With small sizes designed to suit children’s hands, creating your family birdhouse will be something your kids can enjoy day after day.

Everything needed to assemble your birdhouse is included in the kit, including pre-cut wood and screws/nails for assembly. It even comes with paint and brushes so your children can get creative with the decorating process!

The kit includes real children-sized tools that will surely excite and entice the junior DIYer in your family. Source.

For more exiting Spring DIY projects for kids, check out these 10 FREE Wren Bird House Plans.

13. Wood Log Store Kit

Wood log store kit 4 ft by 2 ft

This rustic European pine shed is the perfect firewood storage for any backyard. The Natural timber finish is pressure treated to prevent against rot and looks great in almost any outdoor decor!

Keep your logs dry and aired in this state of the art storage shed from Rowlinson Garden Products. The open fronted design makes for easy access and includes a shelf for different sized logs and kindling.

The kit includes flooring and can be assembled in six easy steps, with the only needed tools being a hammer and a screwdriver. You’ll love how easy it is to organize and store your firewood using this spacious, sturdy shed! Source.

Visit our Outdoor Firewood Storage guide for more beautiful DIY kit ideas.

14. Garden Arbor Bench with Trellis

Assemble yourself a garden arbor bench with trellis

This stunning garden arbor and bench is the perfect mix of whimsy and function! The details in this patio seat will transform your backyard into a tranquil sitting area perfect for reading, sipping tea or simply taking in the outdoors.

The built-in bench is simple to assemble and is made of durable fir wood, so you can be confident that your bench will last for many seasons. The warm brown finish works well in all spaces and can be endlessly customized.

Climbing plants like ivy, hydrangeas, or kiwi vines will make the perfect backdrop along the panels and trellis and the pergola roofing provides shade protection from the sun. With 60L x 47W x 83H in dimensions, it fits perfectly on outdoor patios of all sizes and is simple to assemble.

Enjoy assembling this bench on your own or with a helpful partner! Source.

And there is even more. These are the 45 Garden Arbor Bench Design Ideas & DIY Kits that you can build over the weekend.

15. 5′ Decorative Garden Bridge

Decorative wooden garden bridge DIY kit

We love the playful look of a decorative garden bridge! The natural wood material used in this project looks great as an imaginative piece of landscaping and can be stained/treated to your liking.

The sold fir railing is weather resistant and the bridge can support up to 225 pounds. The instructions include easy to follow illustrations and all the necessary screws and hardware.

We suggest using a treatment to protect against the elements, especially in very dry climates.

Be creative about where you place your dainty bridge, they look great near ponds and water elements as a focal point or as a feature in your flower bed. This version is even small enough to fit on a balcony or patio space! Source.

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