5 Best DIY Garden Hose Box with Planter Plans

It’s a planter, sure. But it’s also a hidden storage box for your garden hose. Talk about a DIY plan with an added bonus. The hose looks messy just out on the lawn or on the edge of the garden. No matter how neatly you roll it up, it’s not a curb-appeal accessory. Voila – it’s hidden away in any of these brilliant designs.

Planter Box with Garden Hose Storage DIY Plans

And it won’t take you long to build – and it’s easy. We’ve got five different DIY plans for planters with garden hose storage — or maybe it’s the other way around: garden hose storage with a planter? After all, the hidden hose is pretty important in this plan.

You can use any kind of wood – and it’s not like you need a lot so maybe you already have what you need to get started (there’s only one way to find out!) You’ll see pallet wood used in the construction – that’s the easiest.

The simplest of the DIY ideas are for storing the hose under the planter, but you can also plan and build your hidden compartment so the hose extends from a single hole in the front and back of the box for easy access.

Check our five plans below and pick the one that matches your skill level. It’s a great project if you’ve got a little time on your hands – and who doesn’t these days?

5 FREE DIY Plans

Build a planter that would also double as hidden storage for garden hose!

1. Garden Hose Box with Planter DIY Plan

Garden Hose Box with Planter - DIY Plan

This DIY garden hose holder and planter combo is super easy to construct and looks great in your yard. And it’s super convenient with the hole in the back to attach your hose to the water source. Everything is hidden, except the flowers. And you just need to open the front – like a drawbridge – to retrieve your hose and water your garden or lawn.

Once you have this handy little storage box – it will look so attractive in your garden or on your patio that you forget the hose is inside. No one would suspect, it’s subtle. Like it should be! Who thought of this idea – to hide a hose below a planter? It’s fantastic!

And let’s get real. Who wants to see a garden hose hanging on a wall, even if it is wrapped into a neat and tidy coil? And those hoses that shrink and grow? They work fine – for about three months and then they rip.

This is the best solution for keeping your hose functional – and attractive.  There are fantastic instructions you can follow over at DIYCandy.com – step by step and easy to do. There is a supplies list, a tools list, a cut list – everything you need to make your own box. What are you waiting for?


2. DIY Hose Hiding Planter Plan

DIY Hose Hiding Planter Plan

This is one of the simplest garden hose hiding planters that you can build for yourself. A simple, simple DIY plan in just a few steps. And as James Costiglio points out in his DIY tutorial, you need a hose outside for more than just watering the garden. What about washing the car? Hosing down the driveway? Washing the dog? Many reasons why you’d build a planter box with hidden hose storage and they aren’t all garden related.

Especially when your hose spigot is in the front of the house – you really don’t want a garden hose either in the driveway or on a visible metal holder attached to the wall. For one, you’d always have to make a neat tidy coil to make it look even half-way presentable. But no matter what you do, it will never look as good as a planter with flowers. How could it? You need curb appeal.

These hidden storage boxes can hold a lot of hose – 75 to 100 feet of hose, easily. And they’re simple to put back in the box (and to get out). And all you need to build this design is a few tools and a few supplies (don’t forget the pull handle). There are some really great how-to illustrations in this DIY plan. What kinds of flowers will you plant in yours when you’re done?


3. DIY Planter Box with Hidden Hose Storage

DIY Planter Box with Hidden Hose Storage

What an attractive looking garden hose storage and patio box planter combo. You would never suspect that this was a hose box, never, never never. The rich honey stained Cedar wood and black iron hinges and handle are the perfect complement to each other. And even better, the sides and door are made from Cedar fence board, which is quite inexpensive. You can also custom build this DIY box for those hard to fill spaces.

This project even takes the design one step further by using the widely available Cedar fence board and bonding the cut pieces together for the door – this move gives the appearance of a lower drawer – a bit of an optical illusion. But it adds a layer of design that you don’t see in most homemade plans. Add the natural cedar stain (and weatherproofing, of course) and you’re in business.

Add some plastic to the inside box for the plantings – and you’ve got a piece of outdoor furniture that you’ll be proud to display. The project, according to The Kim Six Fix, took two days and cost $25. That’s a DIY that everyone can get behind – gorgeous design, low cost and easy build – with dual-purpose functionality.


4. DIY Planter Box with Hose Reel Plan

DIY Planter Box with Hose Reel Plan

A higher functioning planter with a hidden hose box would have a reel inside that box. Just like this one.  You need a few tools and the level of complexity for DIY is estimated at medium, so it’s not a beginner project, but not overly complicated. And it makes so much sense to do it this way – how much easier is it to get the hose out and more importantly, back in? While the aesthetics are great, functionality is a big part of what you’re going for with this plan.

As with all outdoor projects, one of the most important steps is to weatherproof and stain your creation – according to your own decor tastes. If your fence is a white fence – why not weatherproof the hose box planter and then paint it with a white stain (there are stains available in every color today). Ditto if you’ve got a blue house – or a grey house or a beige house. Match it to your existing theme. That’s one of the big benefits of DIY projects like this storage solution – you can customize the wood, the color, even the size.

Putting this garden hose box on short legs like ManoMano does is smart – the bottom won’t rot as quickly from any moisture or rain. In fact, it’s always a good idea to drill a few small holes in the floorboard to let any unintentional water escape easily before it does damage. Water really isn’t wood’s friend. But this plan with hidden hose compartment has that handled. It’s practical, functional and attractive. What’s not to like?


5. DIY Planter with Garden Hose Storage

DIY Planter with Garden Hose Storage

Oh wow, a classic modern. These tall, planter-shaped plant boxes with hidden hose box combos are stunning. Part of what makes them so incredibly design-worthy is the modern tapered shape. We don’t think anyone would ever guess that this planter hides a garden hose. And it’s a design that screams for a pair. The other heavy-hitting design element in this modern plan is the surface. Yes, it’s wood, but you may think that’s black paint. It’s not. It’s charred wood, which is one of the best ways possible to preserve wood against the elements. And becoming a very hot design trend.

We first noticed it years ago, on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ show, Fixer Upper. They did the entire outside of a floating home in this technique, widely known in North America as Japanese Shou Sugi Ban. (Yakisugi is the actual name of the Japanese tradition.) The wood is burned until the surface is charred and then it is coated with oil.

It does require a number of tools, including a “Bernzomatic” for charring the wood – you’ll see links and photos in the DIY Huntress’ plan.  The hidden storage area isn’t as large as some, but look at it this way – you have two storage areas for your garden hoses if you do a pair. And it’s easily a project you can complete in a weekend!


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