18 Bicycle Planter Ideas & DIY Tutorials (for Summer, Fall & Spring)

Bicycle Flower Planters - DIY Tutorials & Ideas

There’s something incredibly charming about having a bicycle planter in the garden. Better yet, the more vintage the bicycle, the better. You can easily turn bicycles into really cute DIY planters by incorporating a variety of pots into the mix. Place a bike in the corner of a garden or up against a garden fence, and you have the perfect addition to any scale of garden.

If you’re not sure how exactly to construct your own, no need to fret. We’ve compiled some pretty great bicycle planter ideas and tutorials that are sure to pique your interest and spruce up your garden space in no time.

You’ll find out:

  • Where you can get an inexpensive or free bike
  • How to paint your bike planter
  • Parts best to be removed
  • How to make your planter last
  • How to make your planter a sturdy setup
  • How to best attach flower baskets
  • Which flowers people use

So read on for all of the exiting DIY projects and ideas …

1. Best DIY Tips on Making a Garden Bicycle Planter

Bicycle Planter DIY Tutorial

Where do old bikes go when they die? Well, to the garden, of course, according to this DIY-er. Her planter idea comes with plenty of DIY tips, such as finding your target location for this project right away. Since the baskets are filled with soil, the bike will become very heavy and hard to move around, so it’s best to create this adorable planter right at the spot you want it to stay.

Also, make sure you buy really strong zip ties to fasten the baskets to the bike since you’re going to want this adorable setup to last over time. You can easily find heavy duty zip ties in any garden or home decor store. See her complete tutorial.

2. A Step by Step Bike Flower Planter DIY Tutorial

How to make a bike flower planter

This adorable bike flower planter would make the perfect addition to that garden setting. You can easily prop this planter up against a garden wall or even up against a tree so that everyone can see how lovely this is. First things first, though, you must properly construct this cute concept.

This is a great tutorial because it gives you a step-by-step layout on all you need to do with this bike. One of the first, but more important steps includes using wire cutters to make sure all the parts that are hanging from the old bike are safely cut away.

3. The Most Complete Tutorial

How to create a Vintage bicycle planter

This is an incredibly thorough vintage bicycle planer tutorial that lays out all the supplies you’ll need right off the get-go. You can easily gather all of your materials and prepare yourself for construction without having to worry you’re missing any items along the way.

This article also stresses the importance of paint primer, especially if you plan on displaying your bicycle planter out in the open with little protection form the elements, such as sun and rain.

4. Adore Your Bicycle Planter with Vintage Decorations

Fun idea with Bicycle Planter

How to make a Vintage Bicycle Basket Planter

These adorable vintage beach cruiser bicycle planter ideas feature a few different concepts you can try to properly execute your planter DIY project. From book pages pinwheels to plenty of pink ribbon, these ideas are awesome and are sure to fill a garden space with charm. One day, I’m going to make one of my cruiser bikes into a planter. But not just yet … :-). I gotta to enjoy riding them for awhile.

Using the prep information from the previous tutorials, you can go into these projects with a better idea on just what needs to go into the bikes before you start. Use vintage colors such as misty pink or frosty green in order to keep that vintage vibe going.

5. Painted Street Bike Planter Idea

Pink painted Bicycle planter on the street

This abandoned bike project turned old bicycles into street art. This is a really cool concept because it made the bicycle memorials into something more eye-catching and inspiring. This is a great idea when it comes to transforming a bike into something new and interesting.

You could construct a project like this on your own by using a bicycle to place at the outside of the house or even in a side garden where it’d get a more public display.

6. How to Upcycle Your Old Bicycle as Front Yard Art

How to Make an old Bike into a Yard Art Planter

This nifty DIY tutorial turns an old bicycle into a gorgeous upcycled bike planter that is so cute it easily doubles as yard art. This is an easy to read tutorial that gives you step-by-step information so that you can construct this concept easily. The author of this DIY also gives you helpful tips such as where to find a thrifty basket and how to line the basket.

This is such a cute concept that you will more than likely want to display this up-cycled bicycle planter in the front yard instead of the back garden.

7. How to Spray Paint Your Bike Planter

Craft DIY Tutorial for Creating a Garden Bike Planter

This DIY tutorial gives you an in-depth look at just how easy constructing a bike planter can be. This tutorial uses mainly spray paint (Craft Krylon), which is an easy way to make sure the entire bike is covered in bold color. You may also want to use an anti-rust paint or lacquer since the bike will be outdoors and more than likely unprotected from the elements.

What’s so great about this tutorial is that it is so versatile. You can use whichever color you’d like an even add some decorative elements here or there.

8. Fairy Garden Bike Planter DIY Tutorial

DIY Guide to making a bicycle planter

A fairy garden.

DIY Tutorial - making a bicycle planter with an old bike

Bicycle Planter with pansies

These garden bike planter ideas are so adorable especially because you can make one a fairy garden concept. This would be a great tutorial to do with kids or the younger ones in the family. There are some really nifty tips within this DIY guide, such as the importance of pounding a metal fence post or rebar into the ground to help support your bike planter from tipping over.

There is a lot of great information in this tutorial, and the step-by-step information comes with suggestions so you can be on your way to creating your own bike planter in no time.

9. How to Make a Planter from a Bicycle Basket

How to make a Bicycle Basket Planter

Re-purposed Goodwill Bicycle Basket Planter

It’s not only a whole bike that makes a nifty garden planter. In this tutorial, you can use ONLY the bike basket to create an equally adorable planter that would look perfect in the garden or home.

This is a great tutorial which allows you to sort of use an old bike basket as a new, interesting concept. And you can even hang it indoors. Kind of like thinking ‘in reverse’.

10. Great Idea – Buy a Cheap Bike on Flea Market

Bicycle planter container idea for the garden

This is another great bike planter idea that suggests finding an old bike at a flea market. For those that don’t have an old bike at home or have a neighbor with an old, beat up bike that they could give you, no worries here. This article lets you know some of the places you can find an old bike and how to get started on your bike planter.

The good thing is, that even if you have to go out searching for a bike, they won’t cost you very much if they’re old. In this case, the older, the better.

11. Fall Bicycle Planter Idea

Fall is just around the corner, after all. What better way to start to decorate for Fall than by utilizing an old bicycle as planter to hold nothing less than PUMPKINS! And remember – a bike can hold two or even three baskets – more ways to display pumpkins. This is such a great idea that is super cute, too.

If you want your setup to last longer, try using pumpkins that are very young, or if you’re worried about insects eating the pumpkins, you could always try plastic pumpkins. You could even use different colored pumpkins to add a pop of color into the garden. Check out more here.

12. French Country Cottage Bicycle Planter Tutorial – A Beautiful Spring Idea

French Country Idea for a Bicycle Planter for Spring

As an interesting and unusual idea, this tutorial gives you all the details on how to construct your own French country cottage bicycle planter. You wouldn’t think you could have much of a theme when it comes to bicycle planers, but this tutorial shows you just how to do it.

This is a fresh idea for the Spring that is sure to draw plenty of attention. This would be perfect for anyone who loves French decor and concepts.

13. Front Gate Welcome Sign Idea & Tutorial

Decorate your front gate with a bike planter in Bohemian style

This front gate bicycle planter DIY tutorial goes into all the details in how to create a super cute front yard planter. The reason you’ll want this type of bike planter in the front yard is because of how bohemian it looks.

This is a really fun tutorial and it has plenty of decoration ideas so you can create a super cute planter.

14. Planter, Pumpkins & Mums Fall Idea

Fall bike basket idea with Mums and Pumpkins

This is a really cool idea just in time for Fall. You have the charm of your beach cruiser planter already in place, but you can easily add some decor perfect for fall by adding some pumpkins. You can either add real pumpkins or fake pumpkins if you’d like them to last for a while.

What’s great about this time of year is that there are pumpkins everywhere and just a few of them can make this bike planter a whole different decoration piece. Finally, plant some Mums in the front basket, and you’ve got the perfect look. This design deserves to be displayed somewhere in front of your house.

15. Thrift Store Beach Cruiser Made into a Planter

Thrift store Beach Cruiser bike made into a planter

When it comes to bicycle planters, you just can’t go wrong with a vintage bike. This bike was purchased at a thrift store. It’s a vintage beach cruiser that was easily converted into a bike planter complete with a cute bucket of flowers at the front.

This is an adorable idea that won’t cost a lot to make and will garner plenty of attention from friends and neighbors.

16. Curbside Clean Up  – a Free Source for a Bike

Red bicycle planter

Here’s an Easiest Idea. All you really need to do is find an old bike at either a thrift store or a garage sale, or maybe even a neighbor who is throwing it away anyways. You simply hang flower baskets on it to create something gorgeous. You don’t even have to paint it if you don’t want to.

You can hang as many flower pots on it as you’d like. That is exactly what was done with this red bike (above) – it was picked up from a kerbside cleanup (somewhere in Australia :-). Read more about this super easy idea here.

17. Pottery Man Cyclist idea

Bike Pottery Art

A perfect representation for anyone who is a cyclist enthusiast in the house, this bicycle planter has a rider! This is a super cute idea where the cyclist is made from flower pots. The basket on this bike is full of flowers and other decorative elements perfect for a front yard garden.

This may seem like a difficult idea to pull off, but really, all you need to do is make sure the bike is set up in sturdy place and make sure all the pots are adhered well together to prevent anything from falling and breaking.

18. DIY Bicycle Planter Project for Kids

Kids decorating a bike planter

Pink bicycle planter

Get your kids busy decorating! This is a great idea that comes with a super easy to follow tutorial. Grab the kids and spend the afternoon refurbishing an old bicycle into a super pretty planter. This is a great way to teach the little ones about the benefits of recycling, too.

The hardest part here could be finding the bike, but if you have one already, then the rest will be super simple. Read more about this great idea and step-by-step tutorial here.


So there you have it! Some of the best DIY tutorials and bicycle planter ideas out there. Which one did you like the best? Do you have a few in mind that you’d like to try that would look great around your house? Why not try them all?

You don’t need to be a super savvy DIY’er to pull off a well-executed bicycle planter. Just remember to take your time and think about your finished product in your head before you go into constructing it.

You can create a super cute garden decorative piece out of old bikes and you’ll be sure to save a lot of money constructing them, too.

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