30 Ideal Home Garden Ideas and Designs to Copy

30 Ideal Home Garden Ideas

You might think that creating a gorgeous, welcoming landscape design is overwhelming and difficult. The key is to add multiple colors, heights, containers, and other elements to bring together a look that you will absolutely love. Whether you have a small patio, apartment balcony, or a large home with extensive property, enhancing the outside of your home will not only improve your curb appeal but also make you happier. We want you to get inspired and start creating the home garden of your dreams. Take a look at 30 ideal garden ideas and designs to copy.


1. Flowers Flowers Everywhere

Amazing home garden design photographed by Frank Pickavant
Image credit: Frank Pickavant via Creative Commons

Imagine coming home to this gorgeous show of color! Everywhere you look is like a magical moment. The magnificent color and intoxicating fragrance come together beautifully. We suggest starting small, so as to not overwhelm you. Plant some perennial bushes and trees that will return every year and grow as time goes by. Fill a few decorative containers with flowers and greenery, and display them at different heights by the walkway and entrance. Hang baskets of flowers from upper level windows and allow them to cascade down. Find creative and eye-catching containers and fill them with flowers and foliage and display in groupings. Add even more dimension and relaxing sights and sounds with a decorative fountain. With a little tender loving care and commitment, your home will look as magnificent as this one.

2. Pretty Pergola

Circular pergola with flowering vines
Image credit: Karen Blaha via Creative Commons

Find a perfect spot by your entrance to create an oasis that you’ll enjoy spending time in. Creating an intimate patio setting is all it takes to transform an ordinary spot on your property and extend your living space outside. A beautiful, classic brick patio covered by a circular wood pergola complements nature’s greenery. Plant floral bushes to line the space, add a bench or other seating, and create privacy for reading, conversations, and simply relaxing. Other touches include allowing a vine to grow upwards on the supporting structure, hanging baskets from the top of the pergola and a decorative plant stand for even more beauty.

3. Tulips Steal The Show

Tulips in the home garden
Image credit: duncan_idaho_2007 via Creative Commons

Perennials like tulips that pop up when spring arrives are the most pleasurable and welcoming sight to see. Plant multi-colored tulips, and a variety of hardy perennials and annuals in one spot to create a lush and eye-catching scene that will last throughout the spring and summer. This is a special cutting garden that will give you flowers to enjoy both outside and inside in pretty vases that will surely steal the show.

4. Garden Fence Murals

DIY murals on a garden fence
Image credit: Lisa Jacobs via Creative Commons

An old aging fence becomes brand new with an artistic flair. The fence is a canvas for any artist at any level to paint to their heart’s desire. Here, bunny rabbits seem to hop on and off into the garden below. Wildflowers, foliage and other vegetation are right at home with their furry friends. Let your imagination go free and get colorful, creative and make your own personal design. Consider a DIY mural for an herb, vegetable or flower garden.

5. Wondrous Water Fountain Feature

Miniature garden fountain as a centerpiece
Image credit: anoldent via Creative Commons

The sights and sounds of water truly transform the personality of an outdoor scene. Find a special place you can view from an indoor window and create a base with natural stone. Pavers will work beautifully too. Display a decorative fountain in the center and in an instant a focal point is created. Here a lovely bronze statue is a graceful touch. Surround this focal point with perennials and other greenery to delightfully frame the fountain.

6. Bountiful On A Budget Beauties

Pretty flowers in a small home garden
Image credit: Christine McIntosh via Creative Commons

You don’t have to break your budget to create beautiful landscaping. Perennials, flowers, and foliage that come back year after year create fabulous gardens that look like a million bucks. Combine with your favorite annuals like impatience, coleus, ferns, and even herbs to design a fabulous and bountiful rainbow of color! The best thing is, it didn’t cost a fortune but looks like a million bucks!

7. Rock Garden Water Feature

Rock garden with a water feature
Image credit: Matt McGee via Creative Commons

There’s something calming about a natural rock garden and water feature in an outdoor setting. The natural beauty of multiple oversized rocks with water splashing and flowing throughout adds a delightful dimension. This feature is especially welcoming in a yard where there is not much sunshine for flowers to grow. Plant as many shade-loving perennials as possible and complement them with decorative containers and sculptures for added personality and appeal.

8. Pond-Inspired Design Delivers

Pond inspired garden feature
Image credit: Stacie via Creative Commons

If you have ample space and little time to care for your landscape, consider a pond-looking water feature that is surrounded by luscious lime green ground cover. Add a few lily pads, tall grass, hostas, shade-loving plants, and rock features to blend into nature. Scatter a few bird feeders, a brick walkway and your job is complete. This low-maintenance design delivers time and time again. Not to mention, it gets better year after year as it naturally spreads to beautifully enhance any space.

9. Uplifting White Flowering Bushes Brighten the Garden

Oversized white flowering bush in the garden
Image credit: Joe Haupt via Creative Commons

Flowering bushes that are white and green add class and dimension to an ordinary garden or backyard. This fabulous perennial gets better and better as it ages while adding natural privacy features. Plant multiple green ferns below to complete the overall design.

10. Southwest Style With Botanical Beauty

Ideal cactus garden
Image credit: Jinx McCombs via Creative Commons

Bountiful and hardy succulents and a variety of carefully placed cacti create a simply gorgeous space for all to enjoy. With time, care, and patience, this botanical home garden will grow and amaze you for years to come.

11. Adore Your Windows with Window Boxes

Unique window boxes idea
Image credit: Kent Wang via Creative Commons

Whether you have a front yard or a backyard garden, compliment the windows by adding flower-filled window boxes. Select colors that coordinate with your other landscape. Fill them full of flowers, foliage, and vining foliage, that quickly grows. Now you can enjoy colorful beauty from the inside and out.

12. Beautiful Mailbox Garden

A mailbox garden decorated with hanging flower baskets
Image credit: Nannette Turner via Creative Commons

Curb appeal can make your home stand out in your neighborhood. Elevate the look of your mailbox. It’s easy to create eye-catching hanging baskets and a flower bed of beauty. Here pink is the perfect color, creating a monochromatic flair that anyone will fall for. An American flag celebrates a patriotic theme, but a “welcome friends” or other seasonal decorative flag is an ideal idea to welcome the mail carrier and all guests.

13. Sunny Sunflowers Brighten Summer Spaces

Sunflowers growing in a raised garden bed
Image credit: Lori L. Stalteri via Creative Commons

Sunflowers gloriously grace this home garden space. They are easy to plant and grow and when they bloom, create a visual picture to celebrate and rejoice. They are also a flower that symbolizes friendship – the perfect and thoughtful bouquet gift for someone special.

14. She Shed, Anyone? Yes, please!

A She shed next to the garden entrance
Image credit: Malcolm Manners via Creative Commons

Create your very own private outdoor getaway with a darling personal she shed surrounded by flowers and other colorful flowering plants. Take a break from your everyday routine and worries and escape into a special space that is surrounded by everything you love, starting with the fabulous garden entrance. Yes, please!

15. Big, Bold and Beautiful

An oversized flower planter as a garden centerpiece
Image credit: Karen Roe via Creative Commons

Add a wow factor to your home garden design with a showstopper. An oversized container filled with a variety of amazing flowers growing sky high and flowing over to the ground is the perfect idea for a big, bold and beautiful design. One is a perfect addition to the center of the garden space, but add more than one because, after all, more is more!

16. Adorable Garden Bridge

Adorable garden bridge installed over a tiny creek
Image credit: laredawg via Creative Commons

A feature that bridges two sections of a garden or invites folks to walk through nature’s beauty is an adorable bridge. It especially looks beautiful when built over a brook or stream that is on your property. It’s a perfect element that will add a delightful touch of charm and mystery to your gracious garden.

17. Unexpected and Eye-catching

A courtyard filled with flower pots
Image credit: ooggoo via Creative Commons

Creating a delightful show of container flowers is both an eye-catching and an unexpected welcome home. Hang flower containers full of colorful, bountiful flowers on stairway railings and continue down the stairs by filling all areas you can with lush and beautiful foliage. Hanging baskets add another layer of beauty.

18. Nature Inspired Planter Boxes

Planter boxes with trees and yellow flowers
Image credit: Dave Catchpole via Creative Commons

If you are looking for an easy way to add color and a touch of nature to a shady area, planter boxes are the perfect solution. Fill with both high and low shade-loving plants and before long, this boring, bare spot transforms into an unexpected eye-catcher! Each planter box shown above is like a mini-garden.

19. Garden Goodness

Home veggie garden in a raised bed
Image credit: Carol Norquist, NGC Chairman via Creative Commons

A fully planted raised garden bed is always a treat for the eye. A veggie garden mixes in beautifully with a backyard landscape when thoughtfully designed. The sunny sky is the limit when you take full advantage of bright and sunny spaces. Containers full of colorful flowers lead the way to a gracious garden growing with summer’s spectacular harvest.

20. Wild, Vibrant and Wonderful

Large size backyard filled with randon blue and yellow flowers
Image credit: William Murphy via Creative Commons

Let Mother Nature take charge of your garden by allowing perennials to grow at will. Instead of considering these vibrant volunteers as unwanted “weeds”, allow them to spread and fill a shady area with creative color and charm. Mix in oversized rocks to complement the serene scene.

21. A Wonderful Walkway

A garden path created with stepping stones
Image credit: Chris Bohn via Creative Commons

Stepping stones and decorative pavers seem to say, “walk this way,” through a delightful garden. This is an ideal way to create a lovely area on a budget while creating a comfortable, relaxing outdoor living space.

22. Fabulous Fountain Centerpiece

A large fountain as garden centerpiece
Image credit: Karen Roe via Creative Commons

Everywhere you look is like a magical moment. A spectacular fountain flows gracefully into a stone pond surrounded by a wondrous scene that is picturesque and pleasing. This is an idea for a large garden like our inspirational photo, but also just as wonderful on a smaller scale. The white-painted home fits perfectly in the background.

23. Retaining Wall as a Unique Focal Point

A boulder retaining wall as garden focal point
Image credit: Derek Blackadder via Creative Commons

This idea is spot on for a space that requires a functional retaining wall. Magnificent rocks create a backdrop focal point for a unique garden filled with personality and style. With a little tender loving care and commitment, your home will look as magnificent as this one.

24. Wildflowers Add Color

Wild flowers garden idea
Image credit: Carol Norquist, NGC Chairman via Creative Commons

If you are looking for ideas to beautify your backyard on a budget, wildflowers are your colorful answer. Fill containers of every size, shape, and color with amazing-fast-growing wildflowers and before long your garden will be filled with a fabulous show of color.

25. Curves Create Charm

A veggie garden designed as a curved shape
Image credit: Delaware Agriculture via Creative Commons

A vegetable garden transforms into an eye-catching sight with a creative curved design. It just takes a little time and talent to plant something different. You’ll enjoy watching them grow and thrive right before your eyes.

26. Interactive and Imaginative Toy Railroad Garden

Toy railroad runs through a home garden
Image credit: Carol Norquist, NGC Chairman via Creative Commons

Inspire the young and young at heart to enjoy your outdoor oasis. This moving train that surrounds a colorful, showy garden is both interactive and imaginative.

27. Pergola Path Leads The Way

Beautiful pergola covered in apple tree branches
Image credit: Karen Roe via Creative Commons

Create a welcoming path into your garden with a pergola covered with lush foliage and flowing vines. A combination of perennials and annuals line the path and delightfully lead the way.

28. Artistic Garden Sculptures

Human statue lanscaped from an evergreen
Image credit: Elliott Brown via Creative Commons

Welcome guests to your garden with a serene sculpture. Our inspiration is a book lover’s dream as our garden lady of luxury seems to read and relax under the sun.

29. Trimmed Trees as Garden Decor Feature

Two large trees trimmed down to create a creative garden feature
Image credit: Maximilian Cieszynski via Creative Commons

From time to time, trees need to be trimmed to let the sunshine in! As the leaves grow back, trim them to create an artistic garden feature by the beautiful bay.

30. Bring On The Pink

On a budget home garden with black mulch and pink flowers
Image credit: Tori Behr via Creative Commons

Create a pretty show of color in an ordinary veggie garden by adding colorful flowers that will bring you joy every day. They also help to keep unwanted weeds away. Black mulch makes the flowers stand out.

31. Growing Great Together

Espaliered fruit trees planted in line
Image credit: Karen Roe via Creative Commons

The closer, the better! This intriguing Espaliered Fruit Tree orchard creates a magical sight as the trees flourish beautifully together, their branches almost seeming to naturally hold hands.

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